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Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: LeBron irked by DPOY snub
The arrogance that spews out of this guy is amazing. Has he ever heard of Ervin Johnson? "I don't' know if there is one player in NBA HISTORY who's guarded the 1-5". Very humble.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: NFL's Rex Ryan blasts O's over opener
Exactly, i can't wait for this guy to get fired this year so he can go back to being an assistant coach like he is.
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Tim Tebow ... scapegoat
Rob Parker, Skip Bayless, and Merril Hoge all need to thank Tebow for making their names known to everyone. Without Tebow these guys are nothing.
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Tim Tebow ... scapegoat
I like how the headline reads as a question. The truth about Tim Tebow saga? Kind of like, I'm Ron Burgandy?
Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: LaRoche about to enter bidding war
Think about what you just said, that's 10 MILLION DOLLARS!! Even for a highly paid athlete that is a lot of jack. I know as fans we see these huge numbers and kind of go numb to how big they are but 10 mil is still a ton of money to anyone. It's not like the Nats went all out last year to win it all with him, Strasburg. That may send me packing alone.
Posted Wednesday October 17, 2012, About: Two Cards stars could return for World Series
Number 1 is all you needed, this series has a long way to go yet. Puma is done and Westbrook couldn't go more than 5 even if he did come back. He would be a decent safety net should a starter struggle early but who do you take off the roster for these two highly questionable players at this point?
Posted Friday July 20, 2012, About: Braves have Public Enemy No. 1
Funny how Chipper runs his mouth about Melky's actions not being forgotten then he doesn't play that day. Guys are pretty brave in the media when they know that they won't get hit themselves.
Posted Sunday April 29, 2012, About: Brown cleaning house at SMU
Who the falk cares? Brown and SMU are as irrelevant as Isaiah and FIU. This is nothing more than an old washed up coach that is board at home trying to get back in the game somehow. If he was still a good coach don't you think he would get his hands on a real program, not one that no one even knew existed? Erik Dickerson didn't even know that SMU had a hoops team.
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Revis puts holdout on the table
Let him get the Vinny Jackson treatment. Let him sit out as long as he wants and just burn up his money that he would've earned when he signed last time. This guy is slimy to say the least.
Posted Tuesday January 17, 2012, About: Moyer's comeback may happen in the Rockies
I'm sorry but a guy who pitches to contact won't fare well in a huge ballpark like Coors Field. There will guys on base all day and we all know how he likes to give up the gopher ball. His ERA will 6.00 before they run him out of Denver. Good story but it won't end well in Colorado. He needs to look elsewhere.
Posted Friday January 13, 2012, About: Sparano may scale back playbook for Sanchez
Sparano's play book already went from 3 pages to 2 after the wildcat formation went away. I guess it will be run left, run right, run middle, punt for the Jets now.
Posted Friday January 13, 2012, About: Rasheed serious about NBA return this season
Why tip toe around it, you know they want to just come out and say he is joining the Heat or Clippers.
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Yankees can't find a taker for Burnett
And then bought the Dodgers
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Yankees can't find a taker for Burnett
File this article under No Sheet. The Giants can't believe that they can't move Zito either.
Posted Wednesday December 21, 2011, About: Ochocinco breaks media silence
Doesn't take much for guys like Johnson to start running their mouths again. A simple touchdown and he is willing and ready to begin spewing nonsense all over the Boston area.
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Warriors eye adding Paul and Chandler?
Whole new ownership group and front office. Warriors cleaned house to start over. I think it is a smart move for them to distance themselves from that Nelson era. The Warriors have a strong fan base, if they start to put a winner out there then that home court will be a tough place to play. The fans want a fresh start and the Warriors appear to headed in the right direction.
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Warriors eye adding Paul and Chandler?
Nope... still not funny. Try another 3000 of the one liners, i'm sure they will get better.
Posted Wednesday November 30, 2011, About: McFadden at practice, Campbell throwing
Sorry, this is the quote i was looking for.
Posted Wednesday November 30, 2011, About: McFadden at practice, Campbell throwing
No and No. Campbell is not an upgrade over either guy. He needs to go to a team like the Jaguars who can have Gabbart play behind him so he can learn how to play in this league. As of right now Gabbart looks like a bad pick but you put him behind a vet who knows how to do it the right way maybe he can learn and start to progress. I know it is too early to call Gabbart a bad pick but he looks rough to say the least. He makes Ponder look good.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Daye eager to come home from Russia
2000 one line comment that end in Bro. Hilarious. Scadals ending in "Gate" think you've worn your schtick out.
Posted Thursday November 10, 2011, About: The NFL's most overrated player
Oh, I didn't realize I was responding to one of these guys. Someone comes back against what they say and they go straight for you are a loser. Nice, clever work Black Boned

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