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Posted Saturday April 12, 2014, About: Will the KHL tempt Ovi?
never said he wasnt a premier goal scorer.... he could be the best goal scorer in the league, though ill take stamkos over ovie seven days a week..... problem is that the rest of his game is extremely lacking and the TEAM suffers for it.... goals are personal achievements... great ovie got 50 but washington is going golfing rather then a chance to play for the cup.... Team success is far more important.
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Will the KHL tempt Ovi?
If dale hunter didn't prove that Washington is better off without ovie then no one can prove it... the best playoffs Washington has had in a while was when ovie spent the majority of the game riding the pine. He has 50 goals but how many on the powerplay... 20 at least id guess.... so 30 regular strength goals and hes a -36.... that's more then 2 goals against for every 1 he scores.... no team can win like that.... If Brouwer and Ward can score 25 and still have respectable +/- with the same D behind them as ovie whos the problem???? All talent, no heart, no grit, me first attitude.
Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Why Montreal's win was a 'gong show'
ill assume you didnt watch the game.... cause if you did you wouldnt make your comment.... when the head ref goes to the sens room after the game and says he didnt blow the play dead on either of the last two goals because the arena was too loud and he thought no one would be able to hear the whistle theres a huge problem.... theres a game recap somewhere on cnnsi with the exact comments...... as a sens fan but more so as a hockey fan i have a huge problem with that ref and his "excuse".....
Posted Saturday March 15, 2014, About: Oilers through with Yakupov
Problem with that is that edmonton is the example of what can happen when you trade away your franchise defenseman who is also without doubt the leader of your club.
Posted Friday January 31, 2014, About: Too much talent in Ottawa?
Spezza isnt going anywhere. He might be maddening at times but hes still easily the sens most talented forward. Hes been playing on a line with michalek (who he been absolutely horrible and id love to see traded) and about ten other players. Hard to develop chemistry with a different winger every night and to make things happen when the one guy that you do have some chemistry with couldnt put the puck in an empty net on a penalty shot.
Posted Friday January 31, 2014, About: Too much talent in Ottawa?
Even as a sens fan i shake my head at this.... first off there is never TOO much talent... and secondly and probably most importantly is that the talent he talks of is not blue chip talent, yes the sens have lots of mid level talent but that realistically is called depth. The goal is to turn some of that depth, which the sens do have, into some more blue chip talent.
Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Bobby Ryan wants no part of Team USA apology
I don't blame Ryan for not wanting any part of Poiles apology. Let Burke give an apology for his big mouth, its not like that windbag has ever stopped himself from talking to the press so why start now.
Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Bobby Ryan wants no part of Team USA apology
one of the highest scoring americans this season with a +9 rating on a team with a lot of minus ratings. most would say hes proved his worth. with team usa looking to possibly be light on offense compared to other countries that are loading up with talent up front. All Burke had to say was that Ryans game didn't fit the position the team had left to fill not go on a rant that sounded a lot more personal then it did sound of criticism.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: Rangers GM desperate to deal
The rumor is that the rags are looking for some grit and for once Ottawa actually has lots of that, chris neil is the talked about person but I cant see that but zack smith or a cory conacher type of player that still has lots of career left I could see.
Posted Monday December 02, 2013, About: Cherry pleading for his job
they're losing money because its free for everyone to watch..... if your not using a paid provider after rogers takes over you won't be watching hockey anymore. if the cbc charged like rogers does and most certainly will the cbc would have made money hand over fist
Posted Thursday November 14, 2013, About: Rask pokes fun at NHL's OT efforts
Heroic or not during the actual game against the bruins, the fact is that he has more points then any bruin says that he isn't invisible very often.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Gonchar receives offers from KHL
He had a very good year for the sens especially with karlssons abscence... but theres no way hes getting a top dollar offer.... id love to see a "bonus" based contract for him.
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Babcock's best job ever?
You seem to forget that mtl had first change and threw out their "toughest" guys... all maclean did was put out his 4th line, which he had done all series... and if white doesnt give smith that ridiculous 2 hander across the ankles no fights start... so real who put out the goons to start something???
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Sens' OT hero had fiberglass shards removed from face
go look at how many times malkin turns his back when he knows a player is coming to hit him and drops like a sack of potatoes when the player hits him... ive seen him do it twice (neil and greening) and several times in the isles series... shielding the puck is one thing, and id give him credit if he stayed close to the boards took the hit to make a play and stayed on his feet. But he stays 3 feet from the boards takes contact and goes down and gets up with a smile... if you dont want to call that diving then fine but thats what i call it... Your far from being a pens fan but very much a habs fan if i recall so ill chalk up your statement to sour grapes.
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Sens' OT hero had fiberglass shards removed from face
malkin dives more then an olympic swimmer and your saying another player should stop diving??? seriously......... karlsson gets 2 for a dive but cooke gets nothing for trying to do dental work on karlsson??? shows how skewed the reffing was last night..... calls can be missed but that was a complete no brainer...
Posted Saturday May 18, 2013, About: Brad Richards demoted to Rangers' fourth line
Is Richards the new Scott Gomez???
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Sens-Pens dredges up fresh wound
All comes down to if Anderson can steal the series. If he can frustrate the pens and they start taking some penalties then the Sens can take the series, but if the Pens can get the first goal in the games and make the sens open their game up then i dont see things going well for Ottawa. Im still gonna say Sens in 6 cause Anderson hasn't let the sens down yet.
Posted Thursday May 09, 2013, About: Carey Price out for remainder of first-round
A full lineup doesn't matter when the other team and its goalie are in every player and coach's head, series was over the second that happened. Had the habs worried more about what they needed to do to win the games and less time complaining about what happened in previous games they would have been in this series....
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Will Bylsma bench Fleury?
Dont worry DWI i send a weekly email to Murray and Shero, difference is.... Murray
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Will Bylsma bench Fleury?
I know your not being mean DWI. I was a pens fan up to the day lemieux retired but still cheer for them, after the sens of course so im not a pens basher. Just looking at some of the obvious selling teams im seeing O'brien from colorado, Sarich out of calgary has always been a d first player and would have been very cheap, maybe Gleason from carolina, and the move that shero really should have made was for regehr which is exactly what the kings did. I, like you obviously dont know who was available or the cap consequences. The players didnt have to be big name guys just players willing to play the shut down roll and have some experience at doing so. If you had your choice of Jokinen and Morrow on offense or Regehr standing infront of MAF whos been shaky at best what would you prefer? If shero can turn goglioski into neal he could have found something..... seemed like he just wanted to make the big splash.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Will Bylsma bench Fleury?
Problem is that all that leadership is on offense, the pens dont need leadership, the majority of this team was around the last time they won the cup so they know what it takes to win the cup... what they need is some defensively minded players to stop the other team....
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