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Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: Dysfunction may get Jackson fired
Mark Jackson took a lottery team, with a losing offensive culture, turned it around into an elite defensive culture to the second round of the playoffs last year, giving the NBA-finalist Spurs their only run for their money outside of a team named Miami! He played in the playoffs without David Lee, a recovering Bogut at maybe 60%, a hobbled Curry, 3 rookies, and Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry in critical roles off-the-bench (the last two delivering 23 points during the season, lots of handling and rebounding, while shooting a TS% of .552 and .602, respectively; more points and better performance than the entire Warrior bench is delivering most of this season!)

This season, the loss of Jack and Landry was replaced with Douglas, Speights and JO'Neal in a miscast move by Warrior Management under the incorrect thinking that Andre Iguodala's addition to the starting five would somehow replace the loss of Jack and Landry. Iguodala is a great defensive addition, but, unfortunately, the bench was the least-productive in the NBA for most of this season. Added challenges were the lack of a backup PG most of the season do to Douglas being miscast; Iguodala suffering a hamstring injury resulting in his least offensive production of his career; JO'Neal missing half of the season due to injuries, leaving Speights as a backup to Bogut and smallball as the only option; and the attempt to correct the miscasting by adding Blake to the roster and Crawford, the former the last 20-something games of the season, and, the latter, the last 30 games of the season!

In spite of the injuries, the poor evaluation of replacement talent for Jack and Landry, the nega-bench most of the season, Mark Jackson has the Warriors positioned for the playoffs in the improved and tough Western Conference, and looking at a 50-win season for the first time in decades!

You would think that after last season's surprisingly successful performance which caught most NBA analysts by surprise, his readiness and brilliant use of the bench in the playoffs, Mark Jackson would have received a vote of confidence in the off-season with the awarding of a contract extension! Such was not the case, as Warrior Management elected instead to dangle the contract over Jackson's head so far this season, leaving his future in limbo, even as he prepares the Warriors for the playoffs!

Though Jackson grew the team on the court, again, this season, it seems to me, Warrior Management is preparing MJax to be the fall guy for its lack of proper talent evaluation and a poorly-designed team! Though Curry, Lee, and Thompson are proving exciting and capable offensive forces, Bogut and Iguodala are mostly defensive contributors. Without a Jarrett Jack or a Carl Landry to provide some scoring punch off the bench, Jackson has been brilliant in the success he did manage to achieve this season in view of the glaring personnel deficiencies on the bench and injuries.

Clearly, this is a case where the Coach and the team grew as winners, but, management knows not how to grow into a winning Front Office! Rather than admit that they screwed this team and its established chemistry up, there is a campaign going on to discredit Jackson's coaching abilities! Essentially, they are out to convince us that the same coach that managed the Warriors team and bench to playoff success last year, is somehow deficient in managing the nega-bench that was handed to him this year! Pathetic!
Well, it did not help that the Bucks were on a slump. Ellis, Jennings, Dunleavy, Redick, can't buy a basket for 4 games. This afternoon, Ellis broke out of it in the 4th quarter in a monstrous way! Scored 25, 5 3-pointers (including the clinching 3 with seconds to go), all, in the 4th quarter. He finished witha respectable 39 points, and willed the Bucks the win in the 4th, though they were down 13 points going into it!
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Has Josh Hamilton struck out of Rangers' future?
The Yankees are very good at picking up great Texas ballplayers, and converting them to fan-appreciated "clutch" players. I am sure they would love to have him.
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Has Josh Hamilton struck out of Rangers' future?
The Yankees have a way of picking up great former Texas ballplayers and converting them to fan-appreciated "clutch". I am sure they would love to have him!

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