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Posted Sunday July 14, 2013, About: Report: Johnny Manziel booted from Manning Passing camp
Betting we're about to witness one of the biggest sophomore slumps of alltime!
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Yankees owner takes his shots at A-Rod
Damn, no cheerleaders in baseball. Guess I'll have to promote your ramblings! :)
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Yankees owner takes his shots at A-Rod
Thank you Mrs. Cashman. Don't even like Yankees, or even ARod that much. Jus sayin, Yanks got their moneys worth out of him
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Yankees owner takes his shots at A-Rod
A .292 avg over nine years. Almost a .400 obp. 300 hr, 900 rbi. (And these are all stats as just a Yankee!) A disappointment from a player that was almost 30 when he came to your organization? Are you really that big of an idiot, Mr. Cashman or Mr. (Hal) Steinbrenner? Pretty sure he's given everything, and more, than you could have asked for!
Oh, you mean somebody actually cares what the Jets do?
Posted Sunday March 31, 2013, About: Marlins Park has become financial mess
Hmm, guess if you build it, they won't come! Guess South Floridians didn't watch "Field of Dreams'!
Posted Sunday March 31, 2013, About: Minnesota's coaching search 'officially embarrassing'
Hey, Minnesota. Try Billy Gillespie, he's currently available!
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Stoops immediately making over Kentucky
The fact that UK Football is being discussed in February is already an improvement!
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: Saints have their first Rob Ryan controversy
Buddy Ryan was a decent DC. He happened to be part of 'Da Bears', and their Superbowl Shuffle. When is the NFL gonna wise up and realize that neither Rex, nor Ryan will ever amount to anything. They may be 'characters', in the mold of their father. But, stats don't lie, they've never had success anywhere they've been!
Posted Wednesday February 06, 2013, About: Kentucky Wildcats air Super Bowl ad to boost sales
I live in Kentucky, and have for most of my 48 years, and it's always been UK hoops, for obvious reasons. Especially, this time of year. If anyone mentioned football in February or March, it was like were speaking a foreign language...LOL But, I'm seeing and hearing all kind of buzz about Mark Stoops program. This fall may actually be something for UK fans, other than wondering when tickets for Big Blue Madness go on sell.

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