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Posted Thursday August 16, 2012, About: FC Dallas sits Shea again
Quoting songs from 25 years ago, how original. Inter Milan is the best team in the world? Always thought you had to win your domestic league first before being the best outside of your domestic league. Inter has not won Serie A in two seasons. Barcelona and Real Madrid are 1 and 1A. Bayern has a better side than Inter. Would even say Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea are better, though that is arguable. I saw Inter play live once in Udine. You should try it one time. Your knowledge of the world's game would clearly benefit.
Posted Tuesday July 31, 2012, About: FC Dallas sits Shea again
Are you on drugs? This is a deeper problem than I thought. Not only is your repost not funny, it is the least clever thing I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to read. I almost stopped at liberal use of gonzo terminology, it was merely morbid curiosity that I even continued after that debacle of a sentence. Who freaking says that? I might as well go read something written by Skip Bayless. You are the one who wanted to talk about the fashion habits of a decent soccer player, to include his hairstyle. Thought that was a bit odd. I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply to you, because of the uncomfortable sexual predator vibe I am getting here is startling to say the last. Your picture on your account says it all, really. How clever. Where did you steal that from? You must be about 18 years old. More than likely. Do not step into this jungle, kid. I used to get paid to run wankers like you off into the sunset. I will school you in any way imaginable. The sad thing is, I have stooped to your pathetic, childish level when originally I was defending one of the USA's brightest young talents because of the asinine MLS calendar. None of this has anything to do with football. In the future, if you want to make a point about a footballing matter, make it.
Posted Monday July 30, 2012, About: FC Dallas sits Shea again
Son? Do not get me started mate. I simply stating fact. You must have a really wretchedly sorry life worrying about somebody's hair and choice of wardrobe. You watch too much TMZ. How is the whole Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce thing going? Want to talk about Victoria Beckham's new fashion line. I made a comment directed as his footballing ability, not "bathroom stance." If you are bent, it is okay. Everybody is coming out now. Sure you need to go to read People. Sorry for the disturbance.
Posted Monday July 30, 2012, About: FC Dallas sits Shea again
I love how we are ruining one of our brightest young talents. There have been multiple media sources that have placed the blame for the demise of FC Dallas solely on the shoulders of Shea, a 22-year old. Players that young do not have those sorts of expectations even in Europe. Shea was also partially blamed for the US team failing to qualify for the Olympics. Shea has been playing almost 18 months consecutively (2011 MLS season, Arsenal training sessions, Olympic qualifying, and the 2012 MLS season) without much of a break. His body is breaking down and we are to blame for that. We did the same to Eddie Gaven. Shea needs to get out of MLS as soon as possible. Even to a mid-level European league, such as Norway or Belgium. The MLS calendar is absolutely killing our game.

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