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Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Cowboys work out Mike Kafka
Franz's little brother.
Posted Sunday December 29, 2013, About: Browns challenge Barkevious Mingo's offseason work
"Horton has challenged Mingo to work harder in the off-season." I wonder if any other coaches will pick up on this ground breaking coaching strategy?
Posted Sunday December 29, 2013, About: Danny White: Cowboys better off Sunday with Kyle Orton
JJ should have had Garrett suit up as the 3rd qb. It???s not like Garrett will be busy calling plays.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: USC to pursue Orgeron again
3 conference wins in three years would average out to 1 conference win per year. Thank you, Thank you, I'll be here all week.
Posted Monday August 19, 2013, About: Suh ready to line up Brady
Best post of the day!!
Posted Sunday August 18, 2013, About: Owner: 76ers aren't moving to Newark
Doesn't everybody want to move to Newark?
Posted Monday July 01, 2013, About: Schiano calls out Bowers
Si what did Schiano expect the guy to do, play one one leg?
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Maryland OL ruled ineligible over academics
With some of these athletes, no amount of getting in their **** makes any difference. I see kids every year at the school where I teach that simply refuse to do what they need to do and no amount of nagging or pressure from anyone makes any difference.

Three years ago, there was a kid at my school being recruited as a running back by several schools. Two school's recruiters told him and our coaching staff that if he made C's across the board his last semester, he had a scholarship. What did he do? He failed four classes including US History taught by the head football coach.

Teachers, coaches and counselors have a lot more kids to worry about than some lazy, entitled athlete that wants to throw away a chance at a scholarship. Do you really think Gray's coaches and counselors didn't stay on his back about his grades? Ultimately Gray made the decision to not do what he needed to do. That make sense??
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: Maryland OL ruled ineligible over academics
His coaches and counselors are to blame for his poor academic performance? Inflate his grades, change his grades or pay someone to take the SAT for him? Exactly what were they supposed to do?
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: Redskins accidentally use fake chief to defend name
How is it now racist?
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Orlando City SC looking to bring Kaka to MLS
Why would someone name their kid a slang term for feces?
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Joe Theismann defends Redskins name
How does that make him a hypocrite? Did he say the original way of saying his name was offensive? Him changing the pronunciation of his name and saying he thinks the name Redskins is ok are not in anyway related to each other.
Posted Sunday June 23, 2013, About: Don Shula advises son on coaching Cam Newton
If Mike Shula didn't already know those things, he shouldn't be coaching rec league football.
Posted Wednesday June 19, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel called the "Kardashian" of college football
Any sports writer that refers to Manziel as Johnny Football should be fired and never allowed to write again.

"I guess that means he also dates black men?" post of the day!!
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Te'o making friends and influencing people
Which time?
Posted Saturday June 01, 2013, About: QB Phillip Sims no longer enrolled at Virginia
Maybe Rocco made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Could Dr. Dre help USC recruiting?
There should be lots of courses in that new program to keep football players eligible for a couple more semesters.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Is Ndamukong Suh the most overrated player in the NFL?
To be overrated, people must first think you are great. Few people thought Tebow or Sanchez were all thar great. Suh was heralded as an All Pro from day one.
Posted Sunday May 05, 2013, About: Terrell Owens makes professional bowling debut
and after he got done, he layed in the driveway of the bowling alley.
Posted Saturday May 04, 2013, About: Denard Robinson embracing "Slash" role with Jaguars
Too bad OJ Simpson is in jail, he could play the slash role better than anyone.
Posted Thursday May 02, 2013, About: Nate Kaeding says he will retire from the NFL
A store about Nate Kaeding with a picture of Steve Mitchell. Eveything's normal at Fan Nation.
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