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Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Cubs ready to deal soon
I don't get everyone saying "Believe in Theo, he didn't win in Boston overnight!" Ummm...yeah, he kinda did. A lot of that roster was just the right free agents meshing with what they already had (unless someone wants to convince me guys like Kevin Millar and Dave Roberts were 5 Star Prospects at the time). The Cubs were in pretty bad shape. At the same time, they should have been able to compete this year by supplementing the guys they had brought up with free agents (read: NOT WIN WORLD SERIES!). Of course, it also doesn't help that they failed miserably with their first manager hire (shocker, the guy who's main credit involved being the hitting coach for a guy coming of a PED enhanced season didn't wind up being a good manager).

If they aren't ready to be competitive by 2015, then Team Theo failed. It doesn't have to be all farm system. Just stock it up, develop, and, in the meantime, put a good product on the field. No one cares if the minor league teams win it all. It's about getting the Cubs a World Series, a goal that looks farther away every day.
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Is Ryne Sandberg in line to manage Phillies?
Theo Epstein passed on Ryne Sandberg, who won at every level for the Cubs as a manager, for Dale Sveum, who's resume was being the hitting coach of a juicer and a guy who could clobber the ball in major league stadiums at 8, has lost 100 games, and is on pace to lose 100 more. Not to mention Epstein left a Red Sox team that was pretty much in shambles before he took off. Maybe Theo isn't the greatest judge of character?
Posted Friday June 21, 2013, About: Anthony Pettis sidelined six weeks
He's been campaigning to replace a guy who earned a title shot? After he himself walked right into a title shot at a weight class he hadn't fought in over other guys more deserving? Hard to sympathize.
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Wanderlei Silva responds to Chael Sonnen
It may be getting old, but it works. People pay to see him fight. He talked his way into a title fight in a weight class he hadn't fought in for a long time. So long as he doesn't get embarassed by Silva, he'll be making money for a long time.

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