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Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: The NL's most dangerous playoff team?
TO all STL fans yall better make it back to the world series... I am only one fan but im sure most if not all ranger fans and players want a rematch... LETS go people... All we can hope for is that Cruz wont miss another catch hahaha..
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Angels chasing historic awards sweep
the Cy young will not go to weaver... I can honestly say that king felix and justin verlander have a better chance of winning it...

Trout hands down should win the ROY but def not the MVP... MVP is just that the most valuable player... He might be the MVP for the Angels but there are other players such as Cabrera and hamilton that deserve it more. And seriously if an angel wins anyother award other then the ROY there will be alot of pissed off fans and players, for the simple fact that they wont even make the playoffs...

10 games back of the rangers and 4.5 games from a wildcard.... Only a month left might want to start playing some baseball..... The rangers have the indians and the royals after the rays so yall might want to start playing some fundamental baseball before ya find yourselves 17+ games behind hahahahah

GOOD LUCK hahaha
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Struggling Haren at a loss
your mind set in that comment are soooo far fetched... A catcher cant make a pitcher hit his spots... Pitchers and catchers come in the game with a game plan... and if that pitcher cant hit the zone then the game will be lost... The angels have the best starting pitching but when you take all those egos in the clubhouse and put them together something bad could happen and my friend you are looking at it 9.5 games behind the TEXAS RANGERS.... Who by the way have SOTO catching and have won the last three games... Who are you going to blame next????? TROUT, TRUMBO, Hunter......
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Struggling Haren at a loss
hey for you angels fans I got some great news... it looks like you might be able to catch seattle for fourth place... I dont know just thought Id let ya know... Have a great time in boston... Hopefully you get swept... Just hope that next year you can do better than the Astros... oh that was low.......
Posted Sunday August 19, 2012, About: Struggling Haren at a loss
Here is the answer the ANGELS suck they got an overpriced 1st baseman and a couple of overpriced pitchers. The game of baseball in case you didnt know is a team sport... One or two players will not and can not win the ball club a championship. The Angles just need to go to boston and get together with the red sox and just jump into the ocean. Or ya know what keep playing baseball just so I can have at least two good laughs at the end of the day.... Boston and LA losing...HAHA...
Posted Friday August 17, 2012, About: Struggling Haren at a loss
its been a bad year for haren but hes a good pitcher he will get it back.. just think of all that money the angels spent and they cant even get past the oakland athletics. This by all means proves that 250 million dollars to one player is just foolish. Now maybe if you spent 250 million on a team it would work out better for you...

Hey trout if you want to have a chance at a championship just come over to the rangers.... Haha Angels suck!
Posted Thursday August 16, 2012, About: Cabrera suspension plays in Hamilton's favor
Dagweed... The rangers spend a crap load of money helping him with his demons... The rangers pay for a sober coach and have someone travel with him every where he goes... So you tell me one team that would put up with that let me know.. The reds sure didnt hahaha bet they are hating life...
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
Okay so your going to take a rookies performance in his first year and assume hes going to be able to do it year after year? Might as well give him a 250 million contract then.. Haha
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low

I have mad respect for the Yankees and their success in the past... But the idea of buying a championship in baseball today is not like it has been in the past... The love for the game has gone and its only about the money.. Thats why the Phillies, Angels and Red sox are all either third place in their division or lower but are 2nd, 3rd and 4th in payroll. The difference between these three teams and the Yankees are that the Yankees have true talent and a manager that knows what he is doing.

So before people start spending 250 million on one player take a look at oakland who ranks 29th in payroll but have a better record then the top 4 minus the yanks. What does that tell a person no one is worth 250 million especially if they cant get in the playoffs and win a game.

In closing hopefully the rangers will win tonight, good luck Dagweed
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low

Originally posted 05:12 PM ET 08.15 by h2opololpunk

The Tigers traded Miguel Cabrera to the Angels?

No the Angels simply wouldn't part with Trout (what the Tigers asked for), he can actually play the field and bats lead-off.

..and the Angels still have Pujols

Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
Quote 31 i was the one that wrote that I was at work and used a coworkers computer... Mine was getting worked on... SO it wasnt coming from a cards fan it was coming from a Rangers Fan so what are ya gonna say now?
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
but yet they are in 3rd place.... the rangers have Feliz, Lewis, Napoli and Lowe on the DL... So that would be two starting pitchers out for the season, the starting catcher and a relief pitcher. So for the Angels not to be closer in the standing then they are something is wrong some might say its production and others might say its too many chiefs and not enough indians... But the reality of the situation is that the Angels are not doing what they are suppose to do and are paid to do and that is to win games... And to the post from traded to seattle what are those angles that you provided average with runners in scoring position? And you can have excellent starting pitching but you need two other things in order to get a win... Those are run support(production) and a good bullpen... You can have 5 excellent starters but they cant go 9 innings every 5 days. Just some food for thought.
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
thats why yall are in 3rd place...
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
i would hope so lol.. that was a sad sad day for him but hey it happens... I really reminded me of game 6 last year when he missed the game winning catch but hey... Adapt and overcome lets just hope the hit it to center field or left in the world series this year...
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
Its a sad day when you look at the standings of the AL west and the only team below you is Seattle... Especially when you buy a 250 million dollar 1st basemen and CJ Wilson who in the Rangers eye left just in time.. Thanks for taking him off our hands... Hey maybe yall can get Josh Hamilton next year.. Oh wait maybe this will teach yall not to try and be the Yankees and buy a championship... Maybe yall should just try and buy a wildcard...
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Angels sinking toward a new low
angelFan you really need to stop posting things on here trying to justify the signing of pujols and how STL is missing him... STL could care less about what Pujols does... This game is not about the past its about the present and as you can tell Pujols might have more home runs then Allen Craig but its not all about homeruns, production is measured in more then just the long ball... Common sense is what lacks in your mind and your posts.. It is mid august, i bet you cant even tell me how many games are in a season or heck better yet what month the season ends... Last time i checked the angels are 7 or 8 games back from the Rangers and 2-3 games back from the Athletics... Remember someone that bats .300+ with 20+ homeruns 100+ runs and 100+ RBI's is better then someone hits mid .200s with 26 homeruns and 60ish rbi's.... Know your baseball before ya post something... Thanks... Oh and GO RANGERS haha

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