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Posted Monday July 08, 2013, About: Dwight Howard asked Lakers to hire Phil Jackson
Kind of curious about his indecision. All day long we keep hearing "you will hear it here first on ESPN on where Dwight will go". Dwight says nothing, the Rockets say we haven't heard anything ("still keeping our fingers crossed")... Lakers say they haven't heard anything then comes the "Dwight is for sure a Rocket" from some unnamed source... then the 50/50 from yet another unnamed source.

I wonder if ESPN and others are stretching their sources and taking guesses based on circumstantial evidence (he's flying to LA, so he must be 50/50, can't be going there to say no to the Buss family in person)...

It is kind of like the Yahoo "unnamed source" who said that Belichick despises Tim Tebow. Then a week later he signs him.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Kevin Garnett expected to retire with Boston Celtics
It isn't about the players wanting to go play with him, but rather the Celtics and Clippers talking about a trade between players, picks, and a coach which broke the rules. Those two deals being tied together was a completely obvious attempt to circumvent the rules.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: James on 2014 'Decision': 'I don't know'
Yup, I think they tried that in year 1 (Big Z, drafting Pittman) and a bit last year. But this year with no decent options out there, instead of failing trying that they played small and got it to work for them. But still a guy like that would take a lot of pressure off of the rest. You can see they feel the same way with their checking out Greg Oden. Maybe they should talk to Denver about a trade. They have a couple 7 footers who can give you 20 minutes a game (Koufus and Mozgov) that they could grab. Maybe convince Denver to throw in Andre Miller if they need to make the numbers work on a player trade. I just want to see his old school throw the ball 3/4 of the court ahead to fast break, and throw alley oops every time down to be paired with Lebron and maybe a Wade with a healthy knee there though.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Driving force behind Doc deal
I liked Afflalo in Denver. Defense is his strongest skill, but he is a good transition guard offensively, can shoot well from deep, and make his free throws. I think he definitely struggled in Orlando where he was put in the position of trying to be the teams best offensive player. That isn't his suit, of course in LA, he wouldn't have to be that again.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Smith walking away from Knicks
Well he's always going to be a bit inconsistent. But from a Denver fan, it was nice seeing him finally play a little bit smarter this year. In Denver he always would look like he was just about to take that next step. And then he'd throw up 3 straight turnaround fadeaway three's, or try to get the 1 on 4 fast break going or reinvent the NBA with his "no pass" offense.

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