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Posted Tuesday June 11, 2013, About: Tim Tebow to New England
Smart move by the Patriots. He's not guaranteed anything if he is not on the opening day roster. So they have all of training camp to see how he fits in to there system.
Posted Friday June 07, 2013, About: Favre shoulders blame for Packers split
My thoughts exactly. Didn't the Colt's pay Manning the year he missed the entire season when he was recovering from neck surgery? And it was not a secret that the Colts were going to draft Andrew Luck. So no Brett Favre.....your situation in Green Bay was not the same way as the Colts and Peyton Manning. I beleive that Peyton will do the 1 day contract and retire as a Colt.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Jim Kelly diagnosed with cancer
Classy guy....hope for a speedy recovery
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: Geno Smith takes 1st-team reps in Jets OTAs
It's safe to say that even the 3rd team reps of the 49ers are better than what the Jets have
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: NFLPA to investigate Jay-Z over Geno Smith
Stick to music Jay Z. Do us all a favor and let the grown-ups handle the negotiations.
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Browns plan for ending players' sense of entitlement
These moves mean nothing if they don't perform well.
As a Giants fan I enjoy it.
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Should Raiders fans believe the Tyler Wilson hype?
What if Pryor has a few good games like Flynn did? Teams looking for a QB would want him and the Raiders in turn would get draft picks, etc. Plus he's a 4th rounder so he wont cost that much to the Raiders Cap.
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: NFLPA investigating Jay-Z's involvement with Geno Smith
Is that wanna be gangster rapper pose really necessary?
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Will more teams choose to not retire jersey numbers?
That might be the direction a lot of teams may go with instead of retiring numbers. With free agency, Salary cap, injuries, etc there is not a good chance to see a player stick with a team there entire career. Maybe a franchise QB (Manning (Eli and Payton), Brady, etc.
If Chuck Norris said it then it must be true. Simply because everything that was ever said about Chuck Norris actually happened.
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Broncos asking for more from Miller
It's scary to think how much better he can be
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Namath: Jets wasted Smith pick
The Jets had distractions? (I am joking here people)
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Woodson pitches services to Detroit
Maybe the Jets? Provide some leadership and Superbowl winning attitude
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Garrett digging in against Jerry
And if Rex Ryan is let go, would not surprise me if the Jets make an offer to coach Geno Smith next year
Posted Friday May 17, 2013, About: Is EJ Manuel poised for success in Buffalo?
That is a good point.....
Posted Friday May 17, 2013, About: Is EJ Manuel poised for success in Buffalo?
I think he will be ok. His biggest concern should be Brady as long as he is still playing.

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