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Posted Friday January 25, 2013, About: Well the Running Game is important.
wow when i saw i had a comment i got scared lol awesome comment glad you agree i will read your blogs also have a great day
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: Fox news report that Tebow should be in the CFL
omg im sorry i missed where you are from my condolences and my heart goes out to you and your family and friends, i will never mention this again because i know when people bring this up it just reopens the wounds so i will say again im so sorry for what happened.
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: Fox news report that Tebow should be in the CFL
well hello foxy thank you for commenting i just started blogging and i am having a blast doing this
why Denver did not keep him is a real mystery, but my first blog about really good QB who do their jobs but don't keep them I mean Alex Smith should still have his job, I mean Colins doing great but he could be a flash in the pan also. Jeff George did his job for the vikes and didn't even get resigned the next year, I mean Peyton getting let go from the colts? he rebuilt that organization, and then turned Denver a team without any receivers into 9 straight wins. luck will not get the Colts past the first game in the playoffs, just think if manning was still on the colts he would at least had one franchise receiver , Anyway the personnel decisions in the NFL which is my other blog the NFL stands for Needs frontal lobotomy still blows my mind, Teebow is not a great quarterback, but he gives them way more opportunity to win than Sanchez Sanchise is the slowest young QB I have ever seen, at least Teebow would be able to rush for the first down when Sanchise can not anyway thank you for reading my blog you are the first to respond and i will in turn read yours also, your comments mean a lot to me and hopefully we can be blog friends oh and my pic was just taken 3 weeks ago.

Sincerely William Andersson
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Jim Romes Comments on the tragedy in Kansa City on Showtime
I definately fell ya on that one my point was not to say that belchers a good guy he is a peace of **** but that his freinds even though wrong had a right to grieve how they see fit and number two that the cheifs play the game no matter what romes said that the cheifs should have sit one out
but to play was the right thing to do

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