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Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Refs still a problem!
As a Patriots fan I thought the Bills were having some horrible calls go against them. Make no mistake, the Bills were sloppy and they gave up a lot of well called penalties. But almost everyone of the pass interference calls were simply confusing. Not only did Brady not put the ball anywhere near the receiver but it wasn't even close to the field of play so I don't know how they call pass interference. I don't mind one or two calls going the way for a team, that's fine but I was really upset by this because I really wanted to see what the Pats could do, if they could go on a run of consistent offensive football. We all know the defense is mediocre at best but if the Pats are going to win it is because of the offense and I haven't seen consistency from them on that front. So it was disappointing to see the refs influence the game that much.
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: WEEK #8 PICKS
(Chargers) @ Browns - Chargers are not the best team but neither are the Browns. This could be close as the Browns are showing that with a few right moves they could be a contender. Still I don't think the Chargers will let themselves be embarrassed 2 weeks in a row.

Colts @ (Titans) - The Titans had a rough start to the season but are playing much better as of late. The offense is really playing well and should have no problem scoring enough against the Colts to pull out a win.

(Patriots) @ Rams - This should be close with a good Rams defense and a Pats defense that makes any offense look good. Still the Rams don't have the running backs to control the game against a tough Pats front 7 and the secondary should be okay against a weak groups of WRs.

(Dolphins) @ Jets - The Dolphins have a solid defense and are on the rise as the Jets seem to be going in the opposite direction.

Jaguars @ (Packers) - Is this even a question, we should be asking if the Pack can cover the 15.5 game spread. Jags would have trouble with Gabbert and Jones-Drew so there is not shot here.

(Falcons) @ Eagles - Not sure the Falcons have played as well as their record but the Eagles are terrible in my opinion. I think the Falcons can hold onto the undefeated title for a bit longer.

(Redskins) @ Steelers - This will be a tough test for RG3, but I think this young QB can take down the aging Steelers.

(Seahawks) @ Lions - The Lions are really struggling and I don't think their offense can overcome a very tough Seahawks defense.

Panthers @ (Bears) - The Panthers offense won't get on the right track against the Bears tough defense.

Raiders @ (Chiefs) - The Raiders lost to the Jags who were without Jones-Drew most of the game. I just can't pick them, even when they go up against an equally weak team.

(Giants) @ Cowboys - The Giants are playing like they do in the playoffs, which is dangerous. I just don't think a desperate Cowboys team can pony up to beat a clearly superior Giants team.

Saints @ (Broncos) - The Saints are getting better but the Broncos are growing in leaps and bounds. Manning should be able to score enough points against a weak Saints defense.

(49ers) @ Cardinals - The Cardinals couldn't even beat the Bills, doubt they win against a tough 49ers team.
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: WEEK #7 PICKS- THERE WILL BE NO ABERRATIONS THIS WEEK.
(Seattle) @ San Fran - Seahawks have looked like the better team and have a nasty defense that should shut down a 49ers offense that has struggled as of late.

(Browns) @ Colts - Browns got their first home win last week and will get their first road win this week. Browns have been able to score points lately and the defense should hold off a weak Colts offense.

Redskins @ (Giants) - Great division match up. Have to go with a Giants team that finally had a strong defensive stand.

Cardinals @ (Vikings) - Vikings have a good pash rush and defense that should shut down this offense. The Vikings offense should find enough points to win this one.

Cowboys @ (Panthers) - Evenly matched teams, I'll go with the home team.

(Saints) @ Bucs - Saints should out score the Bucs.

(Packers) @ Rams - The Rams offense is hurting with the loss of Amendola and an aging Jackson. Packers defense has been shaky but the offense should score enough points to win this game.

Ravens @ (Texans) - Texans and Ravens have stumbled over the past couple weeks but the Ravens lost another two key defensive players and possibly one of the most inspiring captains in all of football. The Texans should take advantage and pull out a win.

(Titans) @ Bills - Bills barely won against a struggling Cardinals team while the Titans are coming off a big win against Pitt.

Jets @ (Patriots) - Pats almost won against the toughest defense in the league. I expect them to get back on track against their most hated division foe.

Jags @ (Raiders) - Both bottom feeder teams but the Raiders have looked decent as of late so I'll go with them.

(Steelers) @ Bengals - Steelers are hurting but they also haven't just lost to the Browns.

Lions @ (Bears) - Bears defense should shut down a mediocre Lions offense and the Bears offense should have no problem scoring against a struggling defense.
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: WEEK # 6 PICKS
So close on the Steelers game, I figured they win by a FG but it was the other way around.
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: WEEK # 6 PICKS
A must win for the Browns??? How is it a must win, they have no chance of doing anything this season. Unless you mean it is a must win because it is the only chance they have at winning a game this season, then yeah you're correct.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: WEEK # 6 PICKS
(Steelers) @ Titans - What team has been worse than the Steelers...the Titans. I realize the Steelers are without their two best defenders but this defense is still pretty good.

