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Posted Wednesday October 03, 2012, About: Tebow and MNF will be an event of biblical proportion.......
This guy is really creepy. Somebody needs to warn Tebow of his obsession....
Posted Sunday April 22, 2012, About: I remember Michael Jordan
hehehe..... I like the way you are always name dropping........ You are right numbers don't lie but they are subject to interpretation... You think Dan Marino is the GOAT QB?? Or Emmit Smith is the GOAT RB??
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: G.O.A.T.
The reason is right under your nose and its the reason that you don't want to hear. Because he was the greatest basketballer ever!! Plain and simple. On top of that Jordan (no personality according to you) was charismatic. People got starstruck watching him play on TV. People I knew who were not sports fans (including women) would take in the occasional bulls game because of Jordan... People who watched Wilt and Bill play will openly admit that Jordan brought a certain something to the game when he was on the court.

To top it off, Jordan made it LOOK good! He was poetry in motion and had the ability to strike a pose when dunking/shooting/dribbling....... Who wouldn't want his shoe... Ever heard the saying 'like Mike'? It does not refer to Jackson, Tyson or Johnson but the mercurial Michael Jordan. Nuff sed...
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: Michael Jordan once said
LOL!!! Look I have a lot of respect for Wilt and what he did in the league but lets face it for all his dominance and 50 point games he only won 2 titles. Wilt also had the benefit of playing in a league which was, shall we say, "selective" at who played on their teams. The teams did not always pick the most talented guys to play for them. If you can honestly tell me that Wilt was playing the best and most athletic players in America then imo you choose to be naive... And Shaq had more than just dunks in his arsenal...maybe you need to watch a few of his games before you make such claims.....

I also dont buy the 'the current league is watered down' statement. I will bet you could take the guys on the worst current NBA team and their starters would make any team in Wilt's era. I usually do not like to compare eras but you opened the door..... Wilt dominated in his era, Jordan in his and Shaq in his.... You should leave it at that.

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