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Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: The worst flop of the season?
flopping is for cowards imo, and shows you have no pride as a man to win straight up
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Howard to sit out vs. Lakers?
sour grapes laker fan?
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
heat look like trash the finals winner is coming out of the top 4 in the west
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Johnny Manziel among Jerry Jones' Final Four suite guests
jerry jones does he know he has no chance in getting jff right?
Posted Sunday March 30, 2014, About: Andre Iguodala unhappy with bobblehead skin tone
wow really never fails brotha's always think everyone is out to get them
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: NFL coach pans Manziel's 'sideshow'
all pro days for every QB is choreograph but jff is the only one to get bashed for it plz hypocrits
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Darrelle Revis: Signing with Patriots 'about just winning'
um when is the last time the patriots won a superbowl again? oh yeah before spygate.
Posted Friday March 14, 2014, About: NBA's new superpest?
boo hoo
Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: How the Cowboys could land Manziel
Do the cowboy actuallys think that they could trade romo and a second pick for the first? damn talk about a unfair deal in cowboys favor. 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks and no tony romo maybe but i would not even do that deal.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Rockets GM asked Mavs about Dirk Nowitizki trade
read up on your history bro before you talk out your bum on dwight howard and post season
Posted Tuesday January 28, 2014, About: Vikings submitting bid for Super Bowl LII
um keep superbowl in the south plz unless they have a cover
Posted Saturday January 11, 2014, About: Teddy Bridgewater drawing comparisons to Aaron Rodgers
terrible argument TB and VY have totally different styles
god was is up with all these pansy groups for football, bruno mars does not scream football at all. Metal bands now that is football music.
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: 'Everyone knows' Love wants out of Minnesota
usually when they say something you hear it on the news he has yet to publicly say any of that so yeah stop talking.
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: Bynum a fit in Big D?
you mean little d
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: 'Everyone knows' Love wants out of Minnesota
ive never heard him say he wants to go to the lakers where do they get this rubbish lakers are garbage anyways
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: The first NT off the 2014 draft board
texans go get this guy second round
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Wolves want Love starting in ASG
i would take love over blake anyday of the week not even close
Posted Tuesday January 07, 2014, About: Beasley living in limbo
let me introduce you to a man name chandler parson he will beg to differ
Posted Saturday November 30, 2013, About: GM: Rockets' asking price for Omer Asik is 'delusional'
they have T jones now and he plays D anderson does not, anyways centers are worth more the stretch 4's
Posted Saturday November 30, 2013, About: Report: Derrick Williams couldn't grasp T-Wolves scheme
Maybe he has a low bball IQ
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