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Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: Royce, Rockets drama hits another hurdle
Having read most of the postings that Royce has put out, I get this feeling that there is more going on than anxiety issues . I realize that he has mental health issues and the Rockets were aware of these when they drafted him , but this is a business and they can not be responsible for all his health care . Maybe Royce should ask to be released from his contract and go home and work on his health . But I get this feeling that he wants his $ , does not want to play in the Developmental League but wants to the Rockets to be happy with this situation because he has "anxiety issues"
I cannot see this ending happily as he is a rookie and has not played and there are a ton of players looking for jobs , that may be less talented but do not come with so much baggage
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Clemens could pitch in the bigs by September
You almost have to pity the guy as he can not seem to live outside the spotlight . When Magic was forced to retire , he went on to have a very successful career in business , Roger it seems , can only exist on the field . Any team that signs him will get the sideshow and at age 50 , how long can he pitch at the Major League level ?
Posted Sunday April 01, 2012, About: Bynum tuning out Lakers coach?

Please ask the Lakers to get rid of this head case > someone maybe with less talent but with more of a work ethic and team spirit would be a great improvement!!!
Posted Thursday January 12, 2012, About: 'Lazy' Sanchez ripped again, teammates want Manning
The most hard working player on a team HAS to be the QB as he has the greatest responsibilities and when it has come to light that Sanchez is lazy , you can not fix lazy . A QB coach can help with the mechanics of the pass or reading the defence but when the "student" is unwilling to work hard to learn these things , the effort is doomed . You watch , Sanchez will start moving from team to team for the $ , but never achieve any greatness
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: Teammate: Holmes quit on the Jets
When a team that seemed to have as much promise as this one had and they "crash and burn" like the Jets did , you need to rebuild and you reuild on character !!! Santonio is a cancer and no matter how talented he is , his utter disregard for his team and teammates must be dealt with and he nust be released immediately !!
Posted Wednesday December 28, 2011, About: Gruden to join Bolts' Smith in St. Louis?
i have not watched MNF since Gruden has been on it and if I check the score , it is with the sound muted . I find him the biggest windbag of really useless information . Color commentators are there to educate not annoy!! Too bad for the team that hires him , good for the viewing audience
Posted Friday December 16, 2011, About: Brees breaks off contract talks with Saints
This is unsightly for the Saints > pay the man as he is the face of the franchise . Then get on with winning another Superbowl!!
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Few suitors for Pujols, Fielder
Thank you , Lord ! Owners complain about the cost of contracts but they keep giving them to deserving but so more often , less deserving "stars" and then the owners are left the remnants of a team blown apart by the inability to pay for the other players needed to win
Posted Saturday December 03, 2011, About: Viewers tuning out Don Cherry?
There is a new type of hockey but the rants on Coach's Corner are from another era . HNIC has to rejig this show with hew personel to make it more relevant because when they section comes on , I go do the cleanup after supper , etc
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Brewers have no plans to pitch offer Prince
A guy that big will break down physically quicker than lighter guys > buyers beware !!
Posted Sunday November 13, 2011, About: Why Eagles have benched Jackson
And his dance card was so full that he could not attend a team meeting just before a game ???
Posted Saturday April 02, 2011, About: Sources: Cowboys fear worst for Dez Bryant
It is not because of his rough upbringing but the people that enabled his bad behaviour as soon as he showed athletic prowess . Dallas is at fault for not drafting with how the athlete acts in high school and college . Dez either starts to fly right or he will quickly be replaced or traded and he will be another lost cause
Posted Wednesday December 08, 2010, About: Hulsizer: Coyotes 'not a home run' investment
The NHL will never become the 4th sport in the USA if it has teams that are in areas that are not "natural" fits . Every northern city that wants a franchise should be awarded one and let the rivalry develop instead of the way it is now. Some uber-rich man wants a team but cannot afford NFL or NBA so goes for a hockey team and the disaster starts .

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