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Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Marshawn Lynch wanted to play QB at Cal
I guess you haven't been following the weather in most other parts of the country where it has been very cold this winter. But believe whatever you want.
Posted Thursday January 02, 2014, About: Bridgewater headed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation
Wow, what a bunch of nonsense. You have no clue how NFL contracts work or why a player might need an agent. Also, agents don't pretend to be financial planners so your argument that agents aren't businessmen is just plain stupid.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: Lovie taking Tedford with him to Tampa
Get ready for horrible offensive play, stubbornness, inability to adjust in game, and smug press conferences when anyone dare question the great defensive coordinator...I mean head coach Lovie Smith.
Posted Saturday December 21, 2013, About: Report: Rays interested in Grant Balfour
Sue on what grounds? The deal was contingent on passing their physical. Unless you are implying the Orioles somehow acted in bad faith by expressing 'concern' over the results of the physical they nor MLB has done anything wrong.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Cubs ready to deal soon
Do you mean was barren? All they have done the last several years is improve the farm system. Of course they don't have much to show for it yet...
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Where will Gavin Floyd land?
Looks like the type of player the wannabe small market cubs would target.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Report: Derrick Rose worried Bulls will choose to rebuild
Well the team didn't want to pay him 20 million a year to not play so maybe he should keep quiet and show some appreciation. I assume it is lost on him that his inability to stay on the court is one major reason for a potential rebuild.
Posted Thursday December 05, 2013, About: Epstein mulls dealing Samardzija
Posted Saturday November 30, 2013, About: GM: Rockets' asking price for Omer Asik is 'delusional'
Top 5? Hilarious.
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Report: Scott Boras, Shin-Soo Choo want more than $126M

Sorry, last time
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Report: Scott Boras, Shin-Soo Choo want more than $126M
*one ower
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Report: Scott Boras, Shin-Soo Choo want more than $126M
Blame the owners not Boras. Boras is very good at what he does. All it takes is own owner to bad a bad decision, but even with the extra money this offseason it's hard to see a team overpaying Choo that much.
Posted Saturday November 09, 2013, About: New home for Martin?
I would want nothing to do with this guy. He is the victim in this situation. But that doesn't change the fact that he has a very questionable mental make up.
Posted Saturday November 09, 2013, About: Santana wants north of $100M
I could obviously be wrong, but I don't see him getting 100 million. But if mediocre pitchers like Edwin Jackson get 50+ million I can't say I'll be surprised if he did nor do I blame him for trying.
Posted Saturday November 09, 2013, About: Santana wants north of $100M
This is America. The market should determine the size and structure of salaries. Plus, you are ignoring the fact that professional athletes would be extremely selfish if their stats directly determined their salary. Could you imagine a basketball game? It would be ridiculous.
Posted Saturday November 09, 2013, About: Loss left Mariota sobbing in father's arms
Very embarrassing
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Agent's gift has Cano in hot water
Permission is required from the union for agents to give gifts to players above $500. This is to encourage players pick agents based on merit.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Snag in Cubs' manager search, Samardzija a goner
The only thing 'reliable' about Samardzija is his inconsistency. He's also about to get more expensive because he is arbitration eligible and has turned down contract extension offers.
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: Golson will practice upon return
whaaa, whaaa
Posted Friday October 25, 2013, About: Former MVP not only back, he's better
Preseason doesn't mean much. He needs to show he can shoot consistently in the regular season before drawing any conclusions. And although Rose is a great player, I'd take Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook over him right now. Happy Rose is back and I hope he stays healthy.
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Rays' payroll problem more vexing than most
Very well said.

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