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Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: The Cowboys will win the NFC East easily
No, they won't. But that doesn't mean they won't win it.

Hell, at this point, the Eagles winning the East in 2013 wouldn't surprise me. That division is like a pack of wild dogs fighting over a chunk of meat.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: 2013 PRESEASON PREDICTIONS ; AFC EAST
Wallace is a wildcard, absolutely no way to know what he's going to be able to do this year. I'm actually more comfortable with Dustin Keller at this point. If Wallace is more 2009-2010, then look out.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: Chicago Bears Preseason 2013. How far can these BEARS go?
One of a handful of teams I am truly curious about this year. Trestman's twist on the offense is going to be intriguing to see play out...they may not have all the tools they need to make it work, but with a little overwhelming play from some of the secondary options in the passing games...who knows? More important question is how the offensive line is going to hold up...and who is going to fill Urlacher's shoes? Might not have been the same All-Pro player, but his experience and field vision can't just be found on the street or from Denver castoffs.

These Bears have playoff potential, and I would rank that potential higher than Minnesota's despite last year's results. But you're going to have to pull something out of your backsides if you're going to unseat the conference's best once the postseason rolls around. The bears are one fantastic year from Jay Cutler away from being one of those teams, though.

Like I said, very curious.
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: Top Ten Teams
I'm actually thinking this will be the Jaguars, but you've got as good a shot as I do at being right.
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: 2013 PRESEASON PREDICTIONS ; AFC EAST
Extremely hesitant on thinking Miami will make it past New England, despite all the conflict the Pats have faced this offseason.

However, I do believe they're the only team currently that has the potential to overtake them. Miami is about 90% potential though, and as a lifelong Fins fan, I am extremely anxious for the season to start just to see what all our new pieces bring to the table.

Truly not trying to **** myself or anything, just ironic that I recently wrote up some power rankings for the AFC East. Feel free to check 'em out here:
Posted Saturday July 27, 2013, About: Top Ten Teams

1) Ravens (Until somebody proves otherwise, which I do expect to happen)
2) 49ers
3) Broncos
4) Falcons
5) Seahawks
6) Patriots
7) Texans
8) Packers
9) Bengals
10) Dolphins (homer)
Posted Saturday July 27, 2013, About: All bronco roster
I've seen better trolling, but this still deserves a pat on the back.
I'd give it to Harvin at this point. I think the 49ers have a little more in the way of skill position talent beyond Crabtree. The 'Hawks paid Harvin a great deal of money not just because he was worth (some, most, all) of it, but because they need him to be a primary threat in the passing game.

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