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Posted Thursday January 27, 2011, About: Top 10 american sportsmen that are over rated!
Jesus, your list is awful! And the fact that the right largely agreed with it is even worse!
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Jay Cutler Shouldn't be Criticized for This
Wow. I read all the comments, and saw a lot of the same garbage that's being spewed by people such as Deion "Turf toe" Sanders. Let's see how many myths can be dispelled:
1) Jay wasn't helping Hanie. Bzzz, wrong! Hanie himself said that Cutler was VERY helpful. And before you even think about saying that Hanie was merely being a good teammate, and sticking up for Cutler, I have news for you: If Jay's even HALF as bad as some love to claim, either Urlacher or Kreutz (long regarded as one of the meanest players in the NFL, and one of the guys who stood up for Cutler) would've put him in his place. And they wouldn't have stood up for him had he not helped Hanie out. And since practically everybody on the team spoke out against Jay's treatment, I'm much more willing to believe their story than that of ignorant talking heads, and armchair QBs who very clearly have an agenda.
2) He quit. Wrong again. He pleaded to be put back in the game, and indeed went back out. He struggled even more than he did in the first half, so the doctors concluded that he could not continue, and "suggested" (when doctors "suggest" it, it's more like an order) that Cutler be taken out, and the coaches obliged.
3) It's not a tear. With this injury, the terms sprain and tear are very often used interchangeably,
and a Grade II sprain, which is Cutler's injury, is definitely a tear. Not only that, but it also could become a Grade III tear, which is a complete ligament tear. And if Jay had continued playing, he also could've sustained an ACL injury, which was quite possible, considering how many times he was already sacked.

I know there are more, but those were the most common myths.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Jay Cutler should be criticized
Jesus, this argument can easily be destroyed.
Posted Saturday January 22, 2011, About: The Packers are going to beat the Bears this weekend.
Oh God, so many mistakes. So many errors...
That was just one of the many mistakes made. There were at least 3 others, and that was just at first glance.
Not below average, but both have caused interceptions this year. They need to improve on running their routes, and not give up on the ball.
Ouch! PatsFan made a few critical errors in his last argument.
*Came in the 4th quarter*
You do realize that more than 150 yards came in 4th quarter, when Lovie went to the prevent defense, right?
The offense has actually been much better as of late. The O-line, not so much. Some may be willing to say it's improved. But they still demonstrate time and time again why they have the dubious distinction of being one of the worst (if not flat out THE worst) O-lines in the history of the game. But Martz has incorporated the run more, and Forte was the first back this season to put up 100+ rushing yards against the Eagles. Fumbles have decreased, Cutler has been making more sound decisions, and the 3rd down conversion percentage has been substantially better since the bye week.

As for that luck comment, well, it wasn't luck. It was the result of a correct call. Bad rule, absolutely, and it will almost certainly be addressed. Nevertheless, it was still the correct call, given that it was, and still is, the rule.
"It seems odd to rule any team out, especially when you consider that this year has shown more parody than any other in recent memory."

Parity, not parody.
I think Sweetness' response wasn't properly worded. He may have meant that PatsFan's argument was weak, or fallacious. And to be honest, it was. You can easily pick apart his argument, if you know what to argue. But, to be fair, it was only the first argument, and the space limitation severely cuts down on what you can say per argument.
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: It's time for Thursday night footballll!
Yeah, how does that egg feel?
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: It's time for Thursday night footballll!
Slight correction to my last post: *How can it be an upset when they are favored?*
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: It's time for Thursday night footballll!
How can it be an upset when favored?
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: NFL Picks
I wasn't addressing you, but whatever. You've watched Bears games, huh? Then perhaps you can explain how you'd fix the situation, when we have the worst offensive line in the league by far. They can't run block, have just begun to actually pass block, and have allowed mediocre at best teams (Seahawks) get to them. So please tell me how Martz can wave a magic wand, and fix all this, when Angelo has neglected the line for years, allowing them to become beyond putrid?
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: NFL Picks
Spoken like someone who only reads stats, and not actually watch the games.
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: They are who we thought they were! We let them off the hook!
I'm surprised nobody mentioned the weakest link, which is Ted Phillips. He's the one who refuses to fire Angelo, who in turn refuses to fire Smith. These clowns, The Three Stooges, have been destroying our franchise since arriving. They've done absolutely nothing to stop our slide into mediocrity, and thus are all worthy of termination.
Posted Thursday October 21, 2010, About: All-NFC North Team
Ah, OK.
Posted Thursday October 21, 2010, About: All-NFC North Team
Sorry now? All I said was that Kreutz sucks. I didn't go beyond that.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: All-NFC North Team
I'm not sure how good the other centers in the division are, but Kreutz sucks.

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