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Posted Friday January 11, 2013, About: Flyers, Canucks, Leafs working out trade for Luongo
Less talent, more money.. of course I would... but then again I'm still pissy about the lockout...
Posted Friday January 11, 2013, About: Flyers, Canucks, Leafs working out trade for Luongo
Giroux is untouchable, everyone knows that.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Phillies chatter heating up with Hamilton
in all fairness he did say "Without even thinking too hard"...
Posted Friday November 09, 2012, About: DRC: Eagles don't want to hit
Yeah, they dont like to get hit either, but watch out if the league ever goes flag football....
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Jon Jones Raises Issue With Daniel Cormier
Ah, the guy who got known because he stepping in for an injured fighter, then known for not letting a fighter step in for an injured fighter is now calling the shots of who what where and when.... if this guy didn't have so much talent he would have been booted out of the UFC, instead he wants to deny other fighters the chance to become something, awesome guy....
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Winston rips 'sickening' Chiefs fans
What else have you given them to cheer about?...
Posted Thursday October 04, 2012, About: Kobe calls out 'chump' floppers
He also feels that players should pass the ball more, be faithful to their wives and not imitate Michael Jordan.... hes a stand up guy...
Posted Thursday October 04, 2012, About: More changes in store for Phillies
I wondered about this in sports, cause and effect or effect and cause? I do think now the league is a lot more of a profit with players commanding salaries per year that would have bought the league back then. I think players are now groomed since little league to train, practice, eat and take supplements to push themselves harder than the other guys so maybe because they are wound so tight when they do get injured the injuries are worse.. or that now they make so much they dont play through things that might effect them long term... back in the day baseball was a sport where you would go to work, play a game, drink and repeat... it was more of an escape for players and fans to enjoy something where now its more of a business to owners, players and agents...
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: Phils to consider shutting Halladay down?
Yeah, admittingly its bad odds they can make it but to say they have been out for a month is drug induced stupidity...
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: The next Forsberg?
Maybe its like alcohol, if so I agree that Forsberg only gave about 55% towards the end...
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Moultrie too heavy for Sixers?
Derrick Coleman?
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Moultrie too heavy for Sixers?
Actually there are really bad parts of Philly but where the sports complexes are isnt one of them for obvious reasons... do they have a gated community around the arenas you watch sports or do you just scare really easy?
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Bisping vs. Stann arguably UFC 152's most anticipated fight
Bisping might be 12-4 but he almost loses every fight he is in and then talks like he thinks hes Fedor in his prime, Stann is just the type of fighter to smother Bisping in knuckes. I don't think the fight is the most anticipated part, I think its the beat down and shutting up of Bisping...
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Redskins rookie sticking by his '91 Mazda
It would be impressive if he still feels the same way after a few successful years in the NFL, its easy to stay grounded before you start to fly...
Posted Monday September 17, 2012, About: Are the Eagles dirty? Ravens FB thinks so
Yeah, until I see what another QB does under center I wouldnt be so quick to compliment Vick on 2 and 0 start, I think the rest of the Eagles might have helped him a bit with that...
Posted Thursday September 13, 2012, About: Flyers asking Montreal about Subban
I actually think at the right price it might be a good idea, he has shown signs of being able to be a legit offensive D man that can play both sides of the ice except some immature and not backing up what he starts signs as well which I feel not only the Flyer leaders and coaches can quiet, but playing in front of the fans might also...

3yr deal, 18mil tops
Posted Wednesday September 12, 2012, About: Rousey: Jones has 'responsbility' to defend UFC title
Thought the contract was guaranteed money? Either way Jones said it himself, he needs to look out for #1, so either agree or disagree I have my opinion of him...
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Rousey: Jones has 'responsbility' to defend UFC title
Yeah, can't wait for the Jones NIKE "Just do it.. unless you might lose" campaign...
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: Rousey: Jones has 'responsbility' to defend UFC title
This I agree 100%, I hate Dana White but he is smart in business, its a sport where you have to prove yourself all the time, the UFC made it a point to take a monopoly over MMA and now when people hear UFC they think it means MMA.

If he let a huge name like Fedor come in and beat the best they had to offer only to leave again people would use that as a reason to say the UFC sucks, hell people already ragged on the UFC when Fedor beat ex UFC hw, and ragged on Fedor when he lost..

UFC wanted Fedor but only under their contracts and he would not break from the red, I think Fedor has proven himself enough outside of the UFC to be the best hw but can see where people dont agree.
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: Rousey: Jones has 'responsbility' to defend UFC title
Exactly, Tito was a entertaining figure in a new sport at the time, he had a pro wrestling personality and was better than average fighter compared to "most" during his prime.

Jones is pure talent and still waiting on anyone to match that to even try and test his skill or endurance, you cant teach what Jones does but to say that people all around know who he is like Tito in his prime is not even an opinion argument. Jones can get as big and maybe bigger in popularity as Tito but he's not there yet, and if he does it will be on his skill not personality.

It is like naming a pro wrestler like Sheamus and saying he is more popular than Ric Flair (guess which name I had to google out of those two) only because you think he would kick his ass in a match...
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: Rousey: Jones has 'responsbility' to defend UFC title
Point is, its a word. One I like to use now its added to the dictionary to bait out people who care more about things like grammar and spulling then the actual context itself.

It doesn't matter to me that people don't like it as a word, it is one. Just funny that someone (or someones) would point it out as proof of my being "stupider"...
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