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Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Adelman is no fan of Kahn's
IMO Khan has been a lousy GM, but this assertion by "unnamed sources" that Adelman hates Kahn seems ridiculous based on the simple fact that Adelman just accepted a job to work with Khan. If we are to believe these "unnamed sources" that would make Adelman some kind of lunatic for taking a job to work with someone he allegedly hates. And it cannot just be about the money, other NBA coaching jobs will be available which would pay him the same kind of money.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Span unsure he'll return the same player
His 2009 numbers (AVG, OBP, & SLG) dropped a lot during the 2010 season. So he started playing is way out of the league long before getting hurt. Too bad because he seems like a decent guy.
Posted Monday September 12, 2011, About: Adelman after at least $5M per year
don't care who they hire. just someone please destroy that picture of Khan holding up the Ridnour jersey so we never have to see it again.
Posted Sunday June 05, 2011, About: Kings, Raptors interested in Flynn?
You must really dislike NY, Bro.
Posted Tuesday May 24, 2011, About: Transfer will cost Rubio at least $500K
No, clearly there is not anyone in the front office that has a clue. Just ask Kurt Rambis. The only thing this franchise has done right in the last 22 years was to draft Kevin Garnett. Oh, two things, OJ Mayo for Kevin Love was a bit of a hiest as well.
Posted Wednesday May 04, 2011, About: How the T-Wolves lose by winning lottery
Not sure how would having both Irving & Rubio be a bad thing. I suspect that there are a lot of NBA teams that would pay a fair price to add Irving to their team or you could roll into the next season with both on your roster. Rookie PGs don't generally play more than 20-25 minutes per game anyway, so you could play both of them and possibly increase trade value if they play well. And if they both play poorly, well, you are the Timberwolves and you already suck, so nothing is lost.
Posted Tuesday May 03, 2011, About: Vikes about to wave white flag?
The coach has said that TJack will not be coming back.
Posted Tuesday May 03, 2011, About: Vikes about to wave white flag?
They will need to sign five or six QBs because with that lousy offensive line they will need all of them at some point. Just ask #4 how well that O-Line protected him last season.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: Love still sees Rambis friction, may stay anyway
Then the Wolves should trade him right away for the best deal they can get. This team will not get a sniff of .500 in the next 3-5 years. They cannot get any free agents to even visit, the 2011 draft is weak, and the Clippers own their 2012 #1 pick. No help is coming.

BTW, K Love would be a great fit in Oklahoma City next to Durant & Perkins.
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Rubio willing, at long last, to join T-Wolves
RR is what, 20 yrs old? Euro teams generally treat young guys like Larry Brown does. Not saying RR is going to get to the NBA and light things up, just sayin that his minutes and stats may not be reflective of his ability when he puts on a Wolves, Knicks, Mavericks, etc jersey.
Posted Sunday March 20, 2011, About: Did Rambis ruin Love's double-double streak?
I watched the game. Blame for the streak ending goes in this order - 1) K.Love. He played lousy. 2) The Warriors. They were aggressive in double and triple teams. 3) The referees. Love was fouled just about every time he touched the ball and for some reason the refs looked the other way that night. 4) Rambis & teammates. He is a lousy coach for a lousy team. No adjustements were made and no other players stepped up when ALL the defensive attention was pouring down on Love.

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