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Posted Sunday February 03, 2013, About: Ron Artest punched Brandon Knight in Lakers win
punched? that's to much..that never happen...
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Grizz, Raptors need third team for Gay trade
Spurs and Pistons is lucky to have a championships. In this days, the Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Mavs, and the Knicks have the only potential to be a championship throughout the year. OKC best chance is this year. They cannot keep up that line up for long...small market team...thats the way it goes...
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: Gasol 'probably not' open to bench role
I love Gasol...but i think it's inevitable...with Hawks and JSmith sour relationship...and Gasol turning sour on his's a perfect trade...maybe that will revive DH12 game....
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Gasol sits with knee tendonitis
I am a Lakers fan. I love Pau. I love him to join the Heat, via trade for Bosh. C'mon Heat won without defensive Center, between Pau and Bosh, i think Pau with his height is more "defensive". And the Heat needs a low-post scorer, to attract defender, to free up shooter Allen and Lewis.
I am hating Lakers management now, and D'Antoni for benching him, and Kobe ranting about him. As if Kobe wins without a talented big. And they don't have a clue if D12 will stay after this season. ****& it Lakers, got your **** together.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: No plans to trade Gasol ... yet
Is the Lakers the only team in NBA???

i love Pau, when the Lakers got him, instant Championship, i will never forget that as a Lakers fan. It's unfortunate that they hire D'Antoni rather than Phil, whom knows how to use Gasol, and perfect in triangle. If D'Antoni system is the same, run and gun, Gasol cannot keep up to that. Then they will trade him. Then they will make play-offs, then everything is slow-down. Then they will miss Gasol, because he is got on half-court set.

Don't trade Gasol.
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Hawks not interested in trading Josh Smith for Pau Gasol
i love Pau...and i like Odom (when he was in Lakers)....i like Eddie Jones too...common denominator..although Pau has not yet been traded... their career suffer after being traded by the Lakers...from being an All-Star to scrub....that will happen to Pau...The Lakers are business, i cannot blame them, do not attach to much emotion. This trade will happen when the Lakers doesn't win enough before the Feb. trade deadline. With Pau and probably a few of those bench players, and/or Ebanks.
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Jackson on Lakers call: 'Slimy,' 'weird'
i love PJ, the man has 11 coaching rings, can't deny that. But some news said that he want a piece of Lakers, like what Magic has. I guess Lakers owner are greedy enough to let that one mistake happen again. So, they say NO to Phil. BTW, he already had that piece of Lakers, Jeanne Buss piece of
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Could Fisher return to Lakers?
Lakers is so rich..they can afford players just to improve the morale...he is a leader, strong locker room presence...his experience on the sideline, probably grooming to be a coach....
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: Hawks targeting Gasol for Josh Smith
i will say again..i love Gasol..the moment he came to LA, they became instant Champion. I love him to stay, but the Lakers will not make it with current line-up..they are not athletic enough. Either they trade Bynum ofr Howard or Gasol for JSmith, the Lakers will be relevant again. With JSmith athletic ability to play defense and run and get back on the other end of the court, that is lacking in Lakers. Penetrating PG will now think twice, if you got a shot blocker down there, and Howard and Smith are among the best of them.
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: KG decision coming this weekend?
JOin the HEAT...they won with Bosh as Center, Lebron as 4 and Battier as him as Center and Battier as 6th man...
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Did World Peace save his contract?
i think he is the only Lakers that is consistent and playing good...aside those stupid technicals!
Posted Sunday May 20, 2012, About: Kobe gives Brown 'the look'
It's Kobe's fault..and it's Coach Brown fault also....the problem is blaming it to Pau, Drew, MWP, Sessiosn, Hill and Blake and Barnes...which to me they play decent and good basketball...and since they cannot trade KObe, they will blow this core...and will make STUPID trades..damn it..just get a coach that will discipline Kobe...which is few.
Posted Sunday May 20, 2012, About: Mavs packaging Odom for run at Gasol?
i love LO but it safe to assume he is over. Lakers are down 3-1 they are done. The core of the Lakers are good, too bad they cannot trade Kobe, so they will fire Mike Brown and will make stupid trade for Gasol Bynum Artest Sessions Blake Hill and Barnes.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Bynum predicts title, 'if we ...'
it will take miracle for the Lakers to WIN against the OKC.
Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012, About: Buss had to convince Lakers to take Bynum
right, Lakers haven't had high picks..coz they are winning even with just Kobe...their picks are usually mid-way...having said that, i guess it pure luck also. Some team can pick him up before the Lakers. Or Drew can be injury prone.
In 33 years with Buss, the Lakers just miss 2 play-offs..that is something, right?
Posted Monday April 16, 2012, About: Sessions really, really wants to stay in L.A.
something about that Lakers jersey that can turn average player into thinking they are an "all-star" players....
Posted Monday April 16, 2012, About: Bynum now more MVP than Superman
Or just many times did Gasol fed Bynum around the basket? for me Gasol is a perfect 4 , if you have a dominant center.
Posted Sunday April 15, 2012, About: Owner of the worst pro sports team is...
MJ should sold his share/ownership of Bobcats. Be a part owner of top teams like Chicago or something. Bobcats has no chance.
Posted Saturday April 14, 2012, About: Kobe out for regular season?
kobe should rest and sit the season...he has no problem regarding being "rusty", he need rest more than anything...
Posted Sunday April 01, 2012, About: Bynum tuning out Lakers coach?
Bynum would be a great player, offensively he is showing much better that DHoward, but he should also focus on playing defensively and getting those rebound. IF he can, somewhat, help and stop those penetrating PG's the Lakers would be good. Bynum has potential, esp if healthy but his head is way ahead. He needs to be taught the values and leadership. He is in a great "ship" already.
Posted Saturday March 31, 2012, About: Nash would listen to Miami's pitch
the Heat dont Nash, they need a defensive PG with decent outside shot. someone that will defend the likes of Rose, Westbrook and the likes.
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