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Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: Kelly waiting for the Patriots?
"Open Read" offense is hardly a 'one trick" as described above and variations on this theme are finding thier way into NFL playbooks every year starting with the "hurry-up."
In five or ten years, pure pocket passers will look like a pair of black Johnny Unitas high-tops....

Yeah Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks....
For you naysayers it's called INNOVATION.
Posted Sunday January 06, 2013, About: Browns reportedly out of Chip Kelly chase
Hey. they called him he didn't call them as the saying goes....
Many of us want him back in Eugene anyway as this incoming class looks to be
even better 'n the last two...

Can you say Thomas Tyner? More 4.3 speed ...As if they needed more....EEEEEgads.

Oh and Chip Kelly said he was willing to look and listen only...
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Reid could score Belichick power in K.C.
Someone share that tidbit with Scott Piooli yet?
Doubt it along with the story.....
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Kelly's last day at Oregon?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see said the blind man...
Kelly is a New England guy (Manchester NH) so how bad could he be?

Unless Phil Knight has sprinkled holy water on all this NFL blah, blah blah I'm gonna just awit and see...

Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: MVP race down to Manning vs. Brady
Brady it is ...especially if he demonstrably slices and dices '9er secondary on sunday.
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: At long last, Tebow time?
Was fully expecting it's ALL Longoria's fault.....Hell, they have blamed everything and everyone else.
My favourite pre-whine was New England's hurry up offense and they "almost" won....but no column for that yet.....It's an Oh Dear Season for the Jets to be sure.....
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: NFL's most (and least) liked player
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: Bowl may shut out Notre Dame
Let me know how this all works out in what has to be the most ill- conceived concept in the history
of collegiate sports.
Posted Sunday October 14, 2012, About: Rangers-Red Sox deal in works?
Hope Texas has a good supply of first aid kits....Great player but he's GLASS
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Giants' Gilbride takes a shot at Justin Smith
Wow! That was a stupid thing to say..
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Where is Randy Moss?
Not so much interested in Randy's snaps or receptions in October as I might be in say January...
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Where is Randy Moss?
Not so much interested in Randy's snaps or receptions in October as I might be in say January...
Pretty funny.......The hoodie makes contact with a ref. after the game and Gooddell has made any in four weeks. The NFL brand and product is suffering miserably with these replacements.
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Coaches warned to play nice with replacements
A $6B business that you are depreciating with sub-standard infrastructure and no one is supposed to say boo? Hope Roger never has to re-enter the real world....
Posted Thursday September 20, 2012, About: Tarkenton: Brady, Manning 'are getting old'
Let's see now....WE have a seventy-two year old ex NFL used-to could and great commenting on the veracity or viability of two still elite QB's in the present day era....(Note: The season is two games old)

It's either sour-grapes or he's dipping into Mitt's playbook is all I can figure.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: 'Zero' chance Ellsbury signs early
This is a Boras baby so we can look forward to a bleed t'il your dry kinda deal.
Great young player but he ain't the most durable knife in the draw.
Glass maybe?
Posted Sunday September 16, 2012, About: Bobby Valentine: Weakest Red Sox roster ever
I'm just happy that the football season is here...GO PATS
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Pats bring in another big-name tight end
I'd short that 50/50 proposition in a heartbeat. The guy is a serial .500 manager with the people skills of a small dog on steroids. C Ya......
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: Time to bring Francona back to Boston
Ownership is one thing but the players I'll bet would be absolutely giddy to have Tito back.
That's giddy as in DEPENDS time. He stopped in a few weeks back when he was doing a Sox game
and it was apparently almost embarrassing as to how many guys were in the room soaking it up.

This guy, Valentine may know baseball but his people skills are abysmal and nothing but a continuation of his Mets days re: peek-a-boo with the press and a lot of players ending up with knives in their backs...As such, I don't think Bobby was ever even remotely considered to be a player's manager. Management either thought or was led to believe they needed a hard-ass, no nonsense kinda guy steering the ship. And what did they get? Another chapter in Bobby's sub-.500
managing career.
Now wan't that kind?
Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Red Sox still bickering
Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Red Sox still bickering
It's baby and bathwater time for this club.....
How far they have fallen....godawful shame
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