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Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: Redskins mull PUP for RGIII
There's no reason to even dress Griffin at any point in the preseason. As a season ticket holder, I'd be pretty ticked to see him take the field at any point. If he wants to do jumping jacks for the fans while the full-priced scrimmage is going on, so be it. But don't put him in harm's way until it's worth something.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: St. Louis Rams bring back Will Witherspoon
Say what you want about the Rams - their defense was legit last year. They can already stop the pass (which is huge in today's league), and now they're beefin' up in the front 7. If the OL can protect Bradford, and they can get something out of their running game, they're gonna surprise a lot of people.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: McCarron implies he can't be Manziel
McCarron just seems to be incredibly level-headed, and the type of kid you want as a leader for your team. Manziel is the exact opposite. He's got all the talent in the world, but is dumber than the dirt he plays on and either gets bad advice from people around him, or won't listen to good advice. Here's to hoping something or someone brings him back down to Earth soon.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: Peter Dawson defends gender inequality at British Open
What's so wrong with a "men's club" or a "golf club for men"? Hey ladies, feel free to do the same thing at any time, I doubt dudes will care.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: Dallas Cowboys plan to sign Demetress Bell
Funny that JJ can't remember that when the Cowboys were great, their O-Line was insanely great. Picking up bums from teams with their own OL concerns is NOT gonna get them back to where they once were. That, and their secondary is still a mess.
Posted Saturday July 20, 2013, About: Dallas Cowboys plan to sign Demetress Bell
Just had to throw that Karl Malone bit in there... Funny how they don't share the same last name - just a trademark of the black athlete I guess.
Posted Wednesday July 17, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel compared to Sharknado
Why can't the kid just shut up and play football? He's got something stupid to say about every little thing, you see him running around doing all types of nonsense - but then when it's time to do something football-related (like the camp this past week) he can't hang. I can't wait to see him flop on his face.

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