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Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: My First Throwdown: Are you down with JPP?
LMAO!!!!!!!!!! best post of the day!!!
If they would have let the Four Horsemen in the Olympics, we would have all been the greatest of all time since the Horsemen always won the gold! WWWOOOOOOO!!!

I don't think anyone can determine who is really the GOAT as sports are all different. One can make a list of the possible greatest and saying Phelps is not on that list makes me think someone spent too much time in the sleeper hold.
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Top 10. Good guys..
Dale Murphy. Never, ever, ever embarassed his team or acted like a jerk. Turned down endorsement deals because he believed endorsing something he didn't truly like was dishonest. l

Art Monk and Darrell Green
Posted Tuesday November 08, 2011, About: Paterno should not step down or get fired..
Even if Paterno fulfilled the minimal legal requirement, he abdicated his moral responsibility. He knew Sandusky was molesting little boys and allowed him to continue to be part of Penn State and work with kids. Paterno no longer has any moral authority to speak about leadership, character and doing the right thing.
Posted Tuesday May 17, 2011, About: 10 greatest Braves of all time.
How can you guys leave Claudell Washington off your lists?

Posted Friday April 08, 2011, About: It's time for Pete Rose to be in the Hall of Fame.
".....he admitted it, and has lived with it for over 20 yrs, it's time to forgive, put it behind and move on"

People have moved on. And Rose should not be in the HOF. Forgiving someone doesn't mean changing the rules after the fact. Rose was a great player but he is a liar and a bum that broke the rules of baseball.
Posted Saturday March 26, 2011, About: The wnba season should be the same length as the NBA season.
The WNBA season should be 0 games long.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Who is most to blame for the Colts loss to the Jets?
I blame the Colts.
Posted Monday December 13, 2010, About: top 5 CRIMINALS, ALL TIME, in the NFL!!!!!!!
They are not tragic accidents. Accidents are things that happen through no fault of anyone. DUI deaths are caused by a total disregard for human life. A dog's life is important but not as important as a human life. A world without food would be unimaginable. A world without shelter would be unimaginable. A world without dogs would be less fun but hardly unimaginable.
Posted Monday December 13, 2010, About: top 5 CRIMINALS, ALL TIME, in the NFL!!!!!!!
Nope, turning in a murderer=good citizen.
Posted Saturday November 20, 2010, About: Let's do this Old School!! Top 10 pre-1980's NFL QB's.
Sonny Jurgensen was not just one of the best pre 1980, but one of the best ever. And why is Billy Kilmer not on that list? How many qb's could get arrested for DUI at night, get out of jail and beat Dallas the next day?

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