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Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Trout concedes MVP race
Did you miss the part where the author mentioned that Trout was third in batting average? Yep. You sure did. Nice try, though.

On another note, while Cabrera is undoubtedly a brilliant hitter, he could be replaced in the field with fire hydrant with no noticeable drop off in defense. Trout may be the best defensive player in baseball. (Manny Machado wins according to both the stat geeks and the eyeballs test, but you see my point.) Call me old-fashioned, but I think defense should count for something.
Posted Friday August 24, 2012, About: Is this Jeter's first MVP season?
Can we just carve Jeter's mug on Mt Rushmore and get it over with? Why not give him the Heisman Trophy? Maybe we can give him Lance's Tour de France titles. The media's collective man-crush on this guy is downright creepy. The award is Most Valuable Player, not the Player I Want to Knock Up My Sister.
Posted Sunday April 22, 2012, About: Notre Dame alums losing patience with Kelly?
Notre Dame stories in April?! NOBODY CARES. Notre Dame hasn't been relevant for over 20 years. The team's biggest accomplishment this millennium was *almost* beating USC.
Posted Thursday April 12, 2012, About: After argument, Cuban pans investment in Odom
I might be able to understand Odom's pouting if he had been sent to terrible team like Charlotte or Washington, or a less-than-glamorous city like Detroit or Sacramento. The guy was sent to DALLAS, TEXAS to play with the DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS. Mark Cuban might be the best owner of a professional sports franchise in the world, from player's standpoint. If you can't get excited about that scenario, take your ball and go home. We can talk about Odom's "success" with the Lakers, but as others have pointed out here, that has more to do with Jackson's ability to handle divas and headcases than Odom's talent as a player. He was a bum before LA. He's a bum again.
Posted Tuesday August 09, 2011, About: Howard calls out Amway Center crowds
He has every right to be upset. Look at all the titles he's won. Look at all the MVP Awards on his mantle. Take a gander at all those scoring titles. Oh, that's right, he has as many of those as I do. Maybe fans don't go to games because they know he'll foul out before they get their first beer. Grow up, shut up, and let us know when you actually accomplish something.
Posted Friday April 22, 2011, About: Smith wants out, says Nuggets had 'no pulse'
Someone please refresh my memory: Who is JR Smith? George Karl recovers cancer and leads the Nuggets into the playoff despite the 'Melodrama and someone named JR Smith dares question him? Here's a guy with a vastly overrated opinion of his position in the cosmos.

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