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Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Report: Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota
Everybody knows that Spielman's song and dance about being cool with Harvin has to do with maintaining trade value with the allusion that they can still work with him if a trade does not work out. If teams find out that the Vikings HAVE to get rid of him, then his value plummets. The Vikings desperately need a deep threat receiver for Ponder to throw to and Harvin's attitude and skill set seem to remove him as that guy.
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Cris Carter: 'I put a bounty on guys'
There is a difference between players policing themselves and coaches creating an approved avenue to encourage the deliberate injury of another teams skill positions as a means of winning a game.

The culture of football, and probably any sport, is based on cheap shots and trying to prevent them, this was never news and is not the same as what happened with the Saints.
Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Even with Ponder, Vikes monitoring QBs
I think I know exactly what is going on here. Ponder is the future in Minnesota, and everyone should know that, two years of the rookie QB thing is not what this GM and new coach want to start and end their careers with the Vikings. What Speilman is doing is finding just another way to heat things up with the Brown and Redskins who both want a QB. Now, the "Skins and Brownies are not just going to be maneuvering with each other to get that prized QB, but with the Vikings who will threaten to take him and trade the QB they don't want to anyone for any price. The Browns and Redskins will be forced to cough up picks and give them to the Vikings who want those picks sooner than next year. but the Vikings are not going to reach with the 3rd pick for a need, they will turn an investment if they have to. Vikes drafting on value, not on need, message sent.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Vikings on trading block?
Trading away the Vikings players with heart is obviously the only way to rebuild. ><
Posted Thursday May 26, 2011, About: 'Steelers Rule' irks Rooney
Teams foster a culture. The Vikings Defense is known for sound tackling, when this myth of headshots being "tough" came about I do not know, but it is a load of BS.

The Steelers organization needs to learn that cowards give cheap tackles that threaten other people's lives, not tough football players. The Steelers have all the talent in the world, too bad a noble franchise with a long history has allowed itself to get mired in this when they should just teach good football fundamentals. Take a page from Leslie Frazier and build a team that plays the basics well, just look at Minnesota's D-Line and Linebacker core... and the one man tackle machine that is CB Antoine Winfield... you won't see head shots.

I swear, if I hear another Steelers fan BAW about "TEH FOOTBALZ BEING RUINED BY NO HEADSHOTS."
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Rush Limbaugh buying Vikes, moving to L.A.?
What a dumb post.

Though if Limbaugh kept my precious Vikes in MN, I would not care if he bought em and paid for a stadium, though I doubt that would be in his budget.
Posted Friday April 29, 2011, About: Fans disgusted in Minnesota
See who is laughing when Ponder has a 65% completions and 3-1 TD/INT ratio while being called the second coming of Drew Brees while a rookie. The knocks on this guy have to do with recent injuries that have been mended and not having a good supporting cast at FSU, a program that he helped turn back in the right direction.

This is a high intelligence, high accuracy, hard working, and tough guy who plays through pain. He has a strong arm and as he matures the deep pass will come more naturally along with his near perfect short and intermediary game.

We will get something from him that Tarvaris Jackson never could, leadership.

He has a great running game and I look forward to seeing what he does with the talented WR core at his disposal. This won't be the 2009 Vikings, but it will be decent going forward.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Vikings talking trade
Chilly = gone... the decision was him all the way, he was the man in charge.
Posted Wednesday March 30, 2011, About: Colts eye Dalton as potential Manning backup

Andy is a Viking, haven't you guys heard yet?
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Will Favre quarterback Carolina?
They have to be doing this on purpose :D

So hilarious.
Posted Monday March 21, 2011, About: Vikes meet Gabbert, consider trading up
I kind of think that they already have. Just that they have to wait for two things, an injunction by the NFLPA and for Reid to double check into the interest of other teams to give a higher bid. Kolb, ready to start and right away, young, and hungry... great fit for the Vikings who need a good QB to give Peterson room to breath.
Posted Monday March 21, 2011, About: Vikes meet Gabbert, consider trading up
Dude, that was John David Booty, he was a nobody for the NFL. He was a third string guy that might have been developed into a second string guy. Expendable. Gabbert would be a franchise investment with big money and who possibly could start in his first year like Matt Ryan did for the very same offensive coordinator.
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Should Goodell resign?
Why are the owners, the ones who actually risk their fortunes, instantly to blame. While I find it hard to sympathize with billionaires who ask for public money to build stadiums, I find it also difficult to feel for wealthy athletes who are provided the opportunity to use their athletic skills to become rich at the financial risk of others.
Posted Wednesday December 08, 2010, About: The end for Matt Hughes?
Holy wall of spam?
Posted Tuesday November 02, 2010, About: Childress move has owner 'extremely upset'
Wilf is looking for a stadium, this is why he has been spending money, trading Moss away helps him in no way get closer to a new stadium.

Chilly is probably done unless he manages to make the playoffs against all odds and do very well. Chilly releasing Moss made it superbowl or bust for him. He might not even make the end of the season.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Childress leaning toward Jackson
I actually think sitting Favre would win respect, Chilldress is not a coach who seeks to be liked but there is a perception that he has bent over backwards for Favre... doing this would tell everyone that the team comes before #4.

Also, at this point I think with the weapons we have, Jackson could play better than Favre who has been the 30th ranked QB for completions. Jackson won't be what Favre was last year, or an elite QB, unless he shows us something brand new. However, when you have Moss, Harvin, Berrian, Shianco, and Peterson on your team... it gets easier.
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
Really wish we would have picked Cot McCoy in the draft instead of Toby Gerhardt.
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: Moss curses at a reporter after Vikes loss
Personally, I think the sports media is the most entitled group there is. They essentially exist to illustrate the most inconsequential deeds to take place on earth. They think they are more important to a players legacy than what he does on the field.
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Finley: Moss 'no concern,' Pack is division fave
"That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss."

We will be hearing that a lot against the Packers I think.

Go Vikes!
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Childress and Favre at odds again?
Well, I guess that probably clears Sage Rosenfels' name of being the leak earlier. Whoever it is should be thanked. Last year's schism turned out to be nothing and the team was incredibly unified. It will make teams think the Vikes are weaker than they are. A big win against the Jets would make everyone feel better.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Longoria calls fans' effort embarrassing
The Rays probably need to be moved.

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