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Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: Eagles name Bill Musgrave QB coach
Thousands of coaches in the country. Hundreds participating at a very high level. Yet it's the same two dozen or so playing musical chairs every offseason. And then the teams wonder why they're not getting different, better results.
Posted Sunday November 17, 2013, About: Arrested Falcons RB Jason Snelling denies eating marijuana
I don't buy it, it doesn't make sense... the grinder and the little bits in it are enough for possession. He's not getting out of the charges, he openly admitted that he smoked, and was driving under the influence, plus whatever other charges they had him on that the article didn't mention.

If he hadn't eaten it, and it was quite a bit, he might have had enough to get busted with possession with intent to distribute, but he could argue personal use and since he was otherwise cooperative the DA would have probably let him plea out to simple possession anyway.

My guess is, if he did have pot in his teeth, it was from smoking blunts earlier in the evening. As for swallowing while he was talking, cottonmouth is a fairly well-known side-effect of marijuana use.
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: Steelers rule out David DeCastro for Week 9
Steelers Depot, writing in September: "Fortunately [Guy Whimper] is not being asked to be a starter in Pittsburgh, and is in fact likely not even being asked to dress."

Guy Whimper, speaking in November: "I???m willing and more than capable of coming in and helping this line out.???

So either Guy got way, way better or (more likely) we are in very bad shape right now.
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: Todd Haley says Steelers offense is on verge of good
Haley was hired to make the Pittsburgh offense more effective, in 23 games he's managed a skooch over 20 points per game and zero playoff appearances. Arians got put out to pasture, in 5 years he averaged a seemingly abysmal 22 and a half points per game. Why, that was barely good enough for 4 playoff trips and 2 Super Bowls in 5 years.

But Haley says any day now things will get better, so we have that going for us.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: Sour Belichick: Jets broke rules, too
Here's a crazy, crazy idea for you Billy Boy ... PLAY BY THE **** RULES, eh? Then you won't have to whine about getting caught cheating.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: Weeden on a short leash
8 of the starters from last year came back, and the Chiefs are just putting up silly numbers.

Getting Sutton was an awesome move.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Tarkenton: Freeman can't save the Vikes
I was wondering what it was about geriatric QBs talking smack on their former teams. I like the way Terry does it.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Tomlin takes away 'silly' celebration, too
Haley's the sacrificial lamb right now.

Oftentimes it wasn't pretty, but Arians' offense was working. And he made a heluva splash in Indy. And he's already got almost as many wins in Arizona as the team did last year.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Falcons plan to feature Tony Gonzalez more
They talked Gonzalez out of retirement for a reason. This is it.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Jarrett Boykin to be Packers No. 2 WR in Week 7?
I'd say it doesn't matter who the Pack have at WR when they play the Browns ... but they do have the same record as the defending SB champs, and when they played they kept the Ravens scoreless in the first half.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Brandon Marshall okay with NFL fine for green cleats
On the one hand, it was cool of him to match the fine as a donation to his foundation. But it would seem a lot less shady if he'd just worn the cleats, then sold them for his foundation instead.

Matching the fine, rather than just making his own donation, was done to call attention to it, and he waited until the NFL went pink to make a point.
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: Fernando Velasco to start for Steelers
He could do almost anything, but he couldn't do anything really well. He had a couple of botches snaps here and there, and when Pouncey wasn't able to go for the SB against Green Bay, I knew that was gonna be a tough game. Any time Legursky was in there it was a tough game.
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: Steelers rule out Le'Veon Bell, Cortez Allen
Hey, can we give Max Starks a call while he's still available?
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Eagles player: Scuffle related to Cooper video
Just because a black guy used a particular slur doesn't mean it's related to the white guy using that slur.

Sure, Williams might have brought it up because of what Cooper had said, but I doubt it was the *cause* of anything between them.
Posted Wednesday September 04, 2013, About: Still no interest in Tebow
When he first came into the league, I didn't like Tebow. Then I started to admire his tenacity, and the way he handled the Jest debacle, so I hoped he'd get a chance. Now I'm thinking he's just a spoiled little rich kid who isn't used to hearing the word 'no'.

Thousands of people have dreams of playing in the NFL, yet have to accept the reality that they just plain aren't good enough.

Tebow got a fair shot with a respected organization. That's more than most people get. And as much as I may dislike the Pats, I'm willing to acknowledge that their personnel assessments are pretty darn good. So if Tebow wants to play quarterback, he's got to find another venue to do it in.
Posted Saturday August 24, 2013, About: Texans holding out hope for Reed
I think if the Ravens hadn't spent so much on Flacco then asked Reed to take a pay cut, he might have decided to retire on his own. But nothing motivates a dirty bird like the idea that someone, somewhere in the world, is disrespecting them. So he's going to try to prove their mistake.
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: This Browns race still too close to call
"If you have 2 quarterbacks, you don't have one."
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: AP wants you to accuse him of using PEDs
Guess what ... everyone is using HGH. These athletes' bodies are literally multi-million dollar machines. I guarantee they are using everything not specifically tested for (and some stuff that is) to get any edge they can.

Even "Praise Jesus!" AP himself.
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: A brand new Suh
It's amazing what Zoloft can do.
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: McNabb says RGIII is 'getting brainwashed'
Didn't McNabb reach out to RGIII last year, but got snubbed? It's obvious that Donovan is desperate to get into the kid's camp.

I'd bet my car that what it really comes down to is that McNabb has some "investment advice" for RGIII that he just can't wait to show him.
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: Belichick has a plan for Tebow
*say no
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