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Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: The Cowboys will win the NFC East easily
Why worry about Romo and his weight?

It is April dude.

Worry about the draft because that is how this team is going to rebuild the defensive line.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: The Cowboys will win the NFC East easily
Sorry but the Eagles are doing ZERO this year.

Replacing 80+ catches, 1300+yds and 8-10 scores per season will not come from who is on that team.

The Eagles will find it much harder to run the ball when defenses do not have to respect a deep threat any longer.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: Johnny Football to Dallas would sell lots of tickets
Sorry homie, tix in Dallas already sell.

And Johnny Football would not survive in Dallas between his own personal hype, and the intense pressure of playing QB for Dallas.
Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014, About: Romo's next backup???
Not sure why everyone is being so negative about Weeden?

1st off, Orton was threatening retirement. Weeden is only 75k against this cap. The team liked Weeden coming out of college and his career stats suck, but he was in Cleveland with garbage around him.

Secondly, Orton could be traded and SAVE Dallas about 3mil vs the cap. That is huge since Dallas still sees Allen, Ayers and Spencer available.

So...relax people...Dallas is making great cap moves for once and are getting in a position AFTER this season to have a ton of money and a younger team.

That is good when you look at the 49ers and Seahawks and see they are 2 of the youngest teams in the league.
Posted Saturday March 15, 2014, About: And the Purge Continues
Rebuild is not the word to use.

Their offense is fine.

The defense has solid parts and youth, they just need better bodies on the defensive line, period.

Rebuild is a complete over haul and Dallas does not need to do that.

They have to hit on 2 defensive starters in the draft and they need at least 3 free agents to come in as well.

Statistically if the defense can improve from 32nd to say, 20th, then they can win 10 games.
Posted Friday March 14, 2014, About: And the Purge Continues
Even if the cap was plentiful, Ware was gone and so was Hatcher.

This defense sucked WITH them so it is better to improve money wise and get younger.
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: Cowboys Cap Issues
Sure, but they got blasted for trading down and taking Fredrick, which actually netted Williams in the 3rd.

Escobar was a bad move for now but the day Witten gets hurt, and we will be able to see what this kid can do.

But when I think of recent drafts, I think of Dez, Smith, Fredrick, Murray, Williams, Lee, and Claiborne...all talented players.
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: Cowboys Cap Issues
From what I read, they can re-structure enough deals to get under, then cut Austin and save more to sign their rookie class.

To get new free agents, they are going to have to cut players that you mentioned...Ware being the toughest of all.

My take on Ware is simple...he is slated to make $12.5 million base salary this year. They should get him to accept less and then pay it in a lump and spread the dough out.

If they do that, they can bring in some new faces on the Defensive side of the ball.

As far as your comment about their drafting...Dallas has done fairly well in recent drafts, so do not dismiss their ability to get the right faces on that side of the ball.
Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: Who is jerry jones going to dump first
Assuming he does not dump Jason Garrett, then Kiffin will be replaced by Rob Marinelli.

They really need to clean house completely...

Garrett, Kiffin both need to go and they need to trade Demarcus Ware and cut Miles Austin.

Austin is slowing down any growth that could be had from Cole Beasley or Dwayne Harris. Cole is better in the slot than Austin is big time and does not command near the cap dough.

Between Ware and Austin that is about 15 million right there...toss in another 10 million for Spencer after he bolts. They can re-work several deals to free up another 15 million and now the team is able to compete in free agency and upgrade their pathetic defensive line.
Posted Monday November 25, 2013, About: Possibly worst officiated game I have ever seen today in NY
Personally I think it is stupid to not allow reviews of plays under 2 minutes.

Thankfully Romo did not throw it to a Giant and add to his "legacy" and instead delivered a clutch win for the Boys.

They need to blow up the Raiders at home on Turkey day if they want to have a shot at winning the East.

