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Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: No kid gloves this time for Rangers' superprospect
Harrison the best Left handed SP in the game? LMAO! Maybe you never heard of Kershaw, Matt Moore, Sabathia, Clif Lee, Price, etc.etc. I am a Rangers die-hard fan, but get real. Harrison is a competent #2-3-4 rotation guy, but calling him the best LH SP in MLB is ignorant at best, ludicrous at worst
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: A-Rod scared Yankees, MLB are out to get him
This whole circus couldn't happen to nicer guys. If Bonds and Clemons ever had a rival for roid- induced psychosis it would be A-Roid, and after years of making a mockery and sham of baseball, he is getting his just reward.
Posted Monday February 04, 2013, About: Arrogance to blame for weak Rangers offseason
Young was -2.4 WAR....Addition by subtraction. Hamilton looked like Stevie Wonder the last 4 months and Quit on the team the last 2 weeks. An arrogant hypocrite who wouldn't even watch videos of opposing pitchers. He was too good to have to do that. An old and brittle 32 who will age very fast and hears God whispering to him to swing at those pitches 2 feet outside and in the dirt 150 times a year, all of them strike 3. Good riddance, spend the money on pitching. Let's see what Olt and Profar bring to the table. Fresh legs and enthusiasm, something that MY and Hamilton couldn't supply last year.
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Angels to convert press box into luxury suites
Hamilton started his age-related decline in June last year. His last 4 months he looked more like Alphonso Soriano than a 25 mil/yr star...loafing, no plate discipline, lack of production, choke in the clutch, and a could-care-less attitude. Ranger fans booed him out of town, and Angel fans had better get used to the lackadaisical attitude this guy has. His ego will not play well in the clubhouse, either, nor will his lame excuses.
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Yankees interested in Angels' Vernon Wells
So come playoff time, Arod will have company on the bench. That will total around $50 in salary on the bench, available to flirt with models in the stands. Should increase attendance significantly. Probably dozens of airhead blondes in New York fighting for tickets as we speak
Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012, About: Yankees interested in Angels' Vernon Wells
Wells? Yanks sink to new low. TAOOTFM.
Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012, About: Angels hire Rangers accountability partner for Josh Hamilton
The chaperone is in charge of confiscating the photos and videos of Hamilton when he jumps the wagon, like last winter when Hamilton got caught having sex in a Dallas bar's bathroom while drunk...on the same night his wife was having surgery. It cost the Rangers a pretty penny to buy the film, as they were competing against local TV stations for the video.
Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012, About: Jays exposed Mets' big-market vulnerability
The only thing that hurts a Knuckler is a following breeze. I used to throw it back in my day. We had to throw in the gym one cold winter day when I was a sophomore and I told our senior catcher, who had never caught me before, to wear his mask because my knuckler was hard to catch. He laughed and said he could handle it. My first knuckler rotated like a corkscrew, he turned his head sideways, and it hit him flush in the ear and knocked him out cold. They called an ambulance and took him to the emergency room. Thank God he was all right, but the coach refused to let me throw it inside from then on. With no wind, the knuckler creates it's own vacuum and dances like the stars. Dickey will be awesome in the dome.
Posted Saturday October 27, 2012, About: Rangers nearly unrecognizable in 2013?
Hamilton and Napoli and Young are all history. Profar will be at 2nd, Kinsler in left if not traded, Greinke or Lohse in the rotation. Young will demand a trade after being informed he will sit on the bench most days...he was the worst statistical player in MLB this year. But the most pressing need is at manager. Washington needs to hit the freaking road, and fast. Dumbest manager in MLB history, IQ wise, and it shows in his incomprehensible strategy nearly every game. An idiot in the true sense of the word, who can't speak English on a 6th grade level.
Posted Saturday October 27, 2012, About: Brewers eyeing Josh Hamilton
He is going to be booed out of baseball within a year no matter where he signs. He is the biggest risk ever for a FA, and if you watched every game he played in Texas last year like I did, you understand why the Rangers have ZERO interest in bringing him back. He is a LOSER, and the worst excuse maker in MLB history. Who but a crackhead alky would blame his problems on blue eyes, too much caffeine, and "not breaking down softly". As a Ranger fan, I hope he stays in the AL, so our pitchers can strike him out 3-4 times/game on slow curves a foot outside and in the dirt.
Posted Sunday October 21, 2012, About: O.J. Simpson reportedly selling 'the' knife
The **** Dagger he used to gag her. Wow. I never thought he would sell it, but instead, use it on the 'real killer', who was apparently found in plain sight on a golf course in Florida, after a five year, 32,400 hole hunt for the guy by Simpson.
Posted Saturday October 20, 2012, About: Greinke's decision holding up the Angels
Greinke will land with the Rangers. They are letting Hamilton walk so the Angels will sign him, and thereby not able to afford Greinke. With the money saved on Hamilton, Greink will get a 6-yr deal for $120 million from the Rangers, who will then have Darvish, Greinke, Harrison, Holland, and probably Ogando as their starting 5. Could be a very strong staff if Holland rebounds. Darvish is going to be a demon, Greinke a great #2, Harrison won 18 and Holland flashes enough to be a good #4. Ogando, at 5, made the AS game in 2011 as a starter, so the Rangers may be tougher without Hamilton by pitching better.
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: Alex Rodriguez's Yankee crisis
They are going to end up eating a $114 Million sandwich, which will taste like a turrdburger, but they will choke it down and sign Hamilton, whose subsequent flop under NY Pressure will make Arod's fizzle look like a joyride. Yankees never learn. They have money to burn, so they sign everyone and let God sort them out.
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: A Youkilis bidding war
Rangers could use him at 1st base and DH

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