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Posted Tuesday September 17, 2013, About: Honeymoon definitely over in Carolina
Coaching fates are dictated by the talent that surrounds them - mostly their QB. Ron's fate has been set since Cam Newton came to town. Mediocre QB - mediocre results - coach soon to be replaced - rinse lather repeat
Posted Wednesday August 28, 2013, About: Kraft rooting for Tebow 'big time'
It is hard not to root for Tebow - unless you are a receiver
Posted Tuesday August 27, 2013, About: Broncos courting RB controversy
Last year Knoshon was in the coaches doghouse after he fumbled in week 2. He did not play again until week 7. He realized ball control is paramount and did not fumble again the rest of the year - he got the message. Hillman can't seem to hold the ball in pre-season. He will learn that lesson too. Montee can't pick up the blitzes yet and runs tentative. Of the 3 Knowshon looks the best and has the knowledge needed to protect too.
Posted Thursday August 15, 2013, About: NFL's least-valuable franchise
Al Davis apparently was the only thing keeping the Raiders off of the bottom - how valuable were those sweat suits?
Posted Friday August 09, 2013, About: Cowboys chasing ex-Pats standout OL
With the mix and match O-Line at Dallas, Tony Romo will be earning every dollar this year running for his life
Posted Monday August 05, 2013, About: Report: Aaron Hernandez hid guns in basement
Curious - who really expects Aaron to be convicted? Money and lawyers have always proven to be more powerful than any evidence
Posted Friday July 26, 2013, About: Browns CEO puts Gordon on notice
How marketable would a bingo style game work for athlete excuses. Similar to the office catch phrase bingo. Use a grid with - I don't smoke marijuana, it was prescription medicine, the supplemental drink was at fault, someone slipped me something, my doctor prescribed this to me, I am innocent, I don't know how I tested positive for ecstasy etc.
Posted Tuesday July 02, 2013, About: Wakeup call for Mathews?
The Chargers continue to auger into the ground. They should have kept AJ Smith and Norv Turner for another year. At least they created better non-stories....
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Ex-teammate paints unflattering image of Hernandez
Why do we put the Patriots on a higher moral plane? Isn't this the same organization that has employed Albert Haynesworth, Ocho Cinco, Randy Moss, and now Hernandez? Plus they were caught in spy gate and rehired McDaniels that had his own spy gate scandal in Denver. They are like every other organization - talent creates blind spots...
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Lions sign Israel Idonije
I agree. Must be born out of sheer laziness. Since you see the other team twice a year you consider your player due diligence done
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Addazio on Hernandez: 'I think the world of him'
I agree if they had anything on him they would have arrested him by now. He is guilty of something whether it is obstruction or outright murder. But PROVING the guilt will be difficult...the longer this goes the less the police have.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Most likely to be tagged by the Pats
Too true on the Brady comment. I wonder how much of a genius Bill will be when he is Bradyless. See Broncos sans Elway, Miami sans Marino, Cowboys sans Aikmen, etc....all struggled without their star QB sometimes for years after their departure
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: Te'o, Steelers may be perfect couple
Completely agree - he now has a couple of mountains to climb - public image and football acumen. Wish him the best but he seems to be dropping the wrong way in the draft
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Clock ticking on Price's tenure
Mostly commenting on the Dodgers and Angels - both have mega salaries at this time. The Dodgers are signing a TV deal worth billions and when that happens - the check book will open further
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Clock ticking on Price's tenure
You always hope that a player will choose lifestyle over money - but it is hard to turn down the megabucks for the hometown. It is not a foregone conclusion the best free agents will go to the Yankees anymore. Take a look at what is going on in L.A.
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: Pats great: Time Brady had a talk with Gronk
More proof that money does not buy common sense. He acts like he grew up with a bunch of sibling brothers and wants to wrestle with them all day....oh wait
Posted Thursday February 07, 2013, About: Snubbed by the combine
Don't they get treated like cattle enough - poked, prodded, weighed and measured. The combine is just a media event like a stock show for players. If you are good enough the NFL will find you.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Why the Falcons aren't headed to Los Angeles
Funny I don't hear L.A. clamoring for a team. The Texans, Panthers and Jaguars all came into existence after L.A. lost the Rams and Raiders. Now it is a travesty they don't have a team? They had the Rams, Raiders and Chargers and none seemed to work very well in L.A. What makes everyone think it will work this time?
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Changes transform Dallas ... to a rudderless ship
I can't stand the Cowboys but I have some admiration for JJ. He invests into his team creating 'the most valuable franchise' monicker and it is never boring in Cowboy land. However he is a business man and has no clue about football decisions. Nobody can tell the emperor he has no clothes - hence out with Jimmy in with a string of patsies.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Report: Liriano broke arm in bathroom fall
Batting is going to be tough with a cast on......Although he would not have on less armor than Bonds did
Posted Tuesday January 22, 2013, About: Welker's wife issues Ray Lewis an apology
Quick we need a Tebow message posted to calm everyone down

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