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Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Pats likely to sign Abraham
We're Belicek and Parcells still with the Jets when they drafted Abraham?
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Game of Thrones author wants Jets GM fired
i wish i could edit these thing, i meant Theon and "bring back Kotite."
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Game of Thrones author wants Jets GM fired
Right? I love the books and think he was brave and brilliant to kill off the characters he did BUT he's wrong wrong wrong about the Jets.

And really, could Theo be that bad? I don't think so. He was loyal to Ned so it's all b.s. The show made him finally realize that Ned was his "real" father but not the books, that wasn't Martin, that was HBO so again.... ef him.
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Game of Thrones author wants Jets GM fired
Yeah well i'm not very happy with his killing off some of the best characters so early and making me wait and wait and wait for the fifth book so ef him.

The Jets did the right thing, they have to get more players and by the time they can rebuild, Revis would've been gone anyway. Martin's wrong, Idzik is cleaning up Tannenbaum's mess.

Next he'll be calling to bring Kotite.

I say bring back Rob and Ned Stark ya dillweed.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Shurmur hints at McCoy's fate
As a long time.NY JETS fan, id like to see him come play for the Jets instead of Tebow OR Sanchez. Not that it woud solve the reciever or O-line problems but he"s got way more upside than either Mr. Religion or Mr. Acne.

I am one of the few who agree with Boomer, cut Tebow. Not just for the good of the Jets but for his own good.

I don't see how his already iffy career isn't ended by playing on a team with no protection and no go to reciever and now Keller is hurt! He better be a damnable good running back cause he os going to be running for his life out there.
Posted Monday July 02, 2012, About: How NFL hopes to slow declining attendance
I am one of the most rabid fans but just the cost of parking alone makes it silly for me to go to Ford Field when i can get NFL ticket and watch every Jets or Giants game i want (origanaly i am from the Bronx)

Although i do expect The Lions to be pretty exciting this year and there is always the people mover that can save me the cost of psrking near the game. The Red Wings are a much better sports experience for the money here in Michigan.

I think the year the only games i will see are U of M in Ann Arbor. I love that place.
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: QB controversy could devour Sanchez
Sanchez went to the championship game in his first two seasons. Haters hate. Players play. Fans have verbal diarrhea.
Posted Saturday October 29, 2011, About: Jacobs can't wait to get out of New York
Simms? No way.
Phil was so under-rated.

He'd have more rings if it wasn't for what that idiot Ray Handley.

The problem with the Giants is that they no longer have coke fiends for Outside Linebacker.
Posted Sunday July 10, 2011, About: Ronde Barber: Tiki unlikely to join Bucs
if he's got anything left, he's going to be wanted by lots of teams. He had a really good last few years and at this point if he opens his mouth, he'll be gone. He will no longer have the star status to get away with his B.S. IF he shuts up and plays, and has talent left, which he very may well, he's gonna be signed quickly.
Posted Friday May 13, 2011, About: Tired of INTs, Brady froze out Moss
awesome. drive his price down, we'll take him!
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: Panthers owner mocks Manning, Brees
Poor Peyton, stuck between a rock and a hard place. He's one of the "special" ones who will never need to fight for the right to be paid fairly. He has no need for the union. But he HAS to support it because those blue collar players protect his butt.

Richardson is sort of right, what do QB's know about the safety of the other players? They have so many special rules to protect them, they're not like the other players. Sure, they risk their butts and get hurt badly too, but there game is different, they don't have the same needs or even the same rules!
Posted Tuesday September 07, 2010, About: Mangold wants a car from Revis
Why am i looking at a picture of Jason Taylor next to a story about Revis and Mangold?
Posted Friday August 13, 2010, About: 'Hard Knocks' offers Jets forum for sending messages
Thank you. It's tiring to see these jokes. Fat jokes are way too easy, not really funny and a person has to be really empty of anything worthwhile to say in order to resort to a cheap, easy joke that's not very funny.
Posted Thursday August 12, 2010, About: 'Hard Knocks' offers Jets forum for sending messages
Al Davis is the problem here not Rex Ryan. Come on. the Jets agree Reevis is the best and deserves the most but Davis is insane and throws money around that no one else in their right mind can match.
Posted Thursday August 12, 2010, About: 'Hard Knocks' offers Jets forum for sending messages
That's all i could think while watching last night, this is a message to Reevis. HBO is being used lol. I love it. Rex was careful to say how good he was but also imply he's not needed. It was perfect posturing.

I don't think Reevis is ever going to play for the Jets again. Man, I hope i'm wrong!

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