Raiders @ (Falcons) - Teams coming off the bye week have not been strong with is extremely bad news for a team that puts up 3 more points per game than the Jags. Oh yeah and they are facing one the top offenses in the game.

(Chiefs) @ Buccaneers - This is a tough one as both teams had lofty goals and neither have delivered. Chiefs defense has played fairly well and they did hold the Ravens to 9 points last week. Neither team is passing well so I'll go with the better defense and running game.

(Colts) @ Jets - The Jets kept it much closer against the Texans then anticipated but it never really looked like they had a chance to win. The Colts are coming off an emotional win and have played better than expected this season. I'll take the team on their way up against the team on their way down.

(Bengals) @ Browns - The Browns can look good at times but usually cough up the game at some point. I expect the Bengals defense to capitalize on mistakes by the Browns and the offense to score enough points to keep the Browns winless.

(Lions) @ Eagles - Both teams are playing like garbage and yet they are filled with talent. Vick is starting and has made plenty of mistakes against poor defenses so I expect that to continue. Lions are 12th in points per game and the Eagles are 31st.

Rams @ (Dolphins) - Battle of the defenses with two teams that are playing much better than expected. If the Rams had Amendola I would go with them but now they are down to only one receiver that has eclipsed 100 yards this season.

Cowboys @ (Ravens) - Oh how long ago that week 1 win over the Giants seems. Ravens offense is still up and down but either way the defense always plays well enough to keep them in the game.

Bills @ (Cardinals) - If ever there was an opportunity for the Bills front seven to look good this would be the week. The Rams made the Cards o-line look like a bunch of kindergartners playing two hand touch at recess. Unfortunately the Bills will miss Mark Anderson and the difference is the Rams defense was actually playing well.

(Patriots) @ Seahawks - One of the best defenses (Seahawks) meeting the best offense (Pats) and an average defense (Pats) meeting a weak offense (Seahawks). I'll use the scales here and go with the more well rounded team here.

Giants @ (49ers) - The 49ers are vulnerable after the Vikings loss and I realize that they have just had two dominating wins but come on, that was against the Jets and the Bills. I never like to pick against Eli, especially in games that will be close but I'm going to have to go with the 49ers here.

(Vikings) @ Redskins - The Vikings are playing well on both sides of the ball while the Redskins have shown improvement but not enough to take the step forward to compete for a playoff spot.

Packers @ (Texans) - Packers have a lot of problems, the Texans don't. A struggling passing game and a beat up struggling running game does not spell success against a dominant defense.

(Broncos) @ Chargers - I don't buy into the Chargers being a very good team and the Broncos played very well against the Patriots last week. Manning and the offense continues to improve each week and I expect to see them march to the top of the division by the end of the season. Well that march starts here.
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: Raise your hand if you had enough of the Vick Koolaid
Foles did well in the pre-season but if he is going to be pressured as much as Vick then it won't really matter. They might want to give Foles a shot if they fall far behind in a game, just to see what he can do but I don't think benching Vick and starting Foles is the answer. If anything it is he same thing with the Ravens, run the ball. Rice and McCoy are two of the best backs in the league yet they are so under utilized by their teams. Typically when both of these teams run the ball more with either of these guys it produces positive results.
I honestly don't even think GB will make the playoffs. Their defense really is at its best when the offense controls the game and the offense is just not the same for whatever reason. Jennings out really hurts and Benson has not seemed to be the answer for their running game. The Bears and Vikings are playing great and could hold the Pack out from getting to the playoffs.
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: Pats vs Broncos aka Brady vs. Manning
I was surprised that the Pats had been able to hold the Broncos to 7 points for most of the game. Manning and the Broncos offense looked pretty good. The Pats offense really is firing on all cylinders and they are without Hernandez. The running game led by Ridley will put this team over the edge though. The defense has always been able to come up with big plays and Brady and the pass offense has been able to put up points but they have never had the run game to really control the tempo of the game and sustain long drives.
Great job by the Colts but I think the big story here is GB and how quickly they have fallen. Not as bad as the Saints but this certainly is not a power house team anymore.
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Pats vs Broncos aka Brady vs. Manning
Even with the weather forecast I still see both teams scoring between 20-30 points.

As for the Pats messing around I think he means that they did not really show up to the game. Who knows why but it certainly was uncharacteristic of the Pats. I still think it was a combination of McDaniels transitioning into a somewhat different offense, Hernandez going down, and Welker being shunned by Belichick.
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: How 'bout them Cardinals?
I agree that the Pats game was a fluke. I still think the Hernandez injury took much more out of them than they let on. Obviously it was not the only issue but it seemed like the offense had not meshed with Daniels yet, Hernandez gets injured, and Welker was rusty.

