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Posted Wednesday April 16, 2014, About: Smith won't play for San Fran in 2014
I figure since this dude hasnt' an ouce of brain in that head of his, maybe he'd like to invest in my organic frozen water company.
Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Luck courting ex-teammate Jonathan Martin
Exactly! We dont want any hurt feelings. Forget about concussion effects years down the road or helping out the vets that helped build this league. Nobody uses the "N" word ( I cant believe I just wrote that) or say anything mean. Cuz that "S" word is top priority.
Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Harbaugh-Niners relationship disintegrating
The NFL may need to impose a new rule here about professionalism in the front office. We cant be offending anybody or hurting anybody's feelings. That will just not work.

Roger need to send one of his buddies at "insert seven prestigous sounding names" LLP. to investigate for a few months then write a 500 page report.
Posted Sunday February 23, 2014, About: Report: NFL to adopt penalty for on-field racial slurs
then it needs to be policed in their new and improved locker room.

sorry though, until rappers, etc stop using the so called "n" word as a term of endearment, I think all the policies surrounding this subject are a effin joke.

its ok all of the time or none of the time. not just when it is convenient.
Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: NFL projected to raise salary cap to $130 million
"im so effen rich, i can buy your family!" i'm the real supreme leader!
Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: Trouble looming for Fitzgerald in Arizona
From everything you see and hear about this guy, he seems like a solid stand up person. With that being said,he was the beneficiay of 2 huge contracts before he signed that 8 year mega deal. Larry likes his $$$, and there is nothing wrong with that. I feel nothing for him. He made his bed. If he truly wanted a ring, then after completing a 6/60mil rookie deal and 4/40mil contract, he should have signed somewhere else.

On the bright side, he has plenty of $$ to buy a ring on eBay.
Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: Lovie sees 'disturbing' pattern from WR
Cant fix stupid.
Posted Thursday February 20, 2014, About: Panthers bleeding $100K a day
I agree. Canada would be a better destination. Expansion isnt the key. Would diluted the aleady diluted product on the ice. I like hockey as much as the next guy, but it seems as if its on for 12 months. The cup ends in late June and camp starts in August. Who really cares about Edmonton and Florida playing game in October?? If my Penguins dump10 staight in Oct/Nov. who cares? Too much of a bad thing does not equal success.
Posted Saturday February 08, 2014, About: Adam Silver: NBA should rival NFL
for starters, they (nba) need to eliminate the one and done rule. its hurts the league and the college game as well. I used to enjoy basketball a lot. these days, not so much. the nba is too diluted with raw, unprepared talent. I cant blame the kids, no matter what age I was, if you offered me the $$, I'd take it. They need to be more like baseball. if you are good enough to go out of high school, then fine go. a man should be allowed to earn a living, but if you choose to go to school, you must stay for 2 years (opposed to mlb's 3). this will help with the selection of talent at the pro level and also keep teams more intact at the collegiate level hence making the tournaments better with rivalries. these are just my opinions, but I used to watch a lot and now I don't, because the product I see now at both levels just isn't all that exciting.
Posted Saturday February 08, 2014, About: Adam Silver: NBA should rival NFL
i wonder how many channels he gets with those ears??
Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: J.R. Smith's greatest excess of idiocy
cant fix stupid.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: O'Brien's NFL buyout reduced
so he gets it reduced from 19 mil to 6 mil?? what administrator on the psu side figured that'd be a good deal?? seriously, I struggle to get a 3% raise and this administrator makes it almost 300% easier for him to leave?? where is the logic??
Posted Saturday November 16, 2013, About: J.P. Howell recants claim that Yasiel Puig was bullied by Dodgers
I'm waiting for a story to come out that a WWE or MMA fighter got bullied.
Posted Saturday November 16, 2013, About: Can FSU play past Jameis Winston scandal?
I'm not an FSU fan but seriously, why is this story coming just now? When some young kid has success, all the media wants to do is tear him down to create some headlines and sell as space. Is it possible to ever lead with a positive story?! With "bullying" being the new "hot word" I'd say the media bullies people. Shame in you media. Go launch an investigation on yourselves. jag offs!!
Posted Saturday November 09, 2013, About: NBA memo to teams: Bullying won't be tolerated
HAHAHA!!! Look at that taint!! you know he got bullied as a kid!! I wonder how many stations he picks up with those ears?!
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: Rosenfels rips Ireland: #jerk
be careful with your words Sage, you may get accused of bullying.
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: Loss left Mariota sobbing in father's arms
your buddies mother-in-law gives a great show! not worth $84/hour though.
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: New home for Martin?
no kidding! it'll only get worse too. that will be the topic of monday night football. tampa and miami, cant wait for 4 hours of pregame on those 2.
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Martin will be paid this week
I wonder what would happen if I just up and left my job?? I'm pretty sure I still wouldnt be getting paid. Serioulsy, there is a guy in another department, he always cracks on me and it sucks. So instead of asking a friend, or parent, or co-worker what I should do or how to handle it, I think I'll just walk away.

Im not saying what Incognito did was right, they guy is slime, but Martin sure as hell didnt handle this well either.
Posted Tuesday September 17, 2013, About: Multiple veteran players irked by Schiano
Revis is too damn dumb to be happy about anything. The world is against him you know. One big conspiracy.
Posted Saturday September 07, 2013, About: Chip Kelly downplays Riley Cooper-Cary Williams altercation
Cary Williams used the "N" word, he should be fined, go to sensitivity training, and make a public apology on behalf of the Eagles. This should also be the main story of the weekend. If people want equal rights, then all things should be equal, just not when its convenient.
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