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Posted Thursday March 21, 2013, About: Steelers happy with locker room leadership
We've got more shiny footballs in our case than anybody, a third of them from recent teams. They have a franchise quarterback and a good coach, they'll be fine. As long as the defense can keep its head above water.
Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013, About: Bynum not remembered fondly by high school
Maybe he's always been "difficult" because he knew his career was never meant to last long so he figured "what the hell?" For what it's worth, as a Laker fan I remember him for being on 2 title teams. And for getting worked by Javale in the playoffs. :/
Posted Sunday March 17, 2013, About: Bears unlikely to extend Jay Cutler, could draft QB
Cutler to Marshall could win a SB, the Bears have far more pressing issues. As it is I'd say it's fair to say Cutler is already the best QB in Bears history. Get Jay a contender!!
Posted Saturday March 16, 2013, About: Bryant, Jones take sniping to Twitter
Helen Keller could see it was a dirty play from a known dirty player. That much can't even be credibly questioned. How bout them Lakers whipping the Pacers in Indy without Kobe tonight? Deeeeecent. I'm sure Kobe's superhaters saw that one coming lol
Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Mike D'Antoni wants Dwight Howard on floor in crunch time
If Dwight could just get to 68 or 70 percent at the line most nights I'd be thrilled.
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: James Harrison interested in playing for the Patriots
Hated to see him go but it was a foregone conclusion. The sad thing was, when he was healthy last year he was still our best pass rusher. I'd say he instantly becomes the Pats #1 pass rusher the minute he were signed, if it were to happen. He did lots of great things here, I'd like to see him catch on somewhere good.
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Patriots reportedly interested in Mike Wallace
Can't imagine NE shelling out the cash for a true franchise receiver like this. They're far more likely to just keep plugging in lesser talents and preaching the system. Wallace's numbers thru his first 3 seasons were bested only by Rice and Moss...damn what a bum LOL
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Pursuit of Mike Wallace signals Dolphins paradigm shift
It's simply a misnomer that this guy has bad hands. He was clearly pressing last season and it cost him some catches, but it has never been a problem with him previously. As a Steeler fan I'd love tohave a way to keep him, but not for anywhere near 10 million a year. He's worth every bit of 8 mil per but that's about the ceiling. He's never gonna be Anquan when it comes to going over the middle but to say he never does is simply a lie. He looked alright going over the middle in that Giants game this year, taking a simple crossing pattern all the way to the house to win us a game the officials were blatantly trying to take from us. And his deep skills are as elite as the league currently features. Alas, his days in the Burgh are gone. And we're left with Antonio Brown, a guy who has never been a #1 guy to me. I've seen Wallace dominate without AB on the field, but I've never seen Brown dominate without Wallace drawing the double team. Can't imagine Wallace dominating on a bad team but I guess we'll find out.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Fractured locker room in Pittsburgh?
Man that was alot of typing. Far too much for the subject. Anybody with a brain stem doesn't believe Ben raped anyone lol. It's just the whinings of vanquished opponents fans, and that's a long line. :)
Posted Tuesday March 05, 2013, About: Bryant 'would have smacked' Ibaka
Sounds like alotta people on here have seen Ibaka beat a bunch of guys up before.
Posted Tuesday March 05, 2013, About: Lakers pass on Raja Bell
Kobe, Nash and D'antoni all are fans of him, they wanted Bell on the team. Apparently management disagreed. Personally I don't believe he has much of anything left to offer either.
Posted Sunday March 03, 2013, About: Jets in no rush to trade Darrelle Revis
When he's healthy he's the best cornerback on the planet, I'd say that qualifies as playing like star. And he wants more money every other year, so I'd say that represents acting like a star. The knee injury wouldn't worry me a great deal considering he's never relied exclusively on speed and guys come back from this surgery as great as ever on a regular basis now. There's no chance I'd give him more than 4 years on a new deal but he's absolutely worth 50 million over those 4 years.
Posted Sunday March 03, 2013, About: Metta World Peace defends his play
Love his physical play, always have. Could do without the contested 3's with 19 seconds left on the shot clock but that's another story. As much as I believe Artest has been embraced by Laker Nation tho, I do believe he gets amnestied this summer.
Posted Sunday March 03, 2013, About: Ben Roethlisberger: No problems in Steelers locker room
I think I'm about the only Steeler fan left that would really love to see them find a way to to keep Wallace. That said, I don't see any way it's possible. Even if he were willing to take a major discount we still don't have the money to re-sign him. I'd like to find a way to squeeze Dunta Robinson onto the roster and just hope for some great drafting, something we haven't done lately.
Posted Sunday March 03, 2013, About: Albert Pujols: I'll be ready for season opener
I expect a nice bounce back year from The Machine. It would be nice if this myth that he was terrible last year would finally die off too. He wasn't 2005 Pujols but claiming he was "terrible" or the "worst player on the angels roster" is just an absolute joke. The guy had a very solid season, tho I'm sure he considers it a crummy year by his own standards.
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Ben Roethlisberger: No problems in Steelers locker room
They'd be a 3-13 without #7. There are obviously some issues in the locker room, that's what happens when you give Antonio Brown a huge contract just to shove it in Wallace's face. Nevermind the fact that Brown has never shown himself to be a legit #1 receiver. Hopefully thet these locker room leaks where they belong, on the street. BTW, are there really idiots out there that believe Roethlisberger raped somebody? I thought that was just some thing lame Steeler haters pretend because they have nothing else to cling to? that's right, it is. The closest he's come to rape is what he's done to opposing defenses for near a decade now. :)
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Howard sets sights on Rio
Perfectly sums this guy up that he would even answer a question about Rio when he's on a team that's under .500 60 games into the year. And personally I'd rather see our team head to brazil without him for various reasons.
Doug has always been a coach that cared too much and coached too little. Rather see him fired now so he can be back on TNT before the playoffs.
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Jason Smith out for the remainder of season with torn labrum
Guess it depends on your definition of "playing". What he did in orlando was "playing", what he's doing in LA can't be considered more than "participating".
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Andrew Bynum may not return this season
If he's faking it was pretty sly of him to forge all the medical documents to match his story. Oh that sneaky raggedy andy!
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Raiders likely to deal No. 3 pick
As a major Geno fan, I'm praying at Al Davis's headstone on a daily basis that Oakland doesn't select him.

BTW, did you guys see how that one guy said Smith is the best player available and then that other guy was all like "NOT!!!". Oh man that was classic. Some comedy gold right there. I still can't get over it. He was like.....NOT!!!! Classic.

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