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Posted Wednesday October 12, 2011, About: Time to trade Cutler would be now
I think Chicago is pooched, did Lovie and Jerry sign extensions after last season? If thats the case no way will they fire either and be on the hook for there salaries. To cheap. When D Tackles are beating the QB to his spot, its not going to be a good year. The fact that Jay walked off the field under his own power is a statement in itself.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Bears tried to shelve Cutler for second half of NFC title game
You just tried to trade your starting QB, he was just in the pro bowl, ran the #2 offense in the league, is young, but in your brilliaqnt mind you think leaving a guy hanging in the wind to show the NFL whose boss is the best way to handle that? McDaniels screwed this up, not Jay, hell I'm a Denver fan, and was the most painful divorce I watched. The had three meetings between the time the intial rumor was confirmed, McD made a mess of the whole thing. If you are going to trade your starting QB, you better complete the job, no if ands or buts.

The expendable part is BS, if you run your team as no one is safe, I'll trade you at any time so don't get comfortable, is insane. Oh, how did that work for Mcd? Is that how the Rooney's run the Steelers? No they build from the draft, the get the most out of each player, and don't overpay when the second contract comes up. Not your trade bait, don't get comfortable. I guess it easy to slam other players teams when your in the SB, but the team philosophy you love doesn't treat players that way. Hey Troy P, we tried to trade you, didn't work out, will listen to any offer, so don't get comfortable. McD just wanted Cassel as he new the offense and it woud be a smoother transition on the new team. But since the trade happened, who got the better end of the deal? You say Denver got a kings ransom? Where are all those picks? McD swcrewed that up as well. I would take him back in heart beat.
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Bears tried to shelve Cutler for second half of NFC title game
The situation in Denver is more complicated then saying, Jay whined his way out of Denver. The offense I believe was #2 the last year he was there. He actually sat down with McD for 2 weeks before going back to Nashville for time off. McD decided to use back channels in NE to see if a trade was possible for Cassel. When questioned about it McD denied it, then a leak out of NE confirmed it. McD lied to Jay about his intentions, and apologized for it. When Jay asked for assurances McD wouldn't give any. That is when Jay asked to be traded. That wasn't the end of it, Jay was ready to travel back to Denver for training camp. This is when Bowlen stated he had tried to contact Jay, but Jay wouldn't return his calls. The trade happens. Then Bowlen comes out and states an apology on the return phone call from Jay, stating his illness effects his short term memeory. Whats all this mean? The bronco's framed the debate and the media after getting there clocks cleaned early on in the mess. Jays agent/lawyer(Farves agent) sucked at the media thing.. Jay ended up looking like a whinny baby who pouted his way out of Denver.

The responses from individuals about the NFC Champ Game reflects the media depiction of Jay prior, during , and after the game. The individuals who bought it hook line and sinker generally disliked Jay prior, and have run with it, even thought the facts once brought to light exonerated him. And thats fine, hate away, but be intelligent, state you hate him for his appearance and the way he acts. Don't try to frame it that he was quitter. Unless you are a flammer tring to get reactions, icontinue on, it reflects your own ignorance.

Let this SOB die, you look foolish for repeating a biased media assertions that were wrong.

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