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Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: NFL team says Mark Sanchez would be a starter for them
My first thought was the Jags
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: A million reasons Titans beat Lions for Whiz
After Faith left, I tried watching Carrie. Just wasn't the same.
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: Lions down to their fourth choice
Add to the equation, Detroit has major issues on the cap side. A coach may look at this and back far away from the situation with what very little there is to work with in the cap.
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: Four teams chasing Cruz, he says
If the dude could catch a routine fly ball without making it look like he's auditioning for the "play of the day" on sports center....he would probably be signed by now. The guy can't even catch a cold.
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: RB selling his Super Bowl XLVII ring
Take it to Pawn Stars, they like shiny things.
Posted Friday December 13, 2013, About: Nieuwendyk next?
The Flames will be better served looking to someone else. I loved Nieuwey as a player, as a GM, he annoyed the crap out of me. The moves he made just made me scratch my head.
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Hey, Megatron: Elam thinks you're old
I got's my popcorn ready for this one.
Posted Tuesday November 26, 2013, About: Lions players disagree over players-only meeting
After watching that game on Sunday, there should be a meeting of some kind with those guys. When Pettigrew ducked out of the way to avoid a pass from Stafford and that results in an INT. Calvin bobbles a catch that results in an INT. Durham tries to imitate a game of hot potato with the ball instead of just falling out of bounds...results in a lost fumble. Concentration on the Lions part was extremely lacking and appeared to have taken the Bucs lightly. MAybe someone should step up and light a fire in these guys butts. But then again, it's the Lions and the annual collapse has commenced.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: Ruff may bust up his lines
I'd be right there with you Otis. Shoot, I'd look to put some dead carp in Nill's back seat.
Posted Thursday September 12, 2013, About: Suh threatened cable guy with a pellet gun
I live in Texas and can damn well guarantee you, if someone comes in unannounced into my backyard, they're getting more than a pellet gun waved in their face. Matter of fact, I have 6 different 1911's to choose from. I'm not flagged as a person with anger issues, but protecting my family and property comes first and foremost...Suh, IMO is in the right on this one.
Posted Tuesday August 20, 2013, About: RB concerns growing in Houston
Looks like Indy will be the team in the AFC South this year. Unless Kubiak has an RB stashed deep in his roster that will come out like Tate did and surprise the heck out of everyone....

Dallas on the other hand, terrible o-line. Worlds of talent elsewhere but that's depending on what that o-line does/doesn't do.
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Hernandez adds another noted attorney
I guess I know who I can safely drop in my dynasty league....
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: James on 2014 'Decision': 'I don't know'
I can't hit the "s" key for some reason, it should have read "months". Now to get some caffeine...
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: James on 2014 'Decision': 'I don't know'
"Handle it like a professional"

NBA speak for making a mockery of free agency to create a media circus lasting month only to end up in a highly televised press conference to announce that he will go to the highest bidder.....LeBron, just go away.
Posted Thursday June 20, 2013, About: Worst performance of Hamilton's career
Dang filter, I guess I should have known better that a word that rhymes with juice but starts with a "d" would be filtered. Oh well.
Posted Thursday June 20, 2013, About: Worst performance of Hamilton's career
It's contagious!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Us Rangers fans are loving this! Couldn't happen to a better ****!
Posted Thursday June 13, 2013, About: Tippett may become apple of New York's eye
I'm with Otis on this one. Tippett should be given whatever it takes to get him back. First abysmal move by Nieuwy (among many) that just didn't sit right with me (and many others I suppose). Tippett deserved to be given quality players instead of that asinine move of bringing Avery in....god that was ugly.

Jim Nill, if by some astronomical chance you read these comment sections for advice from your fans.....Make this happen!

Yeah, I know he doesn't read it, it's more of a plea...a desperation response from a fan sitting in West Texas.
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: A new bit of bad news for Braun
I didn't know that people injected into their thumbs? This is new.
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: Mike Thomas feeling more comfortable in Lions' offense
I don't fault Reggie in saying they'll win a super bowl. That's exactly what the Lions need is a guy exuding confidence instead of coming in saying that they just want to "compete" in the division.
Defense couldn't provide any real consistent pass rush. Add in the fact that there was a very distinct lack of a run game and only one real WR threat, he still posted a 60% completion rate, 20 TD's and almost 5K yards. With the offense that was on the field, that's not half bad stats. Now the 17 INT's, that's concerning. Quite a few games were on the brink of wins for the Lions, the defense couldn't hold the lead late in the 4th....most notable, the Colts game.....this should be improved this year for them. Don't think they'll be last in the Norse division, IMO, that belongs to Minnesota, that's the way I Ponder that situation anyway.
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: Can Denver become the NFL's fastest team?
Fox is a silly goose. Manning doesn't have the capacity to run a play on one word. He takes up the whole play clock going through 6 audibles before the ball is snapped.

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