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Posted Sunday June 16, 2013, About: Ginobili unsure about retiring after this season
Based on the Finals so far I think he already retired!
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Clippers, Del Negro meet to discuss future this weekend
Please re-sign Vinny! As a Lakers fan I would not stop laughing. BTW, the Clips will take a step back next year. 3 of there starters are dogs, and the supposedly deep bench was a bust. If CP3 was smart he would bolt.
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Dwyane Wade surprises teen at her prom
Did Chris Hansen meet him there?
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Report: Clippers owner to meet with Vinny Del Negro
I agree, I think the Lakers plan since the 11 season ended was to set up for flexibility in 14. I think the Nash deal was a surprise to them, they didn't think there was a chance to get him but they put in a call and it happened. If Dwight comes back then in 14 they can sign a max free agent and still have cap space to get another good player. Not a bad way to rebuild. BTW, if the Lakers amnestied Kobe it wouldn't give them enough cap room to get an impact guy, it would just save them some money. I am against it since it's pretty low class to amnesty a guy who may be the best Laker of all time. That sends a message to other players that you are not loyal even to a guy that accomplished. For example, the Bulls broke up their championship team after 98 for no good reason, and it made them look classless. No top-notch free agent has gone there since that.
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Raptors target Nuggets GM to take over basketball ops
He's done a good job. You have to wonder what the Nuggets would have done if they hadn't lost their leading scorer to injury.
OKC should cut everybody good and then miss the playoffs. You know, the Mavs strategy. It's called pulling a Cuban.
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Nate Robinson unlikely to be a Bull next season
I was thinking the same thing. Plus he should come cheap, he only got the vets minimum with the Bulls.
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Brown questions Lakers' wisdom in firing
After the 2010 championship they brought back the same team to defend the title, which I liked. You don't want to be a Cuban and wreck your team after a title. Then they got killed in the second round the next two years and decided to make changes. Trading the never healthy Bynum for Dwight was a stroke of genius. Trading a bunch of middling draft picks for Nash was a gamble considering his age, and it blew up, no doubt. The Lakers tried to rebuild on the fly and also keep their options open. This year was a disappointment, but I believe the plan was to set themselves up for a run at Le Bron in 2014, and they are set up for that. I think Lakers fans will just have to accept that next year will be an average year, then take a shot in free agency. I think Le Bron is a long shot, but I am glad they are swinging for the fences. Some teams just plod along never trying to win. By the way, the 'awful GM' won two titles, so nice analysis! Maybe you would prefer the hugely overrated Sam Presti, who just threw away any chance at a title by trading the combo guard that would have picked up the slack for Weastbrook?
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: David Kahn thinks he still has T-Wolves job
I hope he stays long enough so the Lakers can steal Kevin Love from him!
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Thiago Splitter out indefinitely
This is just the break the Lakers need! I can see them sweeping the next 4. Well, maybe not...
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Demps not sure if Gordon will return to Pelicans
Good thing Stern forced the Pelicans to take this guy for 'Basketball reasons'!
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Would a Mike Brown hiring in Cleveland work or fail?
No, the Lakers won't have to pay the total amount of the contract, whatever the Cavs pay will be taken out of that.
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Smith willing to take Knicks' hometown discount?
"This offseason, Smith could be tempted to leave financially. The Knicks can only pay him up to $5 million based on his Early Bird Rights -- 175 percent of his salary this season. But another team with significant cap space can offer Smith a higher amount, and the Knicks would be powerless to stop him from leaving."

So no, you can't just go over the cap and pay him whatever you want.
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Will Mike Brown bring a title to Cleveland?
Geez, is Mark Cuban running the Cavs now? This move is dumb enough to be a 'Cuban'.
Posted Sunday April 21, 2013, About: Report: Cavs may move quickly to re-hire Mike Brown
True, but if you play it safe and stockpile bad draft picks he leaves as well. Take a chance! (it's not my money)
Posted Sunday April 21, 2013, About: Lakers to start two point guards?
At least SA is banged up a little as well. I am just hoping for Dwight to have some dominant games so he is in a good mood and signs an extension.
Posted Sunday April 21, 2013, About: Does Mike D'Antoni deserve credit for Lakers' turnaround?
For all the grief D'Antoni got this year the Lakers had to play well down the stretch to get into the playoffs. They went 8-1 in their final 9 games to make the playoffs, that's good.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Report: Cavs may move quickly to re-hire Mike Brown
That's a good point, the Cavs always have trouble attracting free agents, so they should take a chance. If Bynum was healthy, and teamed with Irving that's a good team.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Will Dallas turn things around in 2014, or has the era ended?
That's an era? Showtime was an era, the MJ bulls were an era, Shaq/Kobe was an era. The Mavs were a fluke.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Vote on Kings' sale still weeks away, according to Stern
I feel much worse for the Mavs fans, the Mavs are going nowhere!
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Pistons fire Lawrence Frank
Nice! Remember when he Pistons were a model franchise and all their moves seemed to work out? That seems like a lifetime ago.
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