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Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Only conclusion: Payton's considering Dallas
Schad-Cabbagge eater~
6. Please explain how Romo is better now than Brees was then. This I gotta hear.

7. Jerry Jones has never made a bad move, right? Clearly, you haven't been watching if you think New Orleans makes bad personnel moves.

Ok, Cabbage eater, this was pretty easy, and not even close. Lets start with TD's per start? Brees before Payton averaged 1.39 per start(58 starts). Romo...1.87 per start (86). How about passing yards per start? Brees, 213 yards per start, Romo, 273 Yards per start. Completion percentage? Yep Romo 64.8, Brees 62.2. How about winning percentage? Brees, .517, Romo, .593. The only stat that Brees is remotely better in is INTS per game and that is a wash at .91 to .98 per game and if you look at that on a per attempt, then Romo was better in that area too. Romo is just a better QB than Brees was before Payton. What makes you think otherwise? Oh, and as for the Saints dont make "bad Personel moves"? Are you serious? Look into your CAP issues with the Offseason Friendly deals. Until you can get your head around numbers and reality, you probably should stay quite. No bad personel moves....SMH. They are a trainwreck, period. It is gonna get a lot worse before it getsbetter and Payton knows it.
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Only conclusion: Payton's considering Dallas
Why would Sean Payton leave New Orleans?Maybe he hates winning Super Bowls? Or possibly he wants to downgrade from Drew Brees?If anything, this 4-5 debacle of a season has strengthened Payton's job security. Because we all get to see how mediocre the team would be without him.

Why? Is that a serious question? Any idea what kind of team the Saints will field next year? Hint.... they wont be as good as this years team even if he were to return. Their CAP situation is the worst in the NFL (they are only $17Million over next years CAP, but that is with only 33 players under contract, what about 20 more guys?) and they have 19 free agents to consider, including 2 starting o linemen (Bushrod and DeLaPunte), Junior Galette, Casillias, Henderson, and high draft picks. Ok, that is ONE reason, how about his EGO? In New Orleans, Drew Brees is the Rock Star. Payton will ALWAYS play 2nd fiddle. In Dallas, he is the MAN. He wants to be the lead man. He is not in NOLA and would be immediately in Dallas. How about a 3rd reason. When he first went to NOLA, he wanted Tony Romo, not Drew Brees, but the Cowboys wouldn't trade him. Romo is a challenge. Plus lets face it, Romo is older than Brees was and a much better QB than Brees was when he was resurected by Payton. Last and probably the most important is his Kids. The ones he has in marriage and the 1 outside that marriage. This is a chance for him to show that he really does have character if he were to frame the whole deal as wanting to be near his kids, although, I believe that would just be a play he trys to run on the judge in the divorce case in regard to alimony, child support and custody. One does not just become a man of character overnight, so he must have an end gain.

The real question here is WHY would he want to stay in New Orleans? Any shot at success their went out the door when his buddy Mickey Loomis screwed Mr Benson and the fans of New Orleans with all of his "CAP FREINDLY" deals this past off season. They were friendly for a year, but the friendly part does have an expiration and when it expires in year 2, it becomes UN FRIENDLY. Payton need to get out of town as soon as his suspension is lifted. Be it Dallas, or Cleveland.

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