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Posted Sunday January 26, 2014, About: LeBron James leaning toward 2015 free agency?
I think he will try free agency, but still he will sign with the Heat that's because of his friend Wade.
Posted Sunday January 26, 2014, About: Report: Carmelo Anthony leaning toward Bulls
If Melo will choose between Lakers and Bulls, i think he will choose Bulls.
Because Bulls has Derrick Rose, young roster, and a very good coach. He can compete there in the future.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Rose returning to practice?
Copycat of last season.
Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Report: Carmelo Anthony-Blake Griffin trade discussed
This is a tought one.
If this trade happens, I think Clippers has a little edge over the Knicks.
Because Melo is a great scorer. He and Paul is an option, especially during crucial moment.
Melo is older than Griffin, even he lacks on defense, but he is better than Griffin.
Doc Rivers can teach him to do defense.
Posted Friday December 20, 2013, About: LeBron 'nowhere near 100 percent'
This is not a story.
Normal on basketball.
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Bryant's return courts chaos
I think D'Antoni will start again on the beginning, which make them worst.
Posted Thursday November 28, 2013, About: Mavs will target Bosh
Chris Bosh future on Heat still hang as of now.
If they win another title this year, I think bosh stay on Heat.
If they not, Bosh can leave Heat for another team or Heat will not sign him to cleare some money
Posted Tuesday November 26, 2013, About: Rose injury accelerates Deng's departure
This is another frustrating season for me as a Bulls fan.
Another wasted opportunity to regain the championship.

I'm starting to move Bobcats as my favorite team. (because of MJ)
Posted Monday November 25, 2013, About: Derrick Rose to have surgery on Monday
You're right.
I'm a Bulls fan because of MJ, and still i love Bulls since he retired.
When D-Rose came to Bulls on 2008 and won MVP on 2011, I was very happy because Bulls can compete or even regain the championship under him.
But now, having 2 injuries on both legs on back to back season, I'm somewhat angry and seems hopeless for another title.

Hope Kemba Walker develop fastly and not been injured in the future like D-Rose have.
I like MJ wins another title, but this time as an owner
Stats are good, but when you don't win championship(s) stats are just a normal record.
Win championship first, then good stats are more recognized.
That's the reality.
Posted Saturday November 16, 2013, About: Why Knicks may ultimately deal Iman Shumpert
Shumpert to Asik, but i think this will not materialize
Posted Friday November 15, 2013, About: Asik wants out
I think Asik should calm down and make work on his team.
Appreciate and make efforts on his task given by the coach.

If his attitude remains as written; teams, management, fans or even players think that he is very demanding and thinking only himself, not the team success
Posted Friday November 15, 2013, About: 'Melo 'just not about winning'
Melo is a superstar. No doubt on that.
But he needs a consistent back-up in order to compete to playoffs.
If he alone, Knicks will be eliminated in 1st round perhaps.

I think Faried is a nice contribution for them.
Posted Thursday November 14, 2013, About: Desperation time for Brooklyn
It's too early to panic.
Kidd should step-up and make the chemistry.
He's a great point guard, so i expect that good ball movement is priority.
That will make them deadly despite of age, like Spurs.
Posted Thursday November 14, 2013, About: Age finally catching up to Duncan
It's too early to predict that he's age is a factor.
Maybe more rest or lower his minutes can help.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Deng's Chicago wish may not come true
The Bulls are legitimate to dethrown the Heat if they have good ball movement.
They must move the ball often times to an open man to score. Isolation plays are ok, but not so often.
You can't beat the Heat on isolation. You can beat them on good ball movement like the 2011 Mavs and last season Suprs. Both are underdogs.
The only reason why Spurs lost because of miss free throws, but overall the Spurs dictate the series.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Al Jefferson to Chicago?
If they play together healthy, they're incredible.
Like the 2011 and 2012 regular season that they own the Heat .
(3-0 and 2-2)
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Al Jefferson to Chicago?
I think they can because all starting 5 of Bulls haven't play together healthy.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Deng's Chicago wish may not come true
If he want to stay as a Bulls, he must lower his price because Bulls are spending so much money next season
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Knicks owner on a rampage
He shall be silent and think what to do on his Knicks.
It not over yet for them.
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Al Jefferson to Chicago?
They can beat the Heat if Noah's healthy and this Bulls 2013-14 roster.
This is a very tough season for Heat because Pacers, Bulls and Nets can beat then in the playoffs.
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