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Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013, About: Suitors lining up for Salty
With Mauer's move to first base, the Twins could really use him unless they've got some kid in the minors I've not heard about.
Posted Friday October 25, 2013, About: Danny Amendola could return in Week 8
I feel bad for the guy...he's really talented but he just can't stay on the field. The Pats made a huge mistake signing him.
Posted Sunday September 29, 2013, About: Matt Cassel will start Sunday
Like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...
Posted Friday June 07, 2013, About: Clippers receive permission to speak with Lionel Hollins
It's kind of odd that they allowed a team in their conference to interview him but denied the Nets even though I guess now t looks like they might allow it, But who do the Grizz think they are going to get that's going to take that team further than Hollins did? Phil Jackson isn't coming to Memphis. George Karl only got the Nuggets out of the first round once. Seems like they might have delusional expectations.
Posted Saturday April 27, 2013, About: Manti Te'o needed to come to Minnesota to succeed
Well at least the Tebow part of that circus will (should?) be gone...
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Mets desperate to clear roster spots
With their moves it would seem they're desperate to clear seats at Citi Field as well...
Posted Monday March 04, 2013, About: Jim Thome could reunite with Twins
If he is burning to get back to the World Series I have to think that rules out the Twins...
Posted Saturday December 29, 2012, About: Giants invite Sandy Hook Elementary contingent to pregame
It's nice and all but it kind of feels like the Giants are using them as some sort of inspiration to get them fired up. But if the people from Newtown are fine with it then it's not for me to judge.
Posted Sunday December 23, 2012, About: Ex-Lion intentionally missed block to get Scott Mitchell hurt
I know lots of people are going to bring up the fact that Mitchell was known for being a real jerk but this is still a really low thing for Brown to do.
Posted Sunday December 23, 2012, About: Report: Tim Tebow almost certain to be Jaguar in 2013
So we should expect ESPN to be stationed at the Jags training facility all summer and Skip Bayless becoming the Jags head cheeleader....
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Vikings committed to Ponder
The Vikings blew it last year when they won a meaningless game against, ironically enough, the Redskins late in the season. Had they lost that game they'd have had the #2 pick and could have gotten RG3 or at least scored the draft picks in a trade. I guess because they'd just given so much money to Ponder the year before they might not have taken Griffin (or might not have gotten their pick to the podium in time!) but at least it would have been a possibility...
Posted Saturday October 20, 2012, About: O.J. Simpson reportedly selling 'the' knife
This notion that he committed the perfect crime is ridiculous....he just lucked out with the perfectly stupid jury and prosecution....
Posted Tuesday October 02, 2012, About: Vikings win first NFC North game since 2010
Not sure how being 3-1 and tied with the Bears and one game ahead of the Packers translates into a "commanding" lead in the division....but for now, this Viking fan is pleased.
Posted Friday September 28, 2012, About: NBA to outlaw, fine players for flopping
I'm a Spurs fan and even I am glad to see this....
Posted Sunday August 12, 2012, About: Report: Johnson, wife argued over condoms receipt
Sadly this probably makes them even more attractive to some reality show producer...
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: Amid cheerleaders and skydivers, Jerry jabs at Giants
Team owners that never open their mouths: Patriots, Giants, Steelers..all consistent playoff and Super Bowl teams. How 'bout them Cowboys!
Posted Sunday July 22, 2012, About: Paterno's name to remain on library
The death penalty wouldn't be deserved IMO. That punishes a whole bunch of people who had nothing to do with this...the concession stand and stadium employees, local hotels, restaurants and other businesses, the current players, etc. Let them play...but any and all profits for the next couple of years goes to child abuse prevention and victim charities. I had previously thought they should be banned from bowl games but now I think they should letthem go but any money made goes to the charities too. Hit 'em where it the wallet.
Posted Sunday July 22, 2012, About: Paterno's name to remain on library
If only JoePa cared even half as much about those children as he seemed to care about his legacy and some people seem to care about a stupid statue...
Posted Saturday July 07, 2012, About: Harvin won't hold out from Vikings camp
Sadly it's gonna be another long season....
Posted Saturday July 07, 2012, About: Sources: Humphries wants paternity test
I doubt he can spell paternity.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: The nation's most hated coach?
I have to think KState's Frank Martin is pretty high on the list...
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