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Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014, About: Silence on the Trout extension front
Yeah, especially Edwards. That contract was awful. Wait, Edwards? Who th hell is Edwards?

On another note, there is zero chance that the Angels don't sign Trout long term. They can keep him for two more years at $1 million per season if they want to. His agent wants to start the clock on a big deal now.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Why Trout should turn down $150M
Hitting is not their problem. You know that. They had a top 5 offense last year (even with Pujols out and Hamilton stinking). Pitching is their problem.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Santana sweepstakes down to five (maybe)
Wait! Dependable starter for a decade? Um, no. Far from dependable. Great stuff, zero moxie. He's the definition of inconsistant. After 10 years you know what you are getting, a .500 pitcher who looks amazing in the bullpen.
Posted Wednesday February 19, 2014, About: The worst player in Angels history?
Not really.
CJ Wilson was a good signing (17-7 3.39 era last year.)
Mathis was a great dump (Scioscia would have kept him behind the plate with a sub .200 avg.)
Rodney was awful as an Angel, I was fine letting him go.
Trumbo, I was sad to see him go, but his OBP is sub .300.
Walden/Hanson- who cares?

Now, Pujols/Hamilton, I will takle a wait and see approach with them. They are incredibly talented, if they are healthy and play anywhere near their capabilities, the Angels are a playoff team.
Posted Wednesday February 19, 2014, About: Garza on $52M: 'I'm not thinking about baseball, Dude'
I'm guessing that he thought he would get something in the $80 million range and told the Angels to stuff it.

Oops. He overplayed his hand and is stuck in Milwaukee. The Angels dodged a bullet, $50 million for an injury-prone starter. No thanks.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: No surprise for ex-Incognito teammate
Thank you. That is the perfectly idiotic response I expected from the internet.

Does Ritchie Incognito strike you as someone who would just go away if you bust him in the "mother **** head?" Yeah, I don't either.

Martin didn't bust him in the head because, clearly, other teammates (more senior teammates) supported Incognito and Martin would put his job in jeopardy by fighting back. Keep in mind, Martin is only a second year guy and could easily be cut because he doesn't "fit in."

He told Dolphin officials and nothing changed. Do you think that he felt like he had any support from the organization? One player is league vet, who is considered Pro Bowl quality and the other is a second year nobody. Martin had nowhere to go. Fight and he might lose his job or stay, get paid, and take the abuse. He chose another option. Good for him.
Posted Friday August 02, 2013, About: Pujols was playing at '45 percent'
I doubt it. Seriously.
Posted Friday August 02, 2013, About: Pujols was playing at '45 percent'
How does playing hurt "help his ego"? That's moronic.

I understand the idea of sitting out and getting healthy for next season, but if he can play (and wants to play.) Play. Don't criticize him for it. You would applaud any player who played hurt to help his team.
Posted Friday August 02, 2013, About: Pujols was playing at '45 percent'
Wait until the postseason. No Albert, no rings.
Posted Monday July 08, 2013, About: Rockets' secret weapon in Dwight Howard chase
Yeah Howard didn't like hearing things like "hard work" "dedication" "no excuses" from Kobe.

I'm pretty sure Kobe told him, "these are things that it takes to win a championship" and Dwight said no thanks.

Dwight must dislike ninja boy for asking him to be a man.
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: Lakers #STAYD12 campaign opens in L.A.
That just shows you how unimportnat the Center position has become in the NBA. You can have Udonis Haslem or Tiago Splitter in the paint and still make the Finals.
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: ... And KG in Brooklyn?
Garnett "was" a Timberwolf. He'll be something else soon.

As far as Ray Allen goes, he contributed and got his ring, now he can be the next Juwon Howard (that dude was cracking me up in the celebration, like he did something, the equiptment manager had more value to the team than he did.)
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Thunder trying to land No. 1 overall pick
The NBA draft is turning into the baseball draft. Tons of projects and mostly unknown dudes who may be serviceable pros.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Madson may be done for the year
Great, let's trade Trout for preospects. The only guy performing and he's making the league minimum.

In return the Angels could get the next Brandon Wood, Todd Greene, or Tyler Chatwood.

Farm systems are great, but I pay to watch major leaguers play.
Posted Wednesday June 19, 2013, About: Cards have big plans for Fitz: 'All over the field'
I agree. ithink Palmer is better than most NFL QB's, he's just been on awful teams. He made those Cincy teams respectable and kept the Raiders (4,000 yards) from being a college team. Do you know how many rushing touchdowns that Raiders had last year?

Four. All Season, and Palmer had one of them.

With a solid defense and an All Pro WR (and maybe 10 rushing TD's) I think he'll have a great year.

Just pray that the OLine holds up.
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: LeBron lacking key champion component
Sorry, that was me. I have the evil four letter on and I simply cannot take their coverage of the Finals anymore. It's horrible. I had to blow off some steam. It looks like I got blocked.

Didn't mean to go off topic. Sorry.
Posted Wednesday June 05, 2013, About: A-Rod's final strike
ARod will be forgotten very quickly. So will his "records." Wait, what records?
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: Houston hatches plan to chase Howard
Hey Dwight, enjoy Houston. It looks an awful like Orlando.

All this drama and you will end up in the same situation with less money.
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: Scott on Clippers' short list
That happened. The problem with CP3's plan was that he didn't anticipate that Vinny would throw him under the bus after he was not resigned.

Props to Vinny for tellign the truth.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Muhammad believes he's the best player in the draft
Oh, and Shabazz, you weren't the best player on your own team.
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Muhammad believes he's the best player in the draft
I agree. This type of group is going to tbe the future of the NBA. AAU players who bounced from team-to-team in hopes of getting exposure. Being told that they are great when they are dunking on 16 year olds with acne and a fake ID. Then bailing on college after 1 uninspiring year because they will still have "potential."

This cannot be good for the NBA.
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