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Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Blazers will start leaning on D-League's Stampede
The Blazers became the league model for how to build a team by stockpiling young talent. It was working pretty well for them too, until they were devastated by the costly losses of Oden and Roy (maybe they ARE cursed).

It seems like they, once again, are stocking up on young talent and high draft picks. Adding Lillard and Leonard to a relatively solid core is proof they're still heading in the right direction. Don't panic now; stay the course!
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Bulls interested in Jannero Pargo
Not a splashy move, for sure. The Bulls feel comfortable with Pargo, as he's backed up Hinrich in Chicago before (and they brought Kirk back too - clearly nostalgic management). Pargo can handle the ball reasonable well, isn't a total defensive liability (sorry, Nate), and can get hot from the field at times. He's no game changer, but it's a predictably safe move for Da Bulls!

Those same Bulls are in town tonight, and you better believe I'll be in attendance.
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Bulls interested in Jannero Pargo
While Pargo isn't a game-changer, he's backed up Hinrich before in Chicago, so there is a certain level of comfort there. He handles the ball reasonably well, and can get hot from the field at times. Very safe, non-splashy, option for Da Bulls. Why not, I guess.
Posted Saturday December 03, 2011, About: Bettman not sure what to expect from realignment
Simple!!! Winnipeg to the Northwest -- Colorado to the Pacific -- Dallas back to the Central -- and Nashville to the Southeast. All 4 of them would be happy. Sorry Minnesota. Done! Get it together guys. It took me lass than 5 minutes. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist. Even Bettman can figure this one out.
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Rodgers better than Favre at his best
Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! Check back in another decade.
Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Blackhawks' mix similar to Cup-winning team
Crawford is a big upgrade in net over Niemi. The Blackhawks won the cup despite Niemi, not because of him. He benefitted from playing behind one of the best puck-controlling defenses in recent memory. Compare their save pcts. - it's not even close.

Despite what this article might suggest, the Blackhawks aren't nearly as deep or talented as they were two years ago. They keep jettisoning key contributors, and replacing them with low-cost alternatives. Hopefully they'll challenge for the cup again, but this is not the team of two years ago.

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