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Posted Friday March 15, 2013, About: Houston blames 'distractions' for Lions woes
If Calvin Johnson ends up with almost 2,000 yards receiving again this year, Detroit won't be going anywhere. The offense is far too predictable and one-dimensional.
Posted Saturday April 07, 2012, About: Players growing tired of Griffin's act
Hahaha.....let's not get into this. I like your resolve though.
Posted Saturday April 07, 2012, About: Players growing tired of Griffin's act
Sounds to me like these clowns are sick of getting highlighted on every night. Maybe they should try getting sick of pissing and whining every night or causing their teams to implode. Dunk away Blake.
Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: League about to catch on to 'Melo's act?
Denver quit acting like a jaded ex-girlfriend. Carmelo is a superstar, period. Otherwise, you wouldn't have offered him superstar money nor be so bitter about him leaving. He could've LeBron'd you and left as a FA free and clear. Denver is talking ish now because Denver has been impressive in the FEW games without Melo, as they should since they damn near got an entire team for him. It won't be long before the tide shifts and Denver returns to dwelling the cellar of the Western Conference, as the were before Melo got there. BTW, is it fair to knock Denver for getting outed by LAL and SA but not talk about the beating they gave to Dallas in the playoffs? Since no one else on the West has won a ring besides LAL and SA, I think not.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: Big East may come calling for RichRod
Any conference that gets raped of their top schools by another conference would suffer the same fate. Imagine the SEC losing Florida, Bama, and LSU. The Big Ten without Ohio State, Michigan, and MSU. The Big East lost Miami, Va Tech, and BC and got UConn, Cincy, and USF in exchange. Not quite a fair trade.
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: Revis back on the shelf?
It would be smart for Revis to take the time and get that hammy healed up. Even Moss said last night that when he tweaked his hammy it took around two months to heal. I'd rather have a healthy Revis for the playoffs.

As far as the tough part goes, there are alot of ex NFL players who can't even feed themselves because of injuries that were not addressed during their careers. Those same guys are also serving as counselors to the players today to keep them from having the same fate. 10 years ago a concussion wouldn't have stopped anyone from playing. Now guys are getting the attention they should be getting. The awareness is up now as far as injuries go, so I think it's a good thing.
Posted Saturday October 02, 2010, About: Denver fans boo Carmelo
I think Denver AND Carmelo are playing it right. Denver isn't going to settle for unequal value and Carmelo still has options on the table. I think it would be foolish of him to sign a contract extension without seeing what's available first. If Carmelo's aim is to win a championship, Denver is not the place. Especially with L.A. reloading. Carmelo being the only guy to really show up during the playoffs is an issue as well (pay attention K-Mart, Nene, Birdman, JR Smith). It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. As a Knicks fan, I'd really like to see this work in our favor somehow, but nothing has worked in our favor for over a decade now, FML.
Posted Friday September 17, 2010, About: Sanchez 'tanks' when going gets rough
Well, an ex-Patriot taking a swipe at the Jets is not surprising. Everything Bruschi said can be said about alot of QB's, namely Jay Cutler and Phillip Rivers. Sanchez has alot to learn and will do so in due time. He also forgot to mention Tom Brady's penchant for pouting and whining when things go South for the Pats.
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Who will call plays for Syracuse?
I'm with you 50. Being in the service for 13 years now, I see the bandwagon fans everywhere I go. I think I've seen a record number of Alabama fans this year that were probably Gator fans the year before, and USC fans before then. Any New England school has a tough order when you combine the weather and the academics required to be eligible. It's all good though, you won't see SU under sanctions or getting Heisman's and/or championships revoked. The wait for our return to prominence will pay off. Let's just hope sooner rather than later.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
HAHAHA! I'm gonna have to ride shotgun. They'll still be horrible unfortunately. It'll be fun to watch tho.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
True story. He's extremely smart too so that'll pay some dividends. We'll see how the rest of free agency pans out.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
Man I hope your right. If LBJ holds a news conference to tell us he's going to the Heat, especially after those beans have already been spilled, I won't lie to any of you, I'm gonna be "Next-Level" pissed...
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
He'll help out tremendously. We won't be able to beat anybody down low this year so we gotta try and take em out up top..kind of like Orlando.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
One thing I've learned from watching the NBA is that a shooter will fit in somewhere with somebody. Rautins will be able to stretch out the D, creating space for whoever we eventually pair with Amar'e. He's got great basketball IQ and is no stranger to playing in the MSG. He's solid defensively, but not stellar. I think he's a better, more versatile version of J.J. Reddick. The Knicks should be devastating from 3 with Rautins and Gallinari.
Posted Thursday July 08, 2010, About: Warriors close to Lee sign-and-trade
The only certain things in this world are death and taxes. I can't even comment on much anymore since the free agency drama began. I'll probably blindfold myself until the start of the season and then see what we got. Otherwise, it seems we're all on the hamster's wheel....

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