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Posted Saturday October 13, 2012, About: Nationals don't second guess shutting down Stephen Strasburg
Nationals losing last night had nothing to do with Strasburg. If starting pitching was an issue, then yes, blame management. This was the bullpen, namely the closers.
Posted Sunday April 08, 2012, About: Will Ozzie's Castro comments cost him Marlins job?
First I read the headlines...then I read the article. My first reaction was that he was being 'flip'. With Ozzie, you can never be sure what he means, especially if he doesnt either. Words on paper can appear quite different than on video. Regardless he is one big can of worms.
Posted Sunday October 02, 2011, About: Did Napoli trade lead to Angels dumping GM?
You know Arturo?
Posted Saturday October 01, 2011, About: Red Sox owner fired Francona
You can tell the writer is emotional and just adding to the sensationalism. OK , I'm being picky.

If you work for a company full time, you might be fired for not doing your job. If you have a contract and it expires, or your contract is not renewed, you are not fired. Fired is being released from your contract BEFORE it expires. An option on a contract not being picked up is not fired.
Posted Saturday September 03, 2011, About: A-Rod may return Saturday
Speaking about money and contracts...whats the average price for a ticket at Yankee Stadium and Fenway.

Whats the cost for ordering the cable package in New York and Boston.
Just asking and comparing what other cities are paying vs how much their spending.
Yes, coming up with the total economic pkg is not easy, leaving out advertising, concessions, parking, etc etc.
Posted Saturday September 03, 2011, About: White Sox GM, hitting coach exchange heated words
Rios has not been worth the contract when he came over. He had a decent year last year but before and after that year, his offense is been below average. Beckham is a young guy. Why is he not improving? Listening to the press, enjoying the night life, not working as hard or is he just putting in time? If i was a coach, I'd definitely be looking at that. If its none of that, maybe its not his time or the organization miscalculated. Dunn is different matter altogether. He's not even close to his numbers. He might be the only one that Walker is accountable for...then maybe not. All players have an off year.
Posted Saturday August 06, 2011, About: Favre has 'no interest' in Dolphins
Interns can never get it right...

The line should have read, 'Dolphins has 'no interest in Favre'

Peter King
Posted Saturday July 09, 2011, About: Kings GM blasts Oilers over trade
Richards was a free agent. Theres no were to go back to....except his big **** house.
Posted Sunday May 15, 2011, About: Posada's wife joins Yankees drama
Thinking about getting the wife a twitter acct so she can speak up for me. Either that or playing in a lower division.
Posted Sunday May 15, 2011, About: Posada's wife joins Yankees drama
Jorge.... I understand. In my mid 30's, I was batting in the top 4 of the batting order in my slow pitch league. We won championships back then. 15 yrs later with bad knees and added weight, my avg slipped as did my speed. Now, I'm a sub. That sucks.
Posted Sunday May 15, 2011, About: Posada's wife joins Yankees drama
"His best effort"...if management asks that of him.
They want his best effort batting 9th.
Posted Friday April 22, 2011, About: Jeter headed in the wrong direction
As we get older, everyone has trouble getting it up in the air... that's what I hear.
Posted Sunday November 21, 2010, About: Yankees, Red Sox interested in Upton
Why did Fannation pick this up from the Chicago Tribune? Arizona Republic indicate 15-20 teams. USA Today reports, New York didnt offer enough and NY Post incates more interest is coming from Marlins and Rays.

Phil Rogers, where are your sources coming from or is it 'sources say'?

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