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Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Browns prefer Carr over Manziel
If the Browns don't pick him,that would mean Johnny Manziel is destined for greatness in the NFL.
Posted Monday May 27, 2013, About: Suh not cut out for leadership?
Suh??? Duh.
Posted Saturday May 11, 2013, About: Browns debated draft blockbuster
Barkevious is as good as two guys? I doubt it. Another fine draft debacle by the Brownies.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Manziel merely a marginal pro prospect
Didn't think his high school game would translate to college so place your bets at your own risk.
Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: LeBron irked by DPOY snub
Anything that irks LeBron is great. Now if only his AAU team would lose in the playoffs.
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Why Spurs waived disgruntled Stephen Jackson
Looks like the Lakers are sitting at home wishing they were in the playoffs.
Posted Friday April 12, 2013, About: Prized '14 prospect won't sign unless he can run track
Unfortunately, kids don't get together unless there is an adult organizing and getting the kids together.
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: Hello, Cleveland: Browns take long look at Geno Smith
Weeden is a decent QB but not a franchise guy and definitely not a first rounder. They would have been better served last year by giving Colt McCoy more weapons (RB and WR) and more protection so that he could actually throw the ball to someone. Maybe they would have gotten lucky and drafted Russell Wilson by accident in a later round. As it is, they are stocking up on backup quality QB's.
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: Hello, Cleveland: Browns take long look at Geno Smith
Yes. Draft another mediocre non franchise QB in the first round. That's exactly what they need. What ever bad drafting virus the Bengals had, they got rid of and gave to the Browns.
Posted Saturday March 16, 2013, About: George Hill criticizes lack of Pacers fan support
Sorry to say you are not in San Antonio anymore George. Indiana fans are more interested in the 4th best team in the B1G.
Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Browns, Bucs interested in Tom Brady's backup
The Browns believe in quantity over quality. Weeden is a good example of that principle.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Manziel facing rebuild
Pachy, not an A&M or Alabama fan but that's what they said in high school and they also said his game wouldn't transfer to college. Looks like we have all been fooled so far. If you can spare a couple of guys on defense to spy him maybe that would work.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Pacers-Warriors brawl upset Hibbert's mom
Lee is a white KG. He tries to bait other players into starting something. He tried on Tim Duncan the other night by pushing and shoving but Tim would have none of it. Hibbert is just not mature enough to let the baiting go by.
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Kupchak sees greatness in Howard, statue included
Now that's funny. He has all the talent in the world but until he matures, doesn't matter.
Posted Sunday February 17, 2013, About: Collin Klein resisting tight end move at combine
He is married.
Posted Thursday February 07, 2013, About: Could Moss retire?
He can't because he still has a few more years to support his ego.
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: Count on an NBA team in London
More dilution of talent and effort in a season that has too much travel and not enough rest to see the best efforts as it is. Maybe Pop will just forfeit and miss the flight to London.
Posted Sunday September 23, 2012, About: A's 'high school-ish' antics anger Yankees' Eric Chavez
Love anything that makes the Yankees mad. Baseball has allowed them and the other big market teams to ruin baseball.

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