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Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Ronda Rousey says marijuana testing is invasion of privacy
Nobody fights while they're high, fool. At least not professionals. As an athlete and occasional smoker myself, I can tell you I'd never be stupid enough to fight on weed. Or play any sport, for that matter. It's performance diminishing, but you'd know that if you had a clue what you were talking about...
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Patriots have become the '90s Braves
Gee - I thought Brady 'made his wide receivers"?? Hilarious. Anybody who has done their research knows that is a myth. Moss and Welker have proven their worth without Brady - the rest have taken statistical drop playing for Brady. Example: Brandon Lloyd with Brady - 900 yds, 4 TDs. With Kyle Orton - 1448 yds, 11 TDs. And it doesn't stop there...
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Welker discipline coming at week's end
Me too... :)
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Welker discipline coming at week's end
Belichick's sour grapes. This is a non story. Why didn't the reporter ask him if he intended Edelman to injure DRC with the same play just before. Hypocrite, cry-baby. I'd be embarrassed to be a Pats fan anyway, but this is just pathetic.
Posted Thursday September 26, 2013, About: Favre's agent: 'He could play today'
Ha! Bring it on, Favre! I haven't seen a heartbreakingly bad interception to ice the game for the opposition in a while. Could use a good laugh...
Posted Thursday September 05, 2013, About: Can the Broncos rewrite NFL history?
Ahh - this guy's an expert because he 'lives in Denver'. Hilarious. Manning could break 5000 yards and 50 TDs this year with this trio and a hurry up offense. Stay away from posting stupid opinions and read more...
Posted Wednesday August 21, 2013, About: NFL wanted to dock Miller more games
"Between watching the Seahawks rough the Broncos up". Too funny. A Broncos fumble on the Sea Chicken's one yard line turns into a defensive TD and then a Sea Turkey's kick return for a TD. Otherwise it's Manning 14 - Wilson 13 with the starters. Throw in the injuries and the rest is 2nd team garbage time - in Seattle to boot. You'll probably still see the Broncos in the Super Bowl, but they won't be hosting the 'Chickens - pretty sure of that. Isn't this pre-season, too?
Posted Saturday August 03, 2013, About: Chip Kelly: Eagles aren't getting rid of Riley Cooper
Cooper is an idiot...But that doesn't change the fact that 'they' don't mind 'us' 'white crackers' buying their rap albums and chanting '**** this, **** that' whilst putting millions of dollars in their pockets. How about clean up your own backyard before complaining about your neighbor's. There are just as many racist blacks as there are whites - probably more...
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Jets toying with Smith in the Tebow role
I guess that means he really, really stinks. If Sanchez is starting and they use the word 'role' beside your name, you're as horrible a QB as Tebow was/is...
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Geno Smith takes 1st-team reps in Jets OTAs
Actually, the Jets O-line is one of the best in the league, actually. ProFootballFocus rated them #3 overall in 2012. Skill players? Yes, they are sorely lacking...
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: GSP expects Anderson Silva to lose his belt against Weidman
I'd pay to see Chael Sonnen slap Silva around for a third time...
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Dana White wants B.J. Penn to retire
He's the best eater in MMA, pound for pound...

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