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Posted Saturday May 07, 2011, About: Report: Cardinals ask Broncos about Orton
I like the idea of the Cardinals acquiring Kyle Orton. A lot of people don't like Orton (especially the guy who preferred Marc Bulger), but he's a capable QB who has proven that he can move the ball down field. Orton is a huge improvement over their current QB's.
Posted Thursday March 17, 2011, About: Vikings haven't heard from Favre
One thing that would help a great deal would be avoiding it. You and alot of other people on here claim to loathe Favre, complain about his coverage, yet...can't stop discussing him. If you want this Favre thing to go away, all of you Favre haters need to stop clicking on his stories and flooding each one with comments. Look at this one, how many comments are positive? Not very many. It's the haters who keep this thing alive.

It's simple, a high number of people reading and a high number of comments make a topic more appealing to websites. If you just let it go, it would eventually go away. This won't happen. Because everyone wants to talk at length about how tired they are of talking about Favre. They remind everyone on EVERY SINGLE Favre post how tired they are. Point the finger at you the next time you want to complain about Favre's coverage.
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Source: Vikings considered trading for Orton
Haha, BrInt! That's hilarious. Did you see what he did? He took his real name "Brett", and changed it to "BrInt" to demean him. It's a really clever play on words. Dude, you're smart. Super smart. How do you walk around with that giant brain of yours?

Favre will be voted out if he returns? It's obvious that you don't understand football. At all. "Just sayin"...
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Source: Vikings considered trading for Orton
I think bringing in Kyle Orton would be a great move for Minnesota. He's a capable starter that can hand off to Adrian Peterson for the majority of the time, and has enough playmaking ability to eek the team by. I like the move and I'm a little disappointed that Minnesota backed off.
Posted Friday February 11, 2011, About: Popular Smith discussed trade with Panthers
Between 2005-2009, Steve Smith racked up over 6,100 yards and 40 TD receptions. Not exactly a guy who "never did anything". Are those numbers otherworldly? No, but they're pretty damn good. You shouldn't discount a guy's career because he hasn't been scoring you fantasy points lately. Keep things in perspective.

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