Posted Wednesday September 21, 2011, About: Predictions for Winter?
Now, that's not the troof, Troof. It gets cold in North Florida but not down here. If it ever gets below freezing for a month I think Belize would be my next stop. LOL
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: Predictions for Winter?
Not down here.
Posted Monday September 12, 2011, About: Danica
I have a wait and see attitude but I have a feeling it's going to be a case of " move along folks, nothing to see here "
Posted Thursday September 01, 2011, About: Kyle Busch - LMAO!
Are you talking about the guy that's leading the standings for the Chase?
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: Are Kyle Petty and the TNT broadcast balanced and fair
Montoya is getting what Kyle Busch was getting a few years ago. Once he starts to win, they seem to have a different slant on who and how you move people. I do think that Kyle Petty is one of the better announcers in the game.
And McMurray took a first place car to the garage. I hated to see that as I like McMurray, not my favorite but one of the guys I do root for.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Dale Earnhardt Jr: Did NASCAR make the right call
Agreed the flag should have been out. Even if it wasn't an attempt to get Joooonya a win it looks a bit fishy.
Montoya has had problems BUT he is in 15th spot in the Chase, only 15 points behind Biffle in 12th spot. He has 2 poles and 4 Top 10's in 11 races this year, not great but not bad either. Now, McMurray is a little off his game BUT he had a win and a second place at Charlotte last year.
McMurray did very well at Charlotte last year, let's see what happens this year.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: What happened
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: What happened
When he lays low, trouble brews.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: What happened
I like the avatar. Actually both, the dog you are using and the car for here.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: What happened
I can't see him being able to do things like that. If so a moderator is discriminating.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: NFL contract talks
Both are wrong.
Juan Pablo is very close to winning a race on an oval. Once that's done, the bashers will go away. He has had a number of races where the crew messed him up and he has also lost some by his own stubbornness but I think he is a good driver. He will win on an oval track before this season ends.
Posted Wednesday March 16, 2011, About: Boycott the draft???
Cross the line now and someone might cross the line on the field and head shot you due to lack of protection by someone watching who crosses the line.
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: NASCAR: WHAT IF DALE EARNHARDT JR. QUITS ?
It's been so long since he made it to Victory Lane that I really think Nascar will do fine without Mr. Joooonya.
Logano is going to be O.K. Last year he had the most Top 10's outside of the 12 Chase drivers.
Posted Tuesday February 22, 2011, About: NASCAR's Superbowl Tops the NFL's Big Game
Of course we can't forget the youngster that had himself a great day in the Wood Brothers # 21.
Yes, the more young talent they can put on the tracks the more new fans they can recruit. They need all the fans they can get. Things have been in a down mode for a while.
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