The games left on their slate can be won but will be no cake walk with that defense.
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Fire Garrett and Callahan
I am not with you on that one.

Jerry is not the problem when it comes to talent on the field.

His coaching choices are just poor.

He made Callahan the play caller and our offense has gone back wards, not forward.

He got rid of Ryan in favor of father time and our defense has gone back wards, not forward.

Jerry needs to get rid of the ENTIRE coaching staff, with the exception of Marinelli and a few assistants.

They need to hire Gruden or Cowher, and bring in the Red Cross for all the damn injuries.
Does not matter.

Dallas is ranked 17th in O and 31st in D for yards. That means we are being out gained by 70yds per game.

If not for the turnovers, we would be 3-6, not 5-4.

Dallas is bound for .500 once again...if that, unless this defense gets Ware back and he plays off the charts for them. And, if they can run the ball for once, that will keep the O from a lot of 3 and outs.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: best recieving corp in Cowboys history?
Tough to compare....

You have:




Bryant/Witten and company...

Our current guys are good but have not done it long enough.

I actually think the group of TO/Glenn and Witten was the best, just no rings to show it.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: The 'NEW' Dallas Defense
I was the first to say I liked the move to create more pressure and turnovers...

What I have seen is otherwise and after 5 games, letting Rob Ryan go was the wrong move.

We might be creating more turnovers, but giving up 409yds per game is terrible and 28th in the NFL...

Our offense is #2 in scoring...if not for Romo, we would be equal to an 0-5 Giant team.
Posted Tuesday September 17, 2013, About: The refs robbed the Cowboys yesterday
I did not see the game, nor the Giants game...I can only account for what I see from the box score and read about from analysts and fans...

In the end, your "lead" back can not carry the ball ONLY 12 times for 25 yards.

I can only assume that Bernadeau and Free are still Bernadeau and Free?

And if that is the case, a dose of Brian Waters will help those woes. Until we build a line like the 49ers and Seahawks have, Romo will always have to throw for 350 to win.
Posted Wednesday September 04, 2013, About: Signing Waters is a brilliant move by Jerry
Waters is an upgrade over Bernadeau, period.

A line of Smith, Leary, Fredrick, Waters and Free is an upgrade from what we had last season.

With a better line, that will enable the Boys to run better and if they can stay relatively healthy, an improved defense could be an extra win or two that gets us into the playoffs.

Waters is a rental no doubt, and that will allow Dallas to draft another Guard next season to pair with the youngsters in Smith, Leary and Fredrick...
I hope you are right but these injuries have them off to another bad foot...

Spencer has barely played and Ratliff is out AGAIN.

I think Hatcher and Ware need to play lights out until those guys get back.

The offensive line is a question mark again on the inside.
Posted Tuesday July 30, 2013, About: The Cowboys will win the NFC East easily
You are already all over Romo and he has not even thrown a ball yet during a game this season...

Jeesh dude, lay off.

How about that offensive line??

If you complained there, you might actually finally hit the nail on the head.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: The Cowboys will win the NFC East easily
Cracks me up to see Boys fans hating on themselves...

Other teams do not need to even post on this thread because we do a good enough job of blasting guys to begin with.

So what Romo is out of shape? Is that what OTA's are for? After a few weeks, this guy will be down 10lbs playing out in that heat.

The bigger issue is the injuries picking up where they left off last season...

Crawford, now Spencer and the oline is missing 3 bodies...


Skeletor needs to replace that training staff...
This topic is ridiculous.

Broussard has every right to his beliefs just like Collins can choose to do what he pleases.

In the end, EVERYONE is judged.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Interesting factoid
Jerry is stubborn, that is for sure and until he gets another big name in here that will stand up to him, the team will always sail in the current direction.

These last few drafts the team has really hit on some solid young players and my hope is that will continue with this draft.

Like Jerry or not, opinions mean nothing until a player hits the field...lets just hope that at least 2 of these guys hit....that is the reality.
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