It always amazes me how things can turn so quickly. The Cardinals looked fantastic and now I can easily see them going 6-10.
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Pats vs Broncos aka Brady vs. Manning
Denver's defense is ranked fairly high in most categories but I think that is skewed by the Raiders game. Still they are a fairly decent defense and I don't expect the blow out like last week against the Bills, although it is always a possibility with the Pats. I just have a feeling this will be close despite the Pats being the better team at this point.

Also don't expect Hernandez to play. He is just coming back to practice and is still not 100%. The Pats can hang on without him and I'm sure they don't want the chance of him re-injuring the ankle and making it worse. I doubt they play him and let him heal for at least one more week.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Interesting Starts: What Will Change
I agree, it is always tough to make predictions, but it is fun. The thing is, and I think this season especially, there have been quite a few surprises. It is the same thing with every sport, fans push the panic button to quickly or buy into the hype that builds with few wins, just wanted to see what people that might be legitimate or not.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Loss is Just What They Needed
The young guys would be the ones to over look the Cardinals the most and many of them are on the defense. But once again the defense played very well. The offense is what sucked here and many of them are veterans that take every game seriously.

I think it was more of Hernandez going down early coupled with an already bad week of practice. Even though the coaches said they had backup plans I think it was a major mental loss for this team. While losing Hernandez will hurt I still think the offense will be very dynamic.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Bills moving to LA?
I live in Buffalo and this is a very hot topic among many of the fans here. Many Bills fans are paranoid that the team will leave. It is a very interesting culture and hard to explain but the Bills are a major part of this city. Just like the city they are an underdog team always trying to do better but always seeming to fall short. It would be a major blow to the city and the die hard fan base here if they left.

That being said there are a lot of variables here. The stadium is old, they are playing more and more games in Toronto, the deal with the county is shaky, and Wilson's family does not care to own the team. (That is a big deal since Wilson is in his 90s and his health has been failing).
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Interesting Starts: What Will Change
One idiot is one too many. They look horrible! And the AFC Championship game!?
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Interesting Starts: What Will Change
1.The AFC East could be a close race. I still think the Pats will win the division with the Jets and Bills fighting for a wild card spot. The Dolphins looked great last week but I still doubt they contend or stay around .500. Still hard to tell with the Jets and Bills though, each looked great one week and awful in the other.
2. Why did anyone pick the Chiefs as a possible playoff contender? They have looked terrible and will probably move up in the standings but only because the Raiders have looked worse.
3. The Texans are looking to be one of the top teams in the AFC. A strong defense and running game with a good passing game will take this team far. Highly doubtful they go undefeated this season though. The chargers will quickly fall from the undefeated title. They beat the Raiders and Titans, not a difficult task.

1. Very similar to the AFC East. The Packers will most likely come out on top even though their offense has not looked as dynamic. Bears showed us they are the same old team that looks great one week and awful the next. The Lions seem to be struggling quite a bit, especially on offense. They will probably compete for a WC but I think they have taken a step backwards. The Vikings like the Dolphins will fall back quickly.
2. The Saints 0-2 start has to be the most surprising thing here. They are still a very talented team but it seems that the loss of their coach has been a major blow to the team. They look as if they are in a tough division this year. I still would be surprised to find them in the cellar at the end of the season but missing the playoffs could be a reality.
3. The 49ers seem to be a legitimate team once again. I thought last season may have been one of those magical one year deals but they are quickly proving anyone who thought that wrong. The Cardinals are the big surprise here and I doubt they keep up with the 49ers. However this team's defense has looked very strong and Kolb hasn't imploded. They could be a possible WC contender.
Posted Sunday September 16, 2012, About: Week # 2 picks
Pats played like crap but should of won that game. That was a garbage holding call to take away the touchdown that should have won the game. The Pats should have never had to kick that field goal.
Posted Friday September 14, 2012, About: Week # 2 picks
If RG3 can avoid any stupid mistakes then the Skins should win this game. Stafford put quite a few yards against the Rams defense but Stafford just threw some very stupid interceptions. Even with those mistakes the Lions still came out on top.

The Lions looked pretty bad against the Rams and the 49ers just dominated a dominating team (Packers). The Lions defense is a lot weaker then the past couple years and the 49ers offense looked pretty legit. The Lions have a chance to win this game but they have to be firing on all cylinders .
Posted Friday September 14, 2012, About: WEEK 2 PREDICTION
If the Bengals defense is a good as they were predicted to be in the off season then there is no way the Browns win this game, or score 20 points. Weeden may not be ready to be a quaterback but he is also in a terrible situation. There is no running game with Richardson banged up and there are no weapons for him to throw to.
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