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Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Romo has discovered 'something special'
"If I don't throw an interception or fumble, we have a better chance to win. EUREKA!!"
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Miami Heat considering amnesty clause
Miller can hit a 3-pointer with only one shoe on. Joel would be lucky to catch a single pass with both shoes on, let alone make a layup. He's defensive tenacity is great and all, and I will always appreciate his contributions to the team, but if it comes down to Miller or Anthony, Miller wins by a landslide. Joel has got to go.
Posted Friday May 24, 2013, About: Vogel rips the Knicks
And I agree with the other comments that Vogel needs to shut it for a while. No reason to make such claims. Focus on your team, give the media the generic answers they're used to, and move on to Game 2. Which they will still lose.
Posted Friday May 24, 2013, About: Vogel rips the Knicks
The headline is a bit of reach isn't it? I mean he didn't necessarily mean it as a specific attack towards the Knicks and Woodson. It was more of an evaluation of Miami's gameplan. And you can't really criticize the Knicks when you compare their plays to the Heat's plays. Miami has different personnel with different qualities that New York doesn't.
Danny Granger ***
Vogel just ensured that the Heat don't approach Game 1 in the same way they approached the Bulls. Haven't the Pacers already learned that they can't get in Miami's head? Look what happened to Daddy Granger last year against the Heat. He tried to be tough and intimidate Lebron, but in the end, his talking turned out to be less effective than his play.
Everyone knows that Lebron is the best player on the team and thus their most important player, but Bosh's role is very intricate to the team's success.
This is Spo's tactic to remind the Pacers to give Bosh the attention he deserves. If the Pacers respect Bosh and his jumper, they'll defend him properly and he'll pull Hibbert/West out of the paint, allowing James and Wade to have their way at the basket. A lay-up or dunk by either Wade or James is a lot more efficient then a Bosh jumper, regardless of how well he's been shooting recently.
There was a whole separate thread for this? Just to tell us that he "strongly considered" it. You've got to be kidding me.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Joba Chamberlain tells Mariano Rivera 'Don't shush me'
Why is s.t.f.u. being censored.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Joba Chamberlain tells Mariano Rivera 'Don't shush me'
It's crazy to imagine how Mariano Rivera is still one of the greatest closers in the game, even at this point in his career. To be honest, I never appreciated Mo as much as I do this year. I always took him for granted and chose to rather remember him for flaws rather than his success. I can't imagine the Yankees without him. And by the looks of it, the Yankees might be grooming Joba Chamberlain to take over once he's gone. Joba better **** and take every piece of advice from Mariano that he can.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: LeBron James not shocked with Game 1 loss
Consider the series over. They won one, ensured that the series won't end in 4, and that's about it. They won't be winning another game. 4 game sweep coming. Miami needed this loss. Everyone was cold and it didn't really come as a surprise. Battier, Allen, Miller, even Lebron and Wade were not at the top of their games. But I will give the Bulls their credit. They earned the win. It wasn't a gift.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Felix Jones works out for Eagles
Why?!? They already have Bryce Brown who is a better backup, but also has his own share of fumbles. We don't need a worse RB who fumbles even more.
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: Kareem's immediate reaction: LeBron's knocking
You act like he committed an unforgivable crime.
Posted Thursday May 02, 2013, About: Celtics reserve taunts 'Melo
Carmelo never passes up on a shot. Whether on or off the court. He just made Crawford relevant. Lance Stephenson got his 10 minutes of fame when he mocked Lebron last year in the playoffs. Lebron was smart enough to not respond. Carmelo wasn't.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Sanchez hasn't asked for trade ... yet
By the way, he's scheduled to make $8 million this upcoming season as a professional quarterback.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Sanchez hasn't asked for trade ... yet
I understand what you're saying from the financial aspect, and the Jets could surely use some salary cap relief considering that they haven't been able to sign any decent free agents. But if they flat out cut Sanchez, that leaves them with Smith, McElroy, Garrard and I believe one more QB on the roster. Obviously, Geno Smith will be the obvious choice for the starter, but if he struggles or gets injured, I don't consider McElroy an acceptable backup. Yes he succeeded when he got his minute of fame, but clearly the Jets know he can't carry the team. I think Sanchez would be an ideal backup to Smith. And honestly speaking, if he were a free agent today, I'm sure a team would sign him as a backup.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Sanchez hasn't asked for trade ... yet
So you're willing to put all your hopes in Geno Smith? And what if, God forbid, he struggles? I approve of competition going into camp. Sanchez has never had a QB behind him capable of taking over when he's struggling. Tebow was supposed to serve this role. What if competition brings out the best in him? I suggest keep Sanchez, you're paying him anyways. I'm sure, the Jets will cut Garrard prior to the start of the season before they even think about cutting Sanchez.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Sanchez hasn't asked for trade ... yet
I dare him to request for a trade. No other player in the NFL will be scrutinized and bashed as much as Mark Sanchez for requesting a trade. I can't think of another situation where a organization was more loyal and supportive of a QB even though all he did was force them to doubt their decisions. Mark Sanchez was treated better by the Jets then Peyton Manning was by the Colts or Brett Favre by the Packers.
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Dwayne Wade uncertain for Game 4
It's crazy how there is a serious option of resting him, in the playoffs, no less. Maybe the NBA should start to consider first-round byes. These Heat/Bucks, Knicks/Celtics, Lakers/Spurs series have been atrocious. I'm sure Wade would be playing if the game today was an important game that Miami considered a must-win. They know they afford getting him some rest, while still having a strong chance for the W.

Likewise, although the Knicks don't have the playing JR Smith tomorrow, they are no less likely to lose.
Posted Thursday April 25, 2013, About: Birdman wants to keep flying for Heat
Potential 2014 Roster:
PG: Chalmers, Cole
SG: Wade, Allen, Miller
SF: James, Battier
PF: Bosh, Haslem
C: Dalembert, Anderson

Throw in a Rashard Lewis and a couple other spot-fillers, and as crazy as it sounds, next year's Miami squad may be even better than this year's, as long as age isn't too much of a factor.
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