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Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Lakers Must Act NOW
Smith is leaving after this year anyways. His contract is up at the end of the year and he becomes a free agent. Trading for Batum who has 4 years left and is younger makes a ton of sense.
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Detroit Pistons' Offseason
NCshvDavid...I completely agree that they didn't NEED another wing that year. But that's my whole argument with Dumars and his drafting strategy. You can NOT draft for need and expect good results. Maybe in the NFL you can get away with that a little but not in the NBA. There just aren't enough high impact guys to let you draft for need over best available. You take the best basketball player and figure it out later, plain and simple. You can play two SF's at the same time or two PF's or Two SG's if you're creative with your offensive sets and defensive scheme.

I completely disagree with your assessment that 9 out of 10 GMs would have taken Darko over Melo. In fact I would argue that there were less than 5 in the league who would have done the same. And the other 4 (besides Dumars) are probably out of a job by now.
Posted Wednesday June 06, 2012, About: Detroit Pistons' Offseason
And I'm getting my resume around...when Joe D is done, I'm officially putting my hat in the ring! If Shaq thinks he can do it, I sure as hell can!
Posted Wednesday June 06, 2012, About: Detroit Pistons' Offseason
Good feedback and I appreciate the kid words fellas. Let me address a few of your concerns.

As for the Gordon trade, the Bulls would have to amnesty Boozer in order to add anyone and I believe that's a very real possibility. That frees up $13 million in cap space to add key pieces. In order to make the Gordon trade work, it would have to be an extend and trade situation for Asik along with a "throw-in" contract to make things work. Asik could probably look for $5 million in his new deal which would help to close the gap between Gordon's contract and his. IMO Gordon still has 18+ point per game potential for the next 3 years and with defenses collapsing on Rose, he'll get plenty of open looks.
Posted Wednesday April 25, 2012, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft - Final Version (3 Rounds)
Bishop, I may be one of the first rounders and the highest of their two seconds to move up. Just not sure that'll be enough to get high enough for Poe.

I actually think they'd be best served taking a guy like Jones, Perry, Upshaw with one of their first rounders and then a DT like Worthy with their second first rounder. However, if Bill sees someone he likes, he won't be afraid to jump up. That's why he acquires these types of picks.
Posted Wednesday April 25, 2012, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft - Final Version (3 Rounds)
Marlins Fan...I appreciate the comment.

And I agree with you to a point on Jeffery. I still have as the 3rd best WR in this draft but that's just because I really like Blackmon and Floyd as well. He has a legit chance to be a #1 WR in the NFL and if I was one of the teams in the top 10 that need a WR (Browns, Rams, Vikings, Jaguars, Dolphins, Panthers, Bills), I'd be thrilled if he was still sitting there when I picked at the top of the 2nd Round. Also wouldn't be surprised if the Texans grabbed him at the end of the 1st Round to be the #2 behind Johnson.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft - Early Version (2 Rounds)
Bears second round pick is a Center but I project they will slide him to guard until Garza retires. As for Blackmon, I really think having a new GM in place will push this move through. The one thing the previous regime could never do was land a big-time WR. They built a stout D, acquired a franchise QB, and a franchise RB but have always been missing that true #1. The new GM (whoever it may be) could win over a lot of Chicago fans with this move.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft - Early Version (2 Rounds)
One thing that surprises me is the eagerness of most fan bases to pick up Matt Flynn as their franchise QB. He was a one year starter at LSU and had 34 pass attempts for 19 yards in his career coming into this year. He blew up against a HORRIBLE Detroit pass defense but does that mean franchise QB? At least with Matt Cassell, he played for an entire season when Brady got hurt before the Chiefs decided to make him their franchise guy (and that's exactly going well). Personally, if I am a franchise in need of a QB, RG3 makes a lot more sense than Flynn. And with the new CBA he will probably cost less.
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft - Early Version (2 Rounds)
Appreciate the feedback fellas. Let me try to answer a couple questions I saw in there.

The Mannning trade would almost have to happen before draft day. Because of the roster bonus and the timing of that deadline, the Colts would have to trade him before the draft. And I agree that Manning is worth more than that when healthy. However, he's 36 and coming over neck surgery...if they can land another top ten pick this year along with a couple additional early round picks they should be happy.

I struggled with the Green Bay pick. I considered Mercilius from Illinois at OLB/Edge Rusher as well as Ta'Amu and Poe at NT. Could certainly change as I progress. Flynn will not be back in a Packers uniform. You can't use the FT on a backup QB (way too expensive) and on the open market he'll command a contract that will not allow GB to compete.

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