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Posted Tuesday October 01, 2013, About: Why Del Rio won't ditch Denver in-season
Would love to see Petersen get a shot at a program like USC. Not sure if he's the right guy, but would love to see it happen.
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Trout concedes MVP race
What I can't believe is that the Angels haven't already offered him a long-term extension that he can't refuse. Are they low on cash after all the terrible FA contracts and missing the playoffs the last two years?
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Freeman's agent: Schiano lied
He deserves to leave when he wants to... but as a Patriots fan, I still can't believe the Eli / Coughlin Giants, a team that regularly misses the playoffs and can look THIS BAD is the team that beat the Pats in two SBs. Still kills me.
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: USC fires Lane Kiffin after 62-41 loss
Very interested to see who gets hired and how the program fares. No reason USC shouldn't be the best program out West and I enjoy college football more when they're in the mix for titles.

...No one was raving about the Pete Carroll hire...
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Irish at a crossroads
Irish are what they are. A solid but not elite football program.
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Wilfork has torn Achilles' tendon
Don't know if its "next man up" in this situation. Brady, Gronk, Vince, and now maybe Talib the guys they can least afford to lose. Pats were already thin at DT with Vince and don't have another true NT on the entire roster. I'm interested to see how BB addresses this. Through all their defense front scheme changes over the years, seems like they've always had a true NT.
Posted Monday September 02, 2013, About: Raiders release Tyler Wilson
Teddy Bridgewater is hoping the Raiders have the first pick, not the second pick, in the 2014 draft.
Posted Sunday September 01, 2013, About: NFL scout: Is Jadeveon Clowney out of shape?
Scary to consider but is Clowney stays in good shape we're probably looking at a future Hall of Fame DE. If he doesn't, he's probably JPP, 16 sacks one year, 6 the next, wicked inconsistent and infuriating.
Posted Sunday September 01, 2013, About: Report: Jets were leaning toward Mark Sanchez before injury
Funny to think - but a few years ago some Pats fans in Boston were wishing the Patriots had the Jets roster moving forward... HA.
Posted Sunday September 01, 2013, About: Montreal Alouettes GM: No Tim Tebow talks yet
SportsFun is right. There's more passing in both the CFL and AFL. The QB's obviously aren't better passers, but accuracy and getting rid of the ball quickly are just as important in those leagues. Along with his inability to run through NFL progressions, these are Tebow's biggest weaknesses.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Albert Pujols doesn't matter anymore
How can any team feel confident about signing a 30+ year old to a huge contract in the post-steroid era? Pujols/Hamilton contracts look HORRIBLE.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Hard decisions looming for B's
Not only have the Bruins' rookie defensemen not been liabilities, they've been difference makers. How come the Rangers haven't been able to put any pressure of them, intimidate them, maybe force some turnovers from them? I thought the Rangers were a tough team?
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Phillies mull trade for Halladay's replacement
Anyone will be able to replace the 8.65 ERA. Replacing what the Phils thought they were going to get from Halladay coming into the season will be impossible.
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: Schiano, Belichick staffs to meet
I'd love to be in the film room as the Pats are assigning a mid-round draft grade to Duron Harmon when no one else has even given him a draftable grade. Wonder what they saw that they were so high on.
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: Time up for Scioscia?
You had to think some friction might be coming between the Angels front office and Scioscia. For years Scioscia played Jeff Mathis' wet newspaper bat over Mike Napoli (before finally getting rid of him). Then Jerry Dipito gets hired as GM and immediately acquires the national league version of Napoli in Chris Iannetta.
Posted Sunday May 05, 2013, About: Source: Rob Gronkowski 'looks great'
Gronk is easily their second most important player behind Brady. With him, the Pats are a legit SB contender. Without him, or with Gronk playing hurt, they can't move the ball in the playoffs.
Posted Sunday May 05, 2013, About: Astros testing unorthodox rotation in minors
I like it. Injuries, promotions, poor performance, etc. will probably drop each rotation by a few starters 1-2 months into the season. By that time, the actual true MLB starting pitcher prospects will be holding down a rotation spot off their own. Luhnow has been quoted saying he doesn't see the 10-man rotation lasting all year. Plus, most MLB relievers are failed starters. Also, forcing more minor league pitchers to go through lineups multiple times will assist in their evaluation process